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Flagstaff History


1894: Winter now reigns as king in Coconino County. The snow is about two feet deep and the sleighing is fine.

The last day of the New Year was the coldest of the season. The thermometer dropped to three degrees below zero.

With Arizona, Utah and New Mexico admitted as states, the strength of the country west of the Mississippi, in the United States will be imposingly formidable. It may even be a little appalling to the Gold Power.

A force of men is engaged in taking up the rails from the Mineral Belt Railroad. A total of 18 miles of the 35 total will be taken up and the rails will be used on the S.F.P. & P. Railroad in making side tracks.

J. W. Weatherford and H. D. Ross have resigned from the School Board and Probate Judge E. J. Babbitt has appointed D. M. Riodan and J. E. Palmer to fill the vacancies. The resignation of J. W. Ross as principal of the school was accepted. The services of Mr. G. A. Elliott of London, Canada have been secured as his replacement. He is expected to arrive next week.

All new subscribers and those whose subscriptions have not yet expired can have one full year of the SUN by paying the full $2.00 subscription amount. This offer is valid until February 10, 1894.

Will Henderson, who was the A. &. P. night operator here, has been transferred to Canyon Diablo. Mr. Howe is the night operator here at present.

S. S. Acker has leased the building recently occupied by W. S. Decloss and will move his butcher shop to that place this week.


1919: A new year is born. The best world we ever lived in arrived at 12 a.m. on Tuesday night last. Horns, whistles, guns of all description, yells and shouts all broke loose at once when the hour struck. Persons whose usual bedtime averages around 9:00 p.m. were up and firing guns out their front windows. Bells were ringing, dogs barking excitement and welcome everywhere, all in all was an enjoyable occasion.

Then at 12:25 a.m., the fire broke out. The fire department was called to extinguish the blaze on the southern side of Santa Fe. A small vacant house of Fred Russell’s was partially destroyed before the flames were put out.

The absence of John Barley Corn’s work was noticeable, but it could not be seen where said absence was injurious though some expressed their sorrow that “them days were gone forever.”

The town is covered with snow and the thermometer reached 20 degree below zero Thursday morning. Sleighing parties, coasting on Observatory Hill and snow ball fights in the center of town all combined to “ring out the old and ring in the new.”

Although the snowstorm was not all that one might expect, Water Superintendent John Marshall is well pleased with the donation and believes there can be no great trouble over the water question next spring.

The epidemic of burglaries that has been traveling over the northern portion of the state found its first expression in Flagstaff this week. On Sunday night, the home of Mrs. Ruth Campbell was entered and the trespassers were successful in carrying away some articles of value.

Mrs. Campbell was out in the early part of the evening and it was at that time the burglars were at their work. They got away with clothing, an automatic six-shooter and some rings. City officials are bending every effort to apprehend the guilty parties.


1944: A ray of hope for civilian drivers in the form of an announcement from the Army Ordinance has made an overall conversion from natural to synthetic rubber of more than 50 percent, with a result of a saving of more than 10,000 tons of natural rubber per month. Commenting on the announcement, Colonel John Huling Jr., commanding the Navajo Ordinance Depot, pointed out that the Ordinance Department, which in carrying out one of it major functions -- keeping the self-propelled guns, tanks and supply trucks of our invasion armies rolling -- is doing everything possible to alleviate the civilian tire shortage.

At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors on Monday, Arthur G. Pelletier of Meteor Crater Tower was appointed Justice of the Peace of the East Flagstaff Precinct for the year of 1944 at a salary of $50 a month.

The production branch of the Flagstaff Chapter of the American Red Cross, extends it its hearty congratulations and sincere thanks to the women of the city for their splendid help in completing on time the Chapter’s recently assigned quota of hospital garments. There is a very great need for these garments.

The State Highway Engineer met with the Chamber of Commerce Directors and the post-war planning commission Tuesday afternoon to discuss plans for the proposed airport for Flagstaff. The tentative plans include paving and lights and construction of two runways for the building of a Class Three Airport. The proposed site is located about five miles south of Flagstaff on U. S. Alternative Highway 89 near Fort Tuthill. This is expected to be a post-war project. The only possible way for immediate action would be to obtain approval from the War Department.

