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1894: One of our local officers took a shot at a barking dog Thursday night and hit a two-story house. The dog still lives to bark and to bite, the officer is convalescent and the house has been patched.

John Vorhies, who has been connected with the Arizona Central Bank for the past five years as assistant cashier, has resigned his position and expects to pursue other interests here in Flagstaff.

Sheriff Donahue returned this week with another band of Indians. He has served about all the warrants in his hands. The recommendation of the Grand Jury in regard to the arrest of Indians has been a costly one to the county.

A shower just heavy enough to lay the dust fell on Thursday.

G. W. Wallace, a young man from Denver, has accepted a position at the Arizona Central Bank.

Photographer Osborn is preparing another frame of photographs of the points of interest in this vicinity. The frames will be placed on exhibition in Winslow and Albuquerque.

The A. & P. Railway have reopened their station at Chandler.

The only way to make an American market for American goods is by maintaining wages high enough to support a good army of men to buy at full price, and by building manufacturers to supply them.

The bonds issued for the purpose of erecting a school house in the Flagstaff district has been sold to Topeka capitalists. This insures the building of the school house in time for the opening of school next year. Proposals will be received will be received until noon on Oct. 15, 1894 for the building of the school house.

The bonds for the building of the courthouse for Coconino County in Flagstaff have been sold to L.A. Conrad of St. Louis. The Board of Supervisors have adopted plans for the courthouse and have advertised for bids for the construction. Work will begin this fall.

Last Saturday night, a number of young men of Flagstaff were having one of their periodical “good times” – that is they were imbibing more whiskey than was good for them. During the night, they had frequent fights with various Mexicans and a number of bruised heads was the result. About 2 a.m. Sunday morning the hardest fight took place. During this fight, which took place in Donahue’s Saloon, John Hawks went home for his pistol. He returned and found Cecilio Silva leaning against the outside window and asked him what he was doing there, then pulled his pistol and shot him. The ball entered Silva’s neck and cut his carotid artery causing almost instant death. It was fully an hour before the sheriff was called and in the meantime Hawks got on his horse and rode away. He has not yet been apprehended.


1919: The Civil Service exam for post-office clerks and mail carriers was held on Saturday at the Post Office. The was one applicant clerk. Miss Madeline Brandt currently a substitute clerk and none for mail-carrier.

Postmaster C. P. Heiser says another examination will be held in the near future and he expects more applicants at that time. The salary is only $83.38 per month for an eight-hour day, but here is an automatic increase of $100 a year and pending legislation give promise of much better salaries in the future.

A head-on collision between Passenger Train No.1, due here at 9:55 a.m. Wednesday and an eastbound freight engine that had stopped for water between Lamey, New Mexico resulted in the canceling of the of the regular westbound schedule at this point. There were no fatalities and only a few injuries according to Willis Brown of Flagstaff, who with his wife and two little children, were on their way home from Denver.

At 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Mrs. J.C. Farrell shot her husband following fierce quarrel between them at their home in Garland Prairie. When Ernest Dyer, an employee who heard the shot, came to investigate he found their two children shrieking with fright. He also found Mrs. Farrell dry-eyed and face still frozen with anger. She remained calm during the arrest process which occurred about three hours later when Deputy Sheriffs Ed Hamilton and Ed Curtis arrived on the scene. She was then taken to the Williams jail. Sheriff Jack Harrington and assistant County Attorney went to Williams on the night train. Most of the forenoon was spent at the site of the murder. According to Mrs. Farrell, he had gotten his rifle was was getting ready to shoot her when she grabbed the gun from him and it went off killing her husband.

City Marshall Bobby Burns got himself arrested last week by Constable Scotty McDougall for the confiscating of six-pistol he took from a young Mexican who he was afraid he would hurt himself with it. He was arrested for not returning it after he turned it in to City Clerk Jerry Lee. Bobby claimed this was “all according to Hoyle” but a warrant was sworn out for his arrest. The case was heard before Judge Kidd on Saturday and Judge Kidd turned him loose to pick up more scary guns.

