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Flagstaff History


From 1893: F. M. Ayer, the cattle buyer, is here this week. He has purchased several thousand head in the vicinity of Williams and will ship a train load to Los Angeles Saturday.

J. F. Daggs returned from Los Angles on Friday. He reports the mutton market dull there, being little demand for fat sheep. He says that grapes are selling at $10 per ton and peaches are bringing only $7 per ton.

The Coconino Lumber Co. has closed down their mill at Chandler for 30 days, and many of their employees are spending their vacation in Flagstaff.

Baron Faukenhausen, while visiting at Cliffs on Saturday last, had the good fortune to kill two wild turkeys. He presented them to Landlord Coalter, who gave his guests a turkey dinner on Sunday.

For the past two months, stealing of all kinds has been going on in this vicinity. Camps have been robbed of everything in them and the perpetrators have, in each instance, covered up their tracks so completely as to leave no evidence of who committed the crime. Lately, the attention of presumably the same marauders has been turned to more valuable property, in the shape of horses and mules. Many of our citizens have lost valuable animals.

Last Saturday, Deputy Drum brought back D. W. Brown from Phoenix. He is charged with stealing a lot of horses from D. S. Russell. On Monday. Sheriff Donahue and Deputy Gray arrested four Mexicans at Winslow. They had robbed the camp of J. A. Lewis located 12 miles south of here, last week stealing his grub, blankets and rifle. This led to their being followed and to their arrest with a whole lot of horses.

Tuesday Constable Decloss arrested a man as he was returning to town after hiding some stolen stock. Constable Decloss had been following his man for several days but he hardly expected to catch him at home.

Thursday, Sheriff Donahue brought in the man who is supposed to have stolen Babbitt Bros.' mule. He’d been arrested in Albuquerque on a description sent by Constable Decloss.

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From 1918: Reports from area ranchers are that recent rains are doing considerable damage to the potato crop and that many of them are now cracking open. Rumors that frosts have been seriously damaging cannot be confirmed.

Miss Sadie Erwin is one of the new assistants in the post office. The work there seems to be growing so rapidly that long strings of patrons are compelled to line to be waited upon. Sometimes the line reaches out into the street. It is not a question of ability to handle the work but lack of facilities for handling a system that is being crowded by rapid growth.

Over 200 men left Jerome on Monday for the munitions works at Nitro, West Virginia, which will be one of the biggest nitric acid works in the world when completed. Three thousand houses have been built there and 1,500 more are being built to accommodate the 50,000 to 60,000 men to be employed there.


From 1943: Listen: Are you going to remember America’s fighting men overseas this Christmas? Think what a Christmas package will mean to a lonely fighting man far away across the seas, away from loved ones and the friendliness of the home shores. Overseas mail dates are: Army, Sept. 15 to Oct. 15; Navy, Sept. 15 to Nov. 1; and how about enclose an issue or two of the Coconino Sun so they will know the home front is behind them.

Nineteen more men left Flagstaff on Tuesday for the induction station at Phoenix.

The city is installing two new pumps at the Lake Mary project. They will increase the capacity by 50 percent and provide backup in case of need.

Jim Brown and Roberta Nanchez were picked up on Tuesday by state officials for selling liquor to Indians. Both are being held in the county jail on $1,000 bond, pending hearing before the Federal Court in Prescott. This is Brown’s fifth offense, once for a robbery investigation and the other four times for sale of liquor to Indians, while Sanchez is a four-time offender for liquor sales.

Notice: Anyone having information as to the whereabouts of the father of Homer Eddy Merrill, or father’s relatives of Lloyd Louis Merrill U.S.N., please call the local Red Cross. Phone 68.

R. C. Thomas Moss, of 819 Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, California, is either the luckiest man in the whole world or else he lives right according to Deputy Sheriff W. C. “Bill” Steele of Sedona. Monday night Steele and his son saw a small plane hedge-hopping the pine trees one and one-half mile south of Flagstaff near Fort Tuthill. When they topped the next rise on the road, they were disagreeably surprised to see the plane smashed to bits, 50 yards off the highway. Upon investigation they found Moss in the wreckage without a single scratch, though he was hanging upside down and badly frightened. Moss, who had 350 hours of flying experience, said he had attempted to land on the highway when he became lost. Then his engine began sputtering and then finally landed upside down. The plane, a two-place Aeronica, is the property of Lewis Marshall of Prescott, who said it was a new plane. The plane was dismantled late Monday night and taken by truck back to Prescott.

H. 84 Sat. L. 43 Mon. Rain Mon.,Tues., Wed. 0.06”


From 1968: It was dark in parts of Flagstaff on Friday. Officials of the Arizona Public Service, without explanation, said that there was a 20-minute electrical power outage that affected the campus of NAU and areas south and west of there.

Game and Fish planted 50,000 brown trout fingerlings in Upper Lake Mary and 11,500 catchable trout in Oak Creek this week.

The State Library Extension Service will send its Bookmobile to the Northlands for the latter part of September beginning at Sunset Crater on the 23rd and move on to many areas on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations.

The county polling sites total 25 and will open at 6 am and close at 7 pm. Under state law, employers must allow employees time off to cast their ballots.

Although our fire danger remains “very high” there was not a single fire man or lightning caused fire in the Coconino Forest this past weekend. However the Forest Service dispatched 150 Indian firefighters and 17 supervisory personnel to a major fire in the San Bernadino area. Dispatcher, Al Bell at Knob Hill.

Although our fire danger remains “very high,” there was not a single fire, man or lightning caused, in the Coconino Forest this past weekend. However, the Forest Service dispatched 150 Indian firefighters and 17 supervisory personnel to a major fire in the San Bernardino area. Dispatcher, Al Bell at Knob Hill.

The City Council voted 3-1 to sell Coconino Country Club an estimated six to nine million gallons of fresh water per month for use on its 18-hole golf course. They also voted unanimously to make the Murdock Recreation Center into a day care center. They plan to go ahead with two major flood plain major control programs that will partially be funded with federal funds.

Federal and Flagstaff water experts have begun pump tests at the Inner Basin designed to determine the availability in the large underground reservoir in the San Francisco Peaks.


From 1993: A four-place single engine Cessna plane belonging to NAU, piloted by Mike Schaffer, crashed in Marble Canyon about 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Witnesses said the engine failed about 200 yards following its take off from the Marble Canyon Field where it had landed to re-fuel. The pilot had attempted to turn the plane to re-land at the air field. Passenger David Vaselaar, First Interstate Bank Regional Bank Manager, was seriously injured and is in intensive care at the Flagstaff Medical Center. The NAU Vice President of Student Affairs was also injured and taken to Page for treatment.

Thousands of people spent their Labor Day Weekend at the 44th Annual Coconino County Fair. Saturday night all 51 hotels and motels on the Visitors Center Room Book were full.

Our schools are bulging at the seams. Additional teacher's aides are being sought to assist with oversized classes and thought may be given to transferring some students to even out class sizes.

The Kachina Village Improvement Association is planning to spend $94,000 on developing a work plan for the community’s aging water and sewer system. Public meetings are planned to be held before the end of the month.

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