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Flagstaff History


1893: Eight inches of snow fell on Flagstaff on Friday and Saturday. Two to four feet fell in the surrounding mountains.

J. R. Kilpatrick has moved his flocks to his winter range near Phoenix.

S. S. Acker of this place and C. E. Boyce of Williams have both placed their bonds as butchers with the recorder.

The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. Church will give a Thanksgiving dinner from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the building formerly occupied by Clark Co. Games and other amusements. All are invited to attend and have a good time.

Company I, Flagstaff’s Militia Company, won the Gold Medal for the best target shooting in company for any company in the N.G.A. in Arizona.

Having sold my stock of drugs and medicines to Dr. F. W. Smith and Dr. P. G. Cornish, I take this opportunity to thank the people of Flagstaff and vicinity for their generous patronage and recommend to them that they extend that same patronage to my purchasers. P. J. Brannen.


1918: Father Vabre announced at the end of his Friday night talk about General John J. Pershing at the Normal School that he would, to promote the study of the French language, give an annual French Victory Prize of $20.

It was 18 above the other morning and there was a a good showing of winter wraps during the Snow Parade Monday.

News from Camp Verde is that many thousand sheep were coming off the Mogollon Mountains headed for the desert country below Black Canyon for winter grazing. This is the first movement south this year and is a month earlier than in former seasons. Feed on the desert is reported poor this fall.

A letter from H. J. Gray, the sheepman who is now down in the winter range county, says that grass is showing green in the foothills since the recent rains and there is great hope among stockmen for a good winter in that country.

STRAYED - Black horse. Brand on left shoulder UE /2/ - white spot on nose, two white hind feet, weight about 1300. Also one Iron Gray horse, branded UE 4 f on left shoulder, weight about 1050 - has large glands on left side of neck. Reward paid for return. Fred Garing.

The purchase by the town of Williams of the water plant from the Williams Water and Electric Company is now complete. The price was $35,000. This leaves the town $20,000 of water works bonds formerly voted by the people of Williams with which to make repairs on the dam and make other improvements.

Walter Switzer, proprietor of the Switzer Style Shop on Leroux Street, has announced a great sale. Goods that were planned for his Phoenix shop came directly to Flagstaff due to the closing of his shop there during the influenza epidemic. Flagstaff ladies will benefit from low prices on the latest things for tastefully dressed ladies.

FOR SALE -- Wheat; $3.50 per hundred. Inquire Flagstaff Merc. Co.

FOR SALE: Good sized heater, also a wicker go-cart. Willie Brown.

Bob Erwin took some fifty Mexicans from here Saturday to the logging and railroad camps of the Saginaw & Manistee Lumber Co., north of Bellemont.

The city’s clean-up order has been having good effect during the past week. Bonfires may be seen in all directions and garbage wagons have been on the move steadily since the order was issued. If the old flu bugs come back again, they will not find many of their old haunts left for them to hide out in.


1943: The American Legion will head out on Sunday with a delegation of tree cutters, trimmers, draggers and inspectors for the Christmas Tree cutting area. Pine boughs for holiday decorations will be cut and packed in bundles of five and ten pounds, as well as the trees themselves will then be available at the Knob Hill Forestry Station. A supply of large perfectly formed pine cones is now on hand at the station and may be purchased at 10 cents a dozen.

Effective December 1, all “B” and “C” gasoline ration books will contain fewer coupons than in the past, but each coupon will be good for more gallons than heretofore. However, no increase in the amount of gasoline is involved, but this does mean that purchasers will be able to buy their gasoline in five gallon amounts as they had been doing previously. Temple F. Penrod, District Rationing Executive at the Office of Price Administration

Two Indians, driving a horse-drawn wagon without lighting lanterns, were injured three miles east of Flagstaff Saturday night when they were struck by pickup truck operated by Willford J. Blahnik. They were taken to the Flagstaff hospital for treatment and released to the Indian Hospital at Winslow Sunday afternoon. The horse tied to the back of the wagon was killed.

Contrary to last year, the Monte Vista Coffee Shop and Dining Room will be open on Thanksgiving Day November 25. This will afford those who are away from home a fine Thanksgiving dinner. John Andrews. Co-manager. The Coffee Shop and Dining Room have been closed on Thursdays throughout the past year and will be closed on Friday the 26th.

Underway since last week, a Navajo Yebechi ceremonial at the Indian Camp at the Navajo Ordinance Depot will be climaxed on Saturday in full costume. This is first dance of its kind ever held off the reservation. It has attracted an estimated 2,000 visitors from the reservation and elsewhere and was arranged by a committee of Navajo at the Depot.

The Flagstaff Fire Department was called out at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning in response to a fire at the Southwest Lumber Mills. The blaze was confined to the band saw pit and was believed to be caused by electrical wiring. It was brought under control by the automatic sprinkler system. Operations continued as usual with no material damage to machinery.

