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NAU's Budget Haeger
NAU President John Haeger explains some of NAU’s budget difficulties Wednesday at the High Country Conference Center. (Josh Biggs/Arizona Daily Sun) (Josh Biggs/Arizona Daily Sun)

Northern Arizona University President John Haeger's term has been extended through June 2015, but he is not due a raise.

Haeger, 69, will continue to draw a $348,000 base salary, which is the salary he was given in his current, three-year contract. With allowances and other benefits, his total annual compensation remains $462,000. The terms are unchanged in his new contract.

The Arizona Board of Regents approved the contract during a meeting Tuesday in Phoenix.

Haeger's current term is set to expire on June 30, 2013. Tuesday's approval adds another two-year contract immediately following that, ending on June 30, 2015.

The additional term was at the request of the Regents, who have been pleased with Haeger's work.

"John Haeger has done an extraordinary job in redesigning and invigorating Northern Arizona University," stated Regent Ernest Calderon in a press release. "NAU is now a vibrant and dynamic leader in higher education. I appreciate John accepting our request that he postpone his retirement and continue to provide stability in the face of uncertain challenges ahead."

The president never officially announced his intentions regarding either retirement or other future plans.

In addition to the $348,000 base salary, Haeger will receive $54,000 toward his retirement, a $50,000 housing allowance and a $10,000 car allowance. Other benefits include an entertainment expense account, travel reimbursement and the standard annual leave, sick time, health and disability insurance and retirement benefits afforded to administrative employees.

Haeger is also eligible for bonuses for reaching certain performance goals that are measured over the course of his contracts. His current contract has him eligible for up to $150,000 in bonuses if he satisfies all of the goals, which are related to enrollment, retention, degrees awarded, research, fundraising, building and faculty and staff salaries.

The president earned a $30,000 bonus at the end of 2010 for meeting goals in non-resident enrollment, clinical allied health enrollment and capital infrastructure.

Haeger assumed the presidency in late 2001. He came to NAU in 2000 as the university provost.

Hillary Davis can be reached at or 556-2261.

President Haeger's extended contract

-- Two-year contract, July 1, 2013-June 30, 2015

-- Base salary: $348,000

-- Contribution to retirement program: $54,000

-- Housing allowance: $50,000

-- Automobile allowance: $10,000

-- 10 performance incentives*: Eligible at end of term, not to exceed $100,000 ($10,000 per goal) and not to be pro-rated. Incentive areas: Total enrollment growth; enrollment subpopulations (non-resident enrollment and distance learning enrollment (excluding Yuma and Yavapai); "Arizona Architecture Strategies" (NAU-Yuma and NAU-Yavapai enrollment, transfer enrollment); degrees awarded to under-represented (minority) students; Clinical Allied Health enrollment; "Baccalaureate Production" (freshman retention, six-year graduation rates and total bachelor's degrees awarded); total research expenditures; fundraising; capital infrastructure; faculty/staff salaries. Achieving all of these goals leads to an additional $50,000.

*These are the performance incentives included in the current, 2010-2013 contract. The upcoming metrics may vary.


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