Miss Lenore Francis, County Superintendent of Schools, had a very lucky escape last week. She was driving her car after a heavy shower. When she reached roadway leading into the Don Francis place, the car commenced skidding. She attempted to turn it into a fence across a ditch at the side of the road. It turned over with all four wheels in the air. She crawled from the car uninjured, except for a some bruises and a cut on her forehead. The windshield protected her and was the only part of the car to be broken.


1969: Flagstaff police have cracked a burglary ring involving five local youths who have admitted to some 30 thefts from automobiles to cash machines and area businesses during the past 13 months. Det. Bert Stamper, acting on a tip he received shortly after the Flagstaff Music Center was burglarized of three guitars, arrested a 17-year-old juvenile on Sunday.

The youth admitted to participating in the crimes and his confession led to the arrest of another juvenile, as well as Richard Alonzo and Leo Garcia for their alleged part in the crimes that date back to Aug. 19, 1968. They were taken into custody and booked on charges of first-degree burglary by the Flagstaff Police Department.

Bennie Salazar was arrested and booked on charges of receiving stolen property.

After four years of controversy and planning, the City Council will hold a public meeting meeting next Tuesday evening about the plans developed by City Planner Dennis Vogt for Flagstaff’s future development. The plan was approved by the City Council earlier this month. This is the time for public comment.

The Flagstaff Fire Department found itself face with an new hazard on Sunday -- hippies! Police Chief Elmo Maxwell and Fire Chief Don Vorhies said that when an ambulance crew answered a call, members of the crew found themselves the target of harassment from some long-haired “flower children” who also made the scene. Hoseman thought they had been spit at and took a description of their vehicle. Patrolman Patrick Tarr later found the vehicle at an east Flagstaff restaurant. The occupants while admitting they had been at the scene of the previous emergency denied spitting at the hoseman, but had only had a squirt gun. Tarr confiscated the water pistol and no charges were filed.

Sedona Friends of the Library announced that after three years of effort and construction, the volumes from the old library will be moved into their handsome new building this week end.

Northern Arizona University has this fall launched a new “super-science” program for 20 students who graduated from Arizona high schools in the top 5% of their class. The program is in part by an institutional grant from the National Science Foundation. And some of the students are receiving modest stipends of $75 per semester which in effect off sets the cost of their science and mathematics courses. Others are serving a “junior faculty assistants” who have been assigned to a faculty member of their choice for at least four hours a week. All these students have expressed interest in science.


1994: Twenty-five year veteran Pat Tarr is back on the job over seeing the the Route 66 Car Show after a stay in the hospital following his being shot during a traffic stop. The show is sponsored by the Route 66 Car Club and is his first appearance in public since his injury. Once he is back in better shape, there will be a second operation. The show is being put on to provide assistance for him and his family.

The Great Western Trail Ride Company is on the trail again. It will depart from Mormon Lake Lodge and go to Tombstone via the Show Low area. The ride will leave the lodge at sunrise, Saturday morning Oct. 8. There will be 15 days on the trail and you can come along if your horse is up to it. You will provide your own tack and pack.

A three-hour standoff with a Flagstaff man threatening to shoot himself at the Museum Club ended peacefully Tuesday night when police wrestled his gun away from him and arrested him. He was charged with felony endangerment and felony resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and possessing a weapon in a bar. He was booked into the Coconino County Jail. David Randolf Rodriquez had been standing with his gun pointed at his own head for a period of about three hours.

Since 1989, the county has been mandated to limit the number of people in the 179-bed county jail to 165. County officials have struggled with that guideline and during the past summer, the number of inmates in the jail jumped. Numbers peaked on Aug. 24 at 199 according to records compiled by the Sheriff’s Department. A Federal Court Judge in Phoenix ordered the county to come up with a plan to reduce overcrowding by this Thursday, Sept. 30. County and city officials have been working on a plan and Thursday morning presented it to to the Federal Court in Phoenix to endorse some of the implementation plans and the response of that attorney has been filed. It will be released on Monday, Oct. 4.

A weekend of lederhosen and beer-chugging began Friday evening as the start of the Oktoberfest Celebration at Wheeler Park. This year's festival features a farmer's market, a wishing well, music, dancing, pony rides, a petting zoo, a gyroscope and other children’s activities. Of course German beer original, dark, light and a special Oktoberfest brew of Beck’s Beer will be sold.

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All events were taken from issues of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors. The Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.


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