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1894: Six inches of snow fell on Tuesday. Monday morning the thermometer registered 3 degrees above zero and Wednesday morning it dropped to zero.

The Chinese population of Flagstaff awoke our citizens on Sunday night by the firing of bombs and fire crackers. They were celebrating the advent of their New Year’s Day.

Flagstaff has another Notary Public. John W. Ross has been commissioned by Governor Hughes.

The delinquent tax list is a large one and contains 376 names. The delinquents can save the cost of advertising if they pay their taxes by the 28th.

Frank Owenby and family left Tuesday for Oak Creek. Mr. Owenby has purchased a ranch there and will turn his attention to fruit raising. His post office is now Cornville.

Will Henderson has returned to his duties as night operator at the depot. He has been filling the position as agent and operator at Canyon Diablo for the past 30 days.

The young people of Flagstaff gave a dance in Babbitt’s Hall Monday night. The attendance was large and an enjoyable time was had. It was the last dance until after the Lenten season has passed.

The employees of the A. &. P. Railroad expect their paychecks on Friday.

The old houses that stood on the courthouse block have been removed.

Under Sheriff L. S. Drum and R. O. Jones left Wednesday for Tuba City and the country north of the Colorado River for the purpose of assessing the property in that section.

The steel for ten miles more of track for the Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railroad is now being received at Ash Fork. Track laying west of Prescott will commence at once.

The work of taking up 15 miles of steel on the Mineral Belt Railroad was completed last week. All the rails have been delivered to the S. F .P. and P, Railroad and that road now has rails enough to lay 25 miles of track with 56-pound steel.


1919: Sheriff Harrington’s office has received instruction from County Attorney F. M. Gold to enforce a section of the laws that has been on the books since 1913, but which in some manner has been overlooked.

The law calls for a quarterly tax of $10.00 on each keeper of a pool or billiard table to be collected by the county officers. The question arises is that for each table or just for the establishment where they are located.

Wanted: Mountain lion skins to mount on shares. Also will buy extra skulls and teeth. Yes, we can stuff anything. Chas. Evans, Taxidermist, 1210 E. Van Buren Street, Phoenix.

Securing jobs for the returning soldiers and sailors is one of the biggest jobs confronting the American people today. The demolition of our military forces is going through in faster time than was at first anticipated and every resource of the Department of Labor is being applied to employ the men who serviced this country.

The howling of the malamute dogs, the growling of the Bara bear, the shooting of guns and the whir of the snowmaking machine are heard no more on our city streets. Tom Mix is gone. A baggage car and a Pullman were sidetracked here for the company and Monday was spent in loading the various machines and equipment. Flagstaff furnished the kind of weather wanted. The townspeople and city officials lent all possible aid toward seeing the Mr. Mix received all courtesies and help needed.

The plans for a club for returning soldiers and sailors began to take shape at a smoker held on Tuesday evening at the home of M. J. Riodan. A total of 10 soldiers and sailors were present and the evening was spent in discussing the proposed organization. The plan is to perfect a local club that later may get a charter with whatever national organization is formed. A committee was appointed of Orin Compton, Irvin Francis and Fletcher Fairchild. Membership is open to any soldier, sailor or marine who has his honorable discharge either before or after the armistice was signed. It is estimated that when all our boys are home, there should be about 250 members in Flagstaff alone.


1944: THEY ARE NOT RATIONED -- We have several used coal and wood stoves in good condition. We also have -- one practically new five-piece bedroom suite complete with box spring and mattress. See our stock of new saddles. Switzer’s Hardware. Phone 94

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The Flagstaff Office of the State Tax commission at 113 E. Aspen -- will be open daily to assist tax payers beginning on Feb. 2. Tax payers are urged to attend to filing as early as possible and avoid having to wait in line. All persons having a gross income of $5,000 or more are required to file.