The spring term of the court opened Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the courtroom with most of the morning being taken up with the drawing of jurors. One criminal and 10 civil cases are slated on the docket to be heard before Superior Court Judge H. K. Mangum.

William Truke was taken to the Veterans Facility at Fort Whipple, near Prescott on Tuesday, seriously ill with septic poisoning. His wife and Durand McKinney, Service Officer of the American Legion accompanied him.

Howard Tailwood who appeared in Justice Court twice in two weeks for reckless driving was sentenced to spend 50 days in the County Jail and his drivers’ license was suspended for six months.


1969: On Wednesday night, following a 72-hour stakeout, Walter Hanson and Lloyd Jewell arrested three men with approximately $7500 worth of illegal drugs in their possession. They were mostly in the form of pills or capsules and bags of Marijuana. Sheriff Cecil Richardson.

Coconino County has requested permission from the Arizona State Tax Commission to exceed their allotted taxing amount by $202,300 this amount being due to rising costs. These costs have chiefly been caused by the needs of health care for the indigent.

Flagstaff Hospital is also experiencing rising costs chiefly due to increasing cost of equipment and the growing needs of our increasing number of specialists. It reports about a 5 percent jump this past year.

Search for oil in the Sedona area continues. Currently the new big rig is drilling at about 1045 feet. The work is proceeding under a corporation of four California entitles who have or have applied for leases on 450,000 acres of land in the area. Rumors that they have abandoned the project are untrue.

The question has been raised in Coconino County of can trailers be included in areas zoned for individual home. The Planning and Zoning Commission has asked for a legal opinion at the request of Lou Bader in regards to his Baderville Development. He is also asking for an opinion about an access to Fort Valley Road from A–1 Mountain.

According the Highway Advice Experts, Flagstaff needs to get its business people together and figure out what Flagstaff’s needs are in relationship to the new Interstate 40 off ramps and how to offset the adverse and the positive effects of the new freeway. They say that people act and react according to necessity. They also suggest that too much signage is adversarial.

There is to be a girl’s sewing class at Murdock Center beginning on Jan. 15. The classes are free and are open to girls between the ages of 10 and 14 who are interested in learning to sew. Check in at the center to sign up.


1994: Flagstaff was incorporated by the Territorial Legislature of Arizona in the spring of 1894. Our 100th birthday celebration is unfurled in the city’s “Walk of Flags” in front of City Hall in honor of The Flagstaff Centennial. Within 72 hours of their raising, three of the flags were filched. One has been found traveling in its finders bicycle basket. The police are asking citizens to keep a watch out in hope of finding all three.

Our holidays are made safer thanks to those who work for us on those days. These people include the Police, the Fire Department and the Ambulance Crews. Gasoline stations and other service workers including some restaurants are on the job as well.

On the agenda for the New Year of 1994 is the renovating of our downtown area. “It’s a very old system. We have to resolve some very low areas in the system.” City Capital Improvements Engineer Harley Grosvenor.

Paramount Pictures, the producers of Tom Hanks “Forest Gump” were pretty happy with the 1970s look of Flagstaff with its 1970s traffic lights, street signs, street lights and old street and sidewalks when they visited looking for filming location.

We don’t want to become another Tombstone. We don’t want to become a copy of another community creating something here that never existed. We want to build on our heritage. The Downtown Review Committee. The area is bordered by Cherry Street, Humphreys, Route 66 and Verde.

Here’s a hearing to pay attention to. Tuesday at 10 a.m. in Board of Supervisors Office. Citizens’ Utilities has provided good service in Flagstaff for the past couple of years. Does that entitle them to a 20 percent increase in rates? We don’t think so.

New state laws now in effect -- make uninsured automobile insurance optional --  eliminates “Proof of Insurance“ to register your automobile. Homeless people can now register to vote without having a permanent address! A new campaign finance measure requires the identification of the three top contributors in independent campaigns.

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