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Flagstaff History


From 1893: With this issue the Coconino Sun begins its eleventh year of publication. Our patronage and subscribers have increased to a point where we now have more readers than any other newspaper along the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad in Arizona. We will being increasing our number of news pages next week.

To all persons designing to attend the Thirteenth Annual Exhibit of the New Mexico Exposition and Driving Park Association to be held at Albuquerque Sept. 19, 20, 21, & 22. The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad offers the following return rates. Winslow $8.50, Flagstaff $10.35, Bellemont $10.70, Williams $11.35, Peach Springs $14.00. Horses shipped for the purpose of competition will be transported at the regular traffic rates and returned free. No stopovers allowed in either direction.

Old tunnels and shafts have been found in the Superstition Mountains that bear evidence of having been worked hundreds of years ago.

We have learned that the Maricopa and Phoenix Railroad Company issued a notice to its employees of the reduction of 10 percent to 20 percent on salaries and wages. The employees in protest at below standard wages then refused to work.

A number of idle train crews have been put to work this week, an indication that business is improving along the Atlantic and Pacific line.

The Saginaw Lumber Co. are turning out a good deal of lumber and shipping it almost as fast as they can saw it. This adds largely to business of Williams and they will shortly build half a dozen more cottages there for their employees.

John Sanders is preparing to build a business house on Birch Street nearly opposite Babbitt Bros. block.


From 1918: If you are a real, true-hearted American you will ask your grocer for Victory Flour. As most everyone knows, this is the latest method adopted by the Food Administration to defeat the Hun. It is composed of four parts pure white wheat flour to one part of corn or barley flour. Arizona mills are urged to begin manufacturing this flour at once.

Now is the time to start a new pipe going. Marlar Drug Store has briars that sell for 50 cents. Find your favorite shape in stock.

Attention men, all you who in the carpenter business: Marlar Drug Store has pencils that are good until used up. Price 15 cents.

United Chino Shares are going fast. Only a small amount of this stock left at 10 cents. Better get it before you go to France. Leave your wife and children something to live on. If you have no family, draw your dividends on the battle front. See our local agent. Mr. John Carr, Leroux Street next to Citizens Bank.

Winslow schools show an enrollment of 602. Superintendent Matthews anticipates one of the best years in the history of the school.

Under recent government regulations, no weekly newspaper is permitted to be sent to subscribers longer than three months after expiration of the subscription. It is not a question of whether we want to trust a subscriber longer or not, but an order that must be obeyed at least until the War Board changes its mind.


From 1943: Victory Dance and War Loan Drive. Monday night - Sept. 25 at the Hotel Monte Vista. Admission $20 includes $25.00 War Bond. Door Prizes - War Bonds and Stamps. Music by Felice Crowder and her Orchestra. Back the Attack with War Bonds.

Grocery Go-Carts at SEARS Roebuck. Shopping is fun with this convenience. No bundles to carry. Just load ‘em on to the cart and away you go! Push-pull action – strong – deep –roomy. Economical at $1.98.

“Axis Pay Day” is to be staged on Sept. 25. A Bond Blitz is underway to make Sept. 25 a War Bond Day. The committee will be contacting every merchant in Flagstaff to ask each to use the entire proceeds of that day’s business to purchase War Bonds and help raise Coconino County’s quota of $639,900.00.

A parade is planned for that afternoon with equipment from the Navajo Ordinance Depot taking part. The high school band will participate as well as others. The day will be climaxed by dance in the evening at the Hotel Monte Vista with the admission being a purchase of a War Bond. Watch next weeks’ Sun for sale blankets $2.29 - $11.95. Good 12 gauge shotgun with shells. Available st Western Auto Supply Co.

The Arizona Highway Patrol arrested 645 drivers for traffic violations during August, obtained 491 convictions and lost 3 cases with 155 still pending at the end of the month. Fines totaled $13,188.25 and jail sentences totaled 15 years, 4 months and 27 days.

The regular meeting of the Game Protective Association will feature a discussion of securing ammunition and gasoline for the fall hunting season. Monday 7:30 p.m. - Hotel Monte Vista, Sample Room. Dr. A. R. Scott, President.

Northern Arizona Warehouse Co., 54 S. Beaver. Hay and Grain storage and Carting. Phone 324.

Strayed. Black Cocker Spaniel. Male, half-grown. Answers to “Blackie”, Return to Pete Michael, 418 ½ West Aspen. Phone 312 J or 96.


From 1968: The Coconino National Forest “streak of luck” broke on Sunday. Fire Dispatcher All Bell, reports that total of four-man caused fires ignited and have been brought under control. They are located north of Flagstaff, east of Mormon Lake, near Clint’s Wells and seven miles south of Happy Jack. Total fires this year so far 260, with man-caused 56.

Bad news for northern Arizona concerning completion of Interstate 40. All Federal Funds have been frozen until Dec. 1. This means no Butler Ave, interchange in the near future and probably no opening of the I-40 around Flagstaff for awhile.

Good news. Preliminary results from the pump test in the Inner Basin ended Saturday and show “very conservatively” that the wells cradled between the five peaks could provide “at least” 1,500 gallons a minute to Flagstaff. This result has greatly exceeded expectation. Further study will be required.

Fire struck again on Wednesday afternoon at Southwest Forest Industries main mill and this time destroyed a water evaporation tower that had been unused for approximately two years. There were some tense moments when the blaze severed the guide wares on one of the two towering smoke stacks atop the power plant and the stack began to sway in the wind. If it had fallen, there would have been much damage as it was located directly over the main plant.

A legal logjam is clogging plans to reopen the Haining Lumber Co. Mill in Williams with legal hearings stalled for lack of transcripts from previous hearings.

The forest fire danger remains high. The unusual Indian Summer weather that the northland is receiving is causing the forest to dry faster than it normally would.

Workmen are loading some 20 tons of sawdust off the mountainous pile at Southwest Forest Industries for shipment to Germany where it will be used in the manufacture of particle board test panels. These piles have burst into flames several times recently. Southwest officials and all of Flagstaff can be hoping that an eyesore and a source of constant danger can be eliminated. The piles are something of a land mark – one that no one will miss.

Housewives and students: Earn up to $75 per thousand, addressing envelopes, typewritten or long hand Send Self addressed stamped envelope to Arizona Opportunities, P. O. box 1393 - Mesa, Arizona. 85201.


From 1993: Balloon Glow lit up the sky at last Friday’s event at Fort Tuthill as hundreds watched 15 balloons floating in the night sky. On Saturday, Balloons floated to the sky creating overhead color and interesting shadows on the ground at this Fort Tuthill weekend event.

The Flagstaff City – Coconino County Public Library will begin its fall series of story times for children on Sept. 21. Call the library for schedules.

The burgeoning growth of our schools to 12,000 students in the past three years has brought on the beginnings of a discussion about year-round schools.

1993 Ford Sale - Festiva, $5,995 – Escort $7,996, Probe $13,995 - Tempo $10,995. Jim Babbitt Ford, 11 N. Verde.

Humphreys will be closed from Route 66 to Fine beginning to accommodate continuing construction. Aspen and Birch will also be closed for about ten days in preparation for paving. It is expected that Humphreys from Route 66 to Birch will be open within three weeks and the total Humphreys project will completed by Nov. 24.

ADOT will be taking public comment on what to do about U.S. 180 on Tuesday 5 - 9 p.m. at Little America. There have been 446 accidents leading to 314 injuries and 13 fatalities ion this road in the past 5 years.

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