Flagstaff History: County jail suffering from space limitations

Flagstaff History: County jail suffering from space limitations

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Flagstaff History


1895: Inspector General R. Allyn Lewis from Phoenix, on his tour of inspection of the militia of Arizona, in the evening inspected the local company which he found in excellent condition. There was a general turnout of soldier boys much to the satisfaction of Captain Hathaway who has taken great interest in building the company up to its present standard of excellence. There are now over 60 members of the company in good standing.

W.W. Bass, Williams distinguished railroad magnate, was in town last Saturday on a business connected with the proposed Grand Canyon Railroad.

United States Marshall Morrell Saturday night brought P.J.V. Burdon to the County Jail from Williams. Burdon was convicted in Justice Johnson’s court of striking Hattie Britton, a waitress in Mrs. Burdon’s boarding house. He is accused of having no reasonable excuse for being alive, except for the imaginary contract he had to drink up all the whisky in Williams. While bordering on hysteria, he interrupted the turkey ceremonies and the boarders worked out a summary vengeance by dropping him head first in a stagnate pool.

Figuratively speaking, Williams is a Hot Town. A suicide and several interesting rows occurred there last week, and several divorce suits are said to be on the list for judicial consideration.

Some of the citizens of Flagstaff, who take pride in making the town look as presentable as possible, last week began the construction of a sidewalk from the the G.A.R. Hall across the track. The next day the laudable undertaking was snowed under and the occupants of the school building will have to wade through the drifts until the weather gets more favorable.

The Town Council has passed an ordinance requiring property holders to repair bad sidewalks in front of their residences. The Street Commission was delegated to carry the order into effect.

The ordinance requiring persons to build brick flues for stovepipes on 30 days notice was amended so that the job will have to be done on a weeks’ warning.

The location of the pound was changed from Wheeler’s corral to John Anderson’s corral.

The committee on roads reported that they had let a contract to Al Doyle to grade the hill at the schoolhouse and to gravel a part of it.

Frank Willey, the new Justice of the Peace at Ash Fork, wasn’t in office 10 minutes before he had sent up a “drunk” for 30 days. The whisky is mighty in Ash Fork, but under the new regime retribution will be sure and sudden.


1920: If the plans now being made by Luther Swanner and Earl Wright go through as they give every evidence of doing Flagstaff will have a Wild West Show next Fourth that will be a corker. Swanner is the champion bronco buster of the southwest as all his fellow Flagstaffites are proud to know and Wright is some shake as when it comes to death defying stunts.

The citizens of Doney Park and Black Bill Park are working together to raise funds to build themselves a new community house midway between the two parks. The Black Bill people have already raised half the necessary funds and the Doney Park people are coming up with their handsomely.

Benjamin Gross, who was arrested about three weeks ago on a complaint that he had stolen some things at the Saginaw and Manistee Lumber Camp is still living at the town jail. The charge against him was dropped, but he is being housed in the jail and is shoveling snow industriously every day to earn money enough from the town to pay his fare back to Brooklyn, New York. He is a former Navy Man and a strenuous worker. The way he makes the snow fly is an example to other unfortunates. He now has $40 to his credit after the deductions made by City Clerk Clarence Pulliam for his board at one of the restaurants.

L.W. Crees says there one source of annoyance he is now free from. For a long time he has been trying to devise or find some system for removing the gasoline odor from clothes after cleaning them. A few weeks ago he found just what he wanted, ordered it and this week it was installed. It is a huge metal contraption, with various vents and bears the name of “Baby Grand Dry Room and Deodorizer”

City Waste Superintendent J. Marshall reported that during the past two months, the Santa Fe used 13,849,860 gallons of water and the other customers 29,556,865 gallons.

B.O. Williams, who got a big piece of steel in his right eye a few days ago while working at the Greenlaw Mill, returned Wednesday morning from Phoenix where he went for treatment. The surgeons there found it necessary to remove the eye.

Ed Bostwick recently bought County Treasurers M.A. Murphy’s car. He made a small payment on it and then with three friends set off for the Grand Canyon. The tires were pretty well used up on the trip, the roads being almost impassable. They left the car at the Canyon. Marshall Bobby Burns arrested Bostwick on complaint of Mr. Murphy and brought him over to Flagstaff. Mr. Bostwick being unable to pay for the car was released and went to California. Mr. Murphy then sold the car at the Grand Canyon.