Tin cans will again be collected in all sections of the city on Monday, November 29. There is vital need for salvaged tin cans in the war effort and housewives of the community are urged to cooperate in this necessary effort. Arizona smelting refineries are buying the cans and are salvaging the scarce metal. To be of value, the labels must be removed, the ends cut out and and placed into the can which also must be carefully washed. City trucks will canvass the city and pick up containers placed where garbage is usually placed for collection. Mrs. Frank M. Gold, Chairman of Women’s Activities in the Civilian Defense Program.


1968: A report of an automobile accident last Saturday brought about the recovery of a stolen vehicle by Flagstaff police. A 1964 two-door sedan was driven off Cedar Avenue east of Turquoise Drive and overturned. No sign of the driver was found. It was later reported stolen by its owner M. K. Leadbetter 38C Clark Homes, as stolen.

THANKSGIVING DINNER: Grade A Tom Turkeys 33 cent Lb. Hens 37 cents lb. Holland Dutch Ice Cream 59 cents ½ gallon. Thriftway Specials.

A smog device for automobiles developed in Sedona is about to be put on the market. It is claimed to be most effective yet invented. The “exhausted converter” is the invention of Ernest A. Eastman who says his device also removes three other pollutants. Leading laboratories in the U. S. have made tests and engineers are reported as being amazed at the results.

Of the total sales tax collected in Coconino County for the month of October, $12,754,578 or 25 percent was returned with Flagstaff receiving $34,970.74 as its share.


1993: SIGN UP TO SKI at the Recreation Office. 211 West Aspen Ave. Lessons are designed for Beginner and Advanced skiers as well as for snowboarders. There will be three sessions each with lessons in the morning and skiing in the afternoon. Cost is $100 for children 8 to 12 years old, and $120 for age 13 to adult and includes the lessons, equipment rental, lift ticket and bus pass. The Snowboarder lessons are $75 age 8 to adult.

LIGHT ‘ EM UP. The holiday lights at Little America will go on Friday night at 6 p.m. The public is invited to see the display from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. then to warm up next to the hotel fireplace. Free cookies and cider. Pat Button, spokesperson.

Flagstaff residents will have to start bringing their city utility bills to the Cinder Lakes landfill. Due to a new county policy, non-city residents will have to pay a $7 per half ton minimum fee for any refuse they bring to the landfill. City residents are still free, but must bring city bill.

The old Empress Theatre parking lot on the north east corner of North Leroux and East Aspen Avenue is now city owned and may be reconstructed by the end of summer. On Monday, local developer Steve Vanlandingham presented plans for this lot to the city council for an outdoor plaza and concert area. In a separate design, he showed designs for a five-story parking garage on the Bank of America lot.

The city council has directed city staff to implement a new policy that ensures that local design, engineering, architectural and construction firms will have an advantage when they apply to do expensive city projects.

Armed with a water jet, the Flagstaff Unified School district is waging war on graffiti artists. Although it is not yet at epidemic proportions, it has been increasing and the district has instituted a total non-tolerance policy. The most recent damage was so extensive that it was decided to spend $1800 to resurface the painted side of Sinagua High School as the most economical solution.

MEGA Warehouse Foods. 2530 N. 4th Street. Golden, Grade A Turkey 29 cents lb., Potatoes, 10 lb. bag 68 cents., Grade A Chicken Breasts $1.38 lb., 16 oz. Cranberry sauce, 3 for 98 cents., 8” Pumpkin Pie $1.98, 8 oz Cool Whip, 78 cents., 8 oz. Cream Cheese 68 cts.

A two-day Inspection Road Block in Williams lead to the arrest of eight truck drivers for illegal possession of various drugs and repair orders for more than 80 carriers. The drugs were found in bottles hidden in shoe polish jars and stuffed into driver’s thong shoes. 450 trucks were halted for inspection. Eight drivers were arrested for drug trafficking. The road block was halted due to the arrival of the snow storm.

Patrolman Bert Stamper stopped a car carrying six persons on U. S. Highway 80 at Lake Mary Road for a routine check. The driver was unable to produce proper identification and showed a license that belonged to one of the passengers. He found a substantial amount of a marijuana under the passenger’s seat . All six passengers were booked on the narcotics charge and were identified as members of a Kansas City motorcycle group.

Supervisors of Northern Arizona counties ratified “Articles of Association” to form a coalition designed to corral more federal anti-poverty funds and take a tighter reign over the administration of local poverty programs.

The first general winter storm for the Southwest moved into Arizona Wednesday morning. Snow has been reported at elevations over 6,000 feet. Rain has been fairly general across the desert sections to the west and Operations continued as usual with no material damage to machinery.

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