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1894: H.R. Bayless has completed the work to open his Williams Barber Shop.

Messrs Thornton and Smith shipped 10,000 pounds of wool this week to Gross and Blackwell Co.

Over in Williams, a new stand is being built for the Williams Cornet Band.

The Arizona Sandstone Company will start its quarry on May 2.

The total amount of rain and snow melt for this month is at a considerable number of stations throughout the Territory of Arizona. It was somewhat above average although the amount that fell as snow was much greater and more widely distributed. Snow in the mountainous parts of the territory.

W. H. Thurber was in town on Thursday and he is recovering finely from his injuries.

A. White Laundry has opened on Leroux St. next door to Ackerman’s.

H. S. Schlyke, General Agent for the A. & P. Railroad, was in town on Wednesday looking after their freight and passenger business that originates here.

Lack of vitality in the bulbs causes hair to fall out and to turn gray. We recommend Hall’s Hair Renewer to prevent baldness and grayness.

Anton Klien is fixing up the interior of the Berry Building, which was recently purchased by him. He will open the place in a few days under the name of ”Germania Hall.”

The Gramley family arrived on Tuesday and left on Thursday for the Grand Canyon where they will open the Grand Canyon Hotel and Cedar Ranch to be ready for the summer season.

J. H. Tolfree and E. Patton, the Williams architects, were in town on Tuesday and purchased from the Arizona Lumber Co, 40,000 board feet of lumber to be used in Prescott for buildings they have under contract.

In consequence of winter diet and lack of open air exercise, the whole physical mechanism becomes impaired. Ayer’s Sarsaparilla Tonic is the proper remedy in the spring of the year. It invigorates the body, clears impurities from it and strengthens the appetite.

George Good all who is walking from New York to San Francisco on a wager, stopped over here on Friday. He is a professional pedestrian and left New York with ten cents in his pocket according to the wager. He is not to ask for food nor for shelter during his journey which must be completed in 97 days. He claimed to be 40 hours ahead of time when left here Saturday morning.

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1919: Flagstaff is to spend on paving of the northeast section of town. It is expected it will take $50,000 and will employ 60 men. It also plans on $150,000, it may be a little less and quite possibly quite a lot more, on sewers and other paving. Present plans call for much money to be expended and much labor employed by the town this summer. Bids for the sewer work will be opened next Monday night and it is expected they will be awarded that night assuming that acceptable bids are found. The plan calls for 37,000-feet of new sewer lines and it is expected that the work can be completed before bad weather returns.

In spite of complaints to the contrary, J.B. Wright, our County Engineer, says he always gives preference in hiring to local men and particularly to returning soldiers and sailors. George Timberlake of the United Employment Service says “Mr. Wright really takes care of the local men” and cites the wholly local men employed in Oak Creek and those who are working between here and Winslow.

A new town resident is Mr. Paul R. Fertig and his family, who are making their home on West Aspen Avenue. He is employed by the SUN. He has been writing descriptive articles for eastern newspapers and should find a lot of interesting material here to write of to encourage visitors to come to view our interesting and spectacular locations.

Deputy Sheriff W. H. Power came in from Williams on Wednesday with three men, charged with being implicated in several burglaries in that town. It is claimed that they entered stores, a warehouse and several barns. They got away with considerable booty. They had their preliminary hearing in Williams and now languish in the county jail being unable to make the bond of $1,000 asked for.

The baseball season begins in Flagstaff Sunday afternoon April 27th when the “Top of the World “ team meets with the team from Winslow. They will arrive on No. 9 and return home in the evening. They promise a “good fight." Admission 10 cents. Ladies free.

There seems to have been an epidemic of trouble out at Doney Park this week. The Sheriff’s Office was besieged. On Monday, Mrs. Mary E. Partridge complained that some person unknown to her had poisoned her bulldog valued at $200. Then Tuesday, Carl Ferrell reported that on the night before he had visited his neighbor Mr. Knight in his big new car, he found  that someone had stolen a tire off the its rear, punched holes in the leather and scratched its shiny paint with glass. Then on Thursday, Mrs. Claude Knight reported that someone had poisoned her dog.

We learned this week that Army airplanes and captive blimps will cover portions of the National Forests in California, Arizona and New Mexico this summer to aid in both detecting and suppression of forest fires. This is in compliance with an order from Secretary Baker directing that that the Air Service aid the Forest Service in this work.

According to an announcement made by the Post Master General Burlson, it is now possible to send dogs, cats, parrots and other domestic animals, even fish and worms by U. S. Mail provided they are properly crated.


1994: Snow breaks the records. Get used to spring snow just as you were putting your winter clothes away for the summer. On Saturday, Wheeler Park was filled with people in T-shirts and shorts were celebrating Earth Day. Then 4.0 inches of snow fell on Sunday. And another 6.0 inches fell Monday night. Work on the downtown renovation project has been postponed. Downtown street closures are on hold. Schools were closed on Monday. One person perished on U.S. 180 north of town when a minivan lost control and skidded into a pick-up truck.

There have been two deaths in the past few days of people who couldn’t wait for the trains to pass and rushed across the rails as the engine approached. Stop, look and listen. Do not cross the tracks when the gates are down.

The Children’s Action Alliance is quoting figures to prove the hospitality industry is to blame for the number of children in Flagstaff who are living in poverty. The low wages paid and the irregularities of the work available for those who work in the industry are blamed.

At an Arizona Corporate Commission public meeting, which regulates privately owned utilities, there were protests of the 41% rate increase proposed by U. S. The proposal has aroused much local outrage. It would take most private home phone rates from $12.50 to $17.50 per month. The proposal would also increase business phone rates substantially and raise pay phone from 25 to 35 cents.

BB guns shoot and they smash. Police do not yet know who has shot out at least 20 cars windows in the past month. Shooting BB guns within the city limits is prohibited and anyone found doing so is subject to a $350 fine. Western Windshield owner Ruthie Armfield said she has replaced three car windows in just the past two day. She said most are covered by insurance and run from $135 up to $1000 to replace. Clint McCracin of Safety Glass said they have had about 25 in the past month some with several pits from the BBs. Some of the car bodies were also pit marked.

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