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1894: The Fourth of July will be celebrated in Flagstaff. All secret societies in town are invited to join in the parade. Joe Brannen or Will Hochderffer will provide information. The Prescott ball team and the Whipple Band will be here on July 3rd. It is officially announced there will not be any intoxicating liquors or any gambling games allowed on the grounds. Selling pools on the races does not come within this prohibition. Entries for all races except the horse race, bicycle and burros must be closed on or before the night of the third. The Town Marshall with a corps of aids will be on the grounds to that good order is maintained.

The concert at Babbitt Hall on evening of July 3rd will be a rare treat to our citizens.

The Babbitt Bros. shipped eight carloads of cattle to Strong City, Kansas this week.

Cook & Lee have dissolved partnership in the jewelry business. George Cook will continue the business.

Flagstaff wants a system of water works. There is abundant water in the mountains and there is money in it to the capitalist who will bring that water to this place.

J.R. Poithie has fitted up the McGonigle Building south of the railroad track as a blacksmith shop. Mr. Poithie wants those needing any kind of blacksmith work to give him a call.

A substantial sidewalk has been put down on the east side of San Francisco Street from Harry Jacoby's place to the corner of Aspen Avenue. G. A. Bray, W.H. Carroll and Harry Jacobs were the public benefactors.

Sheriff Donahue has bought of F.W. Sisson agent for Victor, a handsome nickel-plated bicycle. Under Sheriff Drum is anxious to break in the new wheel, but Sheriff Donahue is making negotiations to purchase the Ferris wheel for a bicycle for his Under Sheriff.

Next Saturday the election of a School Trustee for this school district will take place. There is as yet no candidate for the place and yet on the day of the election there may be several. The Sun asks who is identified with the interests of the community and who does not have an ax to grind.

Barney Pettyjohn had his left leg broken at the knee Thursday afternoon at Thurber’s logging camp by a log rolling back down the skids and catching him. He was brought to town and taken to Hawk’s Hotel where he will remain for some time under the care of the physician.

Percival Lowell left Monday for Boston. He will return in a few weeks. He is well pleased with the observations taken at the observatory during the past two months and he is fully satisfied that the location is the best one in the United States.

Contractor J. A. Wilson is pushing the new residence of E. S. Clark to completion. When finished it will be one of the handsomest residences on Leroux Street.

At an election held by Company I to fill a vacancy caused by the promotion of Capt. Geo. Hochderffer to Major, Frank C Hochderffer was elected Captain.

J.A. Lamport is doing some surveying near Williams.

L. L. Burns has added a platform wagon to his transfer outfit.

Tickets to the concert on July 3rd are only fifty cents.

J. A. Vail has disposed of his Parlor Exchange Saloon to M. T. and Robt. H. Black who will continue the business under the name of M. T. Black. ”Bain” and Bob are well known here and they will make the Parlor Exchange a favorite resort for the public.


1919: As evidence of the need of hotel accommodations in Flagstaff, A. J. Sullivan was awakened from his slumbers the other night by a tourist accompanied by his wife and child. The stranger had found all the hotels full to overflowing and someone had told him he could possibly find accommodations for the night at Mr. Sullivan’s. He was fortunate for Mr. Sullivan acted the Good Samaritan and took them in.

In removing a small tree from in front of the Emerson School the trustees met with criticism that they feel is unjustified. It was planted by former member of the faculty and was so placed that it had begun to lift the sidewalk. It was also so placed that it was directly in front of a drain that had to be placed in that exact place. Its shade also caused tan icy patch to form and last winter several people fell on that ice.

Zane Grey, the author who has gained fame by his great books on Western life, expressed his favorite saddle horse, a handsome big chestnut, to Flagstaff. He arrived last week in order that he might become acclimated by the time Mr. Grey arrives for another trip into Indian reservation county in the fall. His usual guide Al Doyle is preparing for the trip.

The Dickinson brothers F. L. & W. G. of Apache Maid recently completed a deal whereby they turned over to the Hart Cattle Co. about 2,500 head of cattle. They were in Flagstaff on Tuesday, going out the next day to Pine Hill for branding on Wednesday.

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The Northern Arizona Motor Co. has installed a new gasoline pump and air compressor for the convenience of its patrons. The pump is located at the edge of the walk in front of their office.

