Dog rescue

Members of the Flagstaff Fire Department rescue a dog who had become trapped by the Upper Lake Mary overflow Wednesday afternoon.

Flagstaff fire fighters traversed the icy swift overflow of Lower Lake Mary to rescue a small dog Wednesday afternoon.

Recent precipitation caused the animal to become trapped near the back side of the dam as waters from Upper Lake Mary spilled into the otherwise dry lower lake.

The Northern Arizona Animal Search and Rescue team found the dog as early as Monday and attempted to lure it out of the water. Officials stated that the animal was too scared and would not approach rescuers, however. The team set up a crate and attempted to get the dog inside; they left the crate overnight in the hopes it would make its way in.

The rescue team went to check on the dog Wednesday. but found he had not gone into the crate. Due to rain and snowmelt received overnight, the water had picked up speed and the rescue team called the Flagstaff Fire Department for assistance.

Upon arrival, FFD crew members traversed the water in ice water rescue suits in order to place food into the crate — the dog responded and the crate closed behind him. Fire fighters then managed to carry the dog back to a vehicle that would take it to a local veterinary clinic for evaluation.

Officials are reminding the public that people should not attempt to rescue animals or pets in swiftly-moving waters; individuals should also make sure that pets and children keep their distance when visiting Lake Mary, especially when waters cross the lake’s dam.

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