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Move-in day for Northern Arizona University students on the Mountain Campus went rather smoothly Thursday, thanks to a staggered schedule and new traffic controls.

A New School Year Begins

Cars flow onto campus at Northern Arizona University Thursday morning as students return to move in for the start of the Fall semester.

This year, the university allowed students who needed to be on campus early for sports or other activities to move in on Tuesday and Wednesday. It also created unloading lanes in front of the dorms to help control traffic, Kim Ott, the assistant to the president for Executive Communication and Media Relations said. Upperclassmen helped the freshman and their families unload and cart items up to their room Thursday. Students will continue to have the opportunity to move-in until Sunday. Classes start Monday.

Ott said expanding the time frame that students could move in and creating the unloading lanes was an immense help this year and something the university will look at doing in the future.

“There isn’t the frenzy this year that has been there in years past,” she said.

Move In Prep at Northern Arizona University

Signs separate the road into different lanes to accommodate students moving into dorms on the Northern Arizona University campus Wednesday afternoon.

The NAU enrollment this year in Flagstaff, as of Thursday afternoon, was 22,244, about 500 more students than last year, Ott said. There are 9,853 beds on campus this year, and the university reserves housing on campus for freshman and sophomores. Juniors and seniors usually have to find housing off-campus.

New this fall is Skyview residence hall, with 627 beds. It is operated by American Campus Communities, the same company that built and manages The Suites and Hilltop Townhomes.

The university is also planning to add 630 rooms for honors students in the fall of 2018 once the new Honors College Living and Learning Community is finished.

SkyView Dorm Ready For Students

The completed SkyView dorm sits in the center of the Northern Arizona University campus Thursday afternoon as students move back into campus for the fall semester.

Dawn Riddle at Santa Fe Realty said she also noticed the lack of a student rental and move-in frenzy this year, even though all of her rentals are full. Santa Fe rents homes. Most of the properties her company manages were pre-rented by students in May and June.

“They’re getting more savvy about renting early,” she said.

Construction Continues

Work on the honors college dorm at Northern Arizona University continued Thursday morning as students were arriving on campus with their families to move in in preperation for the new school year at Northern Arizona University.

However, Bella Investment Group still has some rooms and townhomes open to rent, said Chrystal Dehoag. Bella owns Highland Village Apartments, Woodlands Village Apartments, Pine View Village Apartments and University Square Apartments, which rent by the bedroom. They also own Butterfield Apartments, Country Club Vista Apartments, Country Club Meadows Apartments, Country Club Terrace Apartments, which are rented by the apartment.

Dehoag said the company has about 20 rooms and six four-bedroom townhomes left to rent. She said she noticed a slow-down in new renters in July.

“I think Skyview and Fremont Station have absorbed a lot of the students,” she said.

Moving In

Incoming freshman Isabella Troggio sorts through her things in her dorm room with the help of her dad, Dennis, Thursday afternoon at Northern Ariozna University.

This year, the number of apartments in the city of Flagstaff increased by about 960 bedrooms, with Mountain Trail Apartments adding 160 apartments and Fremont Station adding 808 bedrooms on Forest Meadows Drive when complete. Mountain Trail rents by the apartment, while Fremont Station rents by the bedroom.

The Standard, another apartment complex geared toward students, is expected to add about 600 bedrooms in the near future, and The Hub, which is under construction, is supposed to add 591 rooms by the fall of 2018. Milltown on Milton Road is expected to add 1,221 rooms in the near future. Vintage Partners, the construction company in charge of Milltown, is expected to start construction soon after they finish renovating the old Harkins Theater for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

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