1970: Tuesday the Flagstaff City Council by unanimous vote, rejected the proposed change in the city’s zoning ordinance that would have allowed for modular or prefabricated house construction in all the city’s residential zoned areas. A unanimous vote is more than slightly unfamiliar and brought a resounding applause from citizens in attendance. In a separate action, the council also rejected 4-3 the proposal of the Pine Terrace Subdivision to be built in Switzer Canyon. The council also rejected a plan for a low-cost housing subdivision in Switzer Canyon.

The council also voted to uphold the new sign code and almost immediately found itself in open defiance of the code. Attorneys for Peason Sign Co. of Phoenix hold permits that are in violation of the code that were signed on April 23, 1969.

Northern Arizona University will join with the people of Flagstaff to create the biggest Winter Carnival in northern Arizona's’ history. Most of the plans for the gala are complete. The plans center around NAU’s colorful and imaginative Snow Sculpture event with which to students decorate the Flagstaff campus. The event will be expanded from two to five days with the cooperation of Flagstaff recreation officials and the Chamber of Commerce. The official kick of will be at noon on Thursday, Feb. 12 with a colorful parade through the campus and on into downtown Flagstaff, followed by a snowball fight in the Lumberjack Stadium. This will be followed by lighted night skiing at city park and on McMillan Heights for the next three nights.

Burglars left the kitchen sink behind, but that was about all. James Tutt of East Loop Road summoned police to his new home to report the theft of a kitchen range, a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. The three items valued at around $450, were delivered to the home sometime between Dec. 24 and Dec. 26 and stored in the garage. When Tutt went to check on them Tuesday afternoon, all the items were gone. Hazen Bedke Western Regional Director of Environmental Science Service Administration made his annual inspection tour of weather stations in Arizona this week. He rated Flagstaff and Winslow as above average in terms of equipment and accuracy in forecasting.

Construction on the Navajo Electric Generation Plant is due to begin in April. A program on its environmental effects is scheduled in the Mesa Theatre at Page Saturday.


1995: The month is only half over and Flagstaff is already abnormally white with 33 inches, with 20 inches normal for the whole month already fallen. Snowbowl is reporting a seven and a half foot base of snow at mid-mountain, which is much higher than the ski area has seen in quite a few Januarys, according to Marketing Director Lynda Fleischer.

The Sheriffs’ Department reported a five-car smash up about 3 p.m. on Snowbowl Road on Martin Luther King Day.

The Assessor’s Office is now issuing stickers on your old plates. The last new metal plates were issued three years ago.

Twice in the past year, police have arrested City Court defendants for disorderly conduct when judges, attorneys and witnesses have been threatened by hysterical defendants. Court Administrator Ron Pursly said “Flagstaff is not the Flagstaff of 1960." He went on to say that right now the City Court on North Beaver Street has no security and he would like to see metal screening at every entrance and the court staff protected by bullet proof glass. At the U.S. Magistrate Court, 123 N. San Francisco St. everyone who enters the courtroom is walked through a large rectangular metal-screening device. Anything that is carried into the court goes through an X-ray machine, the same type airport security officers use according to Tom Morrissey, Chief Deputy U. S. Marshal for the District of Arizona.

So far it is only talk, but the City Council has plans for the future building and the financing of major projects and possibly eliminating the primary property tax. Gerry Craig, Flagstaff’s Traffic Engineer, has laid out plans that include a north-south corridor connecting Enterprise with Fort Valley Road, hooking up of the two stubs of Fourth Street, linking Beulah with Yale, extending Soliere Road and connecting Butler and Enterprise.

Traffic on Milton would only be marginally affected by these improvements. Funding for the whole project would be split among bonds and a one-cent sales tax. The new debt would be structured to keep the secondary property tax on homes at its current level.

Crime is increasing in Flagstaff, but space at the Coconino County Jail, which the city uses, isn’t. Police Chief Pat Madden said his department’s current cite-and-release policy puts the city at risk. Federal mandates limit Coconino County Jail to 165 inmates, space limitation and a rising crime rate force Flagstaff police to jail suspects only as a last resort.

All events were taken from issues of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors, the Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.


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