John Metz returned last week from the Indian reservation where he has been assisting Dr. Crump of the government service in eradicating Dourine from among the Indian stock. The work has been completed as far as the investigation and inspection is concerned.

The Flagstaff Band under the leadership of A. Bergeron gave its first concert Tuesday night from the balcony of the Weatherford Hotel. Those who gathered around to listen were agreeably surprised at the excellence of the music given their short time together and its first performance.

Their next public performance will be Sunday afternoon in the event that there is no ball game, either on the courthouse lawn or or again on the Weatheford Balcony in case of rain,.

The State Board of Education has decided that the Tempe and Northern Arizona Normal Schools would discontinue the Freshman High School studies beginning with this falls’ term. The second year will be discontinued next fall in 1920.

A petition for the establishment of a Flagstaff High School has been presented to the County School Superintendent Lenore Francis and the resultant election will undoubtedly result in the granting of that petition, thus taking care of the work here discontinued at the Normal School.

The Skylight City Bottling Works, F. E. Brooks Proprietor, has secured the assistance of an expert soft drink man in the person of Homer J, Daggs who reached Flagstaff on Sunday. He comes here from the Arrowhead Springs Bottling Co. in Arrowhead, California and is said to be the best in the west. Mr. Brooks is now resting easier since he had been having trouble securing competent help, a situation that is now relieved.

Four men were killed from falling rock at the Hopewell Tunnel near Jerome last week. They were putting up a machine in the tunnel when a large rock weighing several tons fell from overhead crushing them to death.


1969: Specific areas of the National Forests have been restricted and completely closed to the public during this extreme fire period because of their close proximity to excessively dry populated areas. These include the Bill Williams Forest Area in Kaibab National Forest. The Barney Pasture Area southeast of Flagstaff is also closed to the public.

An investigation is continuing into the brush fires last Saturday that endangered a number of homes on the east side of the city.

On Saturday, June 28 the Flagstaff Police Deptartment Radio Team “A” “CB” Coffee-break at Fort Tuthill will take place. Activities begin at 9 a.m. barbecued beef dinner at 1 p.m. and a dance at 8 p.m. Call Capt. Miller for more information.

Saturday June 28, Mountaineer Square Dance Club will hold a square dance at City Park Hall. Bring your partner and square ‘em up. Hosts will be Norm and Hazel Johnson.

The State Deptartment of Health has granted Coconino County grants totaling $28,388 for county programs to reduce abuse of alcohol and drugs, for tuberculosis immunization and crippled children assistance, four nurses and an executive secretary.

A 40-member faculty of prominent professional musicians and educators will be on hand for the University of Northern Arizona Summer Music Camp which will be held between July 24 and August 16. Some 900 high school musicians from Arizona and surrounding states are expected to attend the Junior Division from July 20 to August 2 and Senior Divisions from August 3 to August 16. Directory Prof Pat Curry.

The search has begun for a small terrier near the Burger Chef who bit a young boy Sunday afternoon. Anyone with knowledge of a small terrier please call the Humane Society.


1994: Hot dry weather and winds like a blast from a furnace have pushed the fire danger in both the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests up to “Very High.” No warnings have been posted for the Fourth of July Weekend but campers are being warned to “Please be careful.” The smallest spark can cause a devastating fire. Over the last weekend there were five forest fires in the Flagstaff vicinity.

Mountain biking is on a roll in Flagstaff. Local bike businesses say they have been seeing a recent shift from road bikes to mountain bikes. Mountain bikes make remote areas more accessible and Flagstaff's surrounding forests and mountains make it an easy entry to those interesting less visited more remote areas. Mountain bikes are easily adapted since the handle bars allow for riding in an upright position for city riding and commuting in a small city like this. Absolute Bikes owner, Shawn Gillis.

Pending approval by the

Interstate Commerce Commission, the Burlington Northern Inc. and he Santa Fe Pacific Corp. plan to merge creating the largest railroad in the western United States with a combined 33,000 miles of track. Burlington Northern based in Fort Worth, Texas specializes in hauling grain, coal and timber. The Santa Fe is a pioneer in “inter-model shipment” with hauling merchandise in stackable containers and is based near Chicago in Schaumburg, Illinois.

The Downtown Renovation project is now in its 13th week and the problems with parking, unreconstructed sidewalks, noise and dust continue to affect downtown businesses with the current heat wave simply adding to the problems of doing business. Shop downtown and support our businesses as our renewed downtown project evolves.

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