People fill sandbags to bring back to their homes in order to try and prevent further flood damage. (Alexis Ward/Arizona Daily Sun)

Some residents of Doney Park, Fernwood and Timberline were shoveling mud off driveways Wednesday while others were moving out of their flooded homes following a night of sandbagging.

Removing mud from carpets and water from drywall and insulation is now the next crucial step for homes that absorbed some water, even as homeowners worry about more possible flooding to come.

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors is planning to ask the state to declare the flood zone a disaster area, which would be a precursor to applying for federal aid.

Officials also are preparing  to call in a federal Type 3 Incident Management Team trained in dealing with prolonged natural disasters and emergencies.  The Type 3 team will be located at Summit Fire Station No. 33 near Second Chance Center for Animals, where county emergency officials currently are headquartered.

County public works officials say all public and private roads in Timberline and Fernwood have been reopened in the wake of Tuesday’s severe flooding, but they are urging residents to prepare for more floods as the monsoon continues.


Sandbag operations have been expanded.  A new location has been set up at Peaks View Park (next to Summit Fire Station #32 on Koch Field Road).  This site has two bagging stations and is the preferred location as it has easier access and more parking for residents.  Other locations include:

--Former Tumbleweed Store (north of Summit Fire Station #33, North Highway 89 and Firehouse Lane)

- North Highway 89 and Campbell Avenue (across from the Chevron station/convenience market)

Citizens from outside the affected area wanting to volunteer in the cleanup efforts and to assist the elderly and other residents should first contact Alan Anderson at aanderson@coconino.az.gov.

Anderson will be coordinating volunteer efforts sometime in the future.


Neighbors, friends, coworkers and relatives of those affected weren’t waiting, however, to help others. 

They had rounded up shovels, pumps, heavy machinery, and gravel and were marching on Doney Park and Timberline on Wednesday, moving some out of damaged homes, and digging ditches around others. 

The City of Flagstaff waterline from the Inner Basin that runs along Waterline Road has been shut off until further notice. 

It was reported to have sprung a leak yesterday, pouring up to 1.5 million gallons of water down the mountainside. The shutdown will have no impact on water services in the City.

Doney Park Water Company reports that their systems were not compromised in the flood and they are holding up well.  Staff will continue to monitor their systems. 

The U.S. Post Office will be delivering mail today to residents in the flood area.  However, for residents whose mailboxes have been damaged or destroyed, mail can be picked up at the main post office on Postal Way in Flagstaff.  ID will be required to pick up mail.

Residents with questions can call the Flood Hotline at 1-877-679-8390.

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