Sidney Goshen’s car was parked in the dark beside the road without its lights on when Jerry Payne of Winslow, a railroad worker at Bellemont, slipped on the icy road about a mile east of the depot and sideswiped the parked car. There were no personal injuries, but the damage to both cars amounted to about $1,500 according the Highway Patrolman E. E. Rekos who investigated the crash.

Women, you can very likely find just the chance you’re looking for -- in the WAC. If you haven’t a skill, the Army will teach you. Perhaps you would like to drive a jeep or work the teletype machine or help direct airplane traffic. Whatever you do you will get valuable training, learn interesting things and help get this war won.

The Pinewood Dairy owned and operated by Andy Matson has installed a Standard Spray-Ease milk pasteurizer. This latest in equipment of this nature assures positive and complete pasteurization of milk because of quick heating and correct agitation.

The machine is fully automatic and permits low temperature heat because of the spray principle assuring the retaining of a normal deep cream layer and natural flavor.

A self-regulator controls the heating water temperature to prevent scorching the milk. There is no over-heating and no under-heating.

War Bonds on sale now at the Orpheum Theatre. “A bond for every seat.”

LOST: Brown leather wallet containing; American Legion card, John Conrad Anderson, $50 War Bond, title to car, three keys, social security card, steam laundry. Liberal Reward, for return to Coconino Sun.


1969: Lake Powell is growing. If there is normal precipitation in the Colorado River Basin during the remaining weeks of winter, Lake Powell above Glen Canyon Dam may rise to to about 3,583 feet above sea level. The Bureau of Reclamation forecasts the snow melt runoff to be 194 percent of normal. If this should materialize Lake Powell will contain 10.8 million acre feet of water.

Seven inches of snow fell on Flagstaff Tuesday night with more falling on Wednesday. This was followed by warming conditions and the development of slush on the snow packed roads.

Flagstaff Police report that the snowfall has created road conditions that have caused three accidents with several injuries here in town. The State Highway Patrol reports eight accidents on state routes.

Weather conditions have closed the Flagstaff Airport and work crews have been working to clear the runways.

The trains are reported to be traveling on time.

The tracks of his hound dog lead searchers to the frozen body of 28-year old Larry McNamee in a nearly inaccessible snow covered side canyon leading into Walnut Canyon. “We never could have found the body if it hadn’t been for the dog,” Sheriff Cecil Richardson said. Searchers back-tracked the dog’s path in the snow from a point on Lake Mary Road where the dog was found wandering alone.

Searchers, about 39 in number, with snowmobiles, horses and four-wheeled vehicles left Flagstaff before daybreak Sunday to pick up the dog’s trail which they found about 10:30 a.m. It was more than five hours later when they finally found the man covered with about two feet of snow. It then took them another five hours to pack it out of the rugged area. It appeared that the dog had stayed with the body for about two days and had tried unsuccessfully to revive him before he went off searching for help.

A burglary suspect was shot and wounded by Flagstaff police early Sunday morning when he failed to stop while fleeing from the scene of a crime.

Det. Sgt. E.T. James Jr. and Patrolman Bert Stamper saw him acting suspiciously in front of the North Beaver Medical Center at 713 N. Beaver St. They stopped and questioned him and then upon further investigation found two more men inside the building. They ran. Stamper called to them to stop and then saw the glint what he thought was a rifle. He fired a warning shot. The second man continued to climb the nearby fence and escaped a second shot having missed him. The wounded man was taken to the hospital where he was further questioned.


1994: The snows have arrived just in time for the 11-day Winterfest with its 80 different events that begins on Friday. The Downtown Parade starts at noon on Saturday. New to the festival this year are six workshops that include the Country Dance of the snowshoes, back country skiing and Navajo Winter Tales. There is also to be a snow sculpture event sponsored by McCoy Motors, a walk through historic downtown Flagstaff with Sherry and Richard Mangum and the Centennial Star Gaze at the Lowell Observatory. A late addition is a dessert contest for professional chefs.

The city council is about to vote on the special tax assessment to be paid over a period of 10 years, for north downtown commercial property owners that will pay for the renovation project.

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