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Learn how Flagstaff made national news in the 1930s with headlines reading "Mass Murder." Who was the beloved local doctor who killed a Texas lawman before coming to town? Who were the people behind the names that we know so well, such as Sechrist, Greenlaw and Doney?

Whether the name is familiar to you or one that you've never heard of, the people beneath the headstones have stories to tell.

Join on October 14 at the Citizens Cemetery from 1 to 4 p.m. to hear about Flagstaff's past through citizens who have passed.

The tour is self-guided and includes a history booklet. "Headstone Hosts," many of whom are family members of the deceased, will be on site to share more of what they know.

Purchase tickets at Riordan Mansion or Pioneer Museum, or on the day of the tour at the cemetery. The cost is $15 and the proceeds benefit the Arizona Historical Society - Pioneer Museum and Riordan Mansion.

Web: Call: (928) 853-7792 for more info. 

Citizens Cemetery is located at 1300 S. San Francisco Street, adjacent to the Northern Arizona University Campus.  

Free "Write_on" letter-writing at Bright Side Bookshop 

From 4-7 p.m. at Bright Side Bookshop, (18 N San Francisco St.) drop into Bright Side Bookshop on "Locals' Night" to send a free letter or postcard. 

Write_On is a national campaign created to promote joy, creativity, expression, and connection through hand-written correspondence. The campaign was inspired by Egg Press founder Tess Darrowʼs challenge to herself to write a letter daily and to form a habit, and since its start in 2014, thousands have taken the Write_On challenge to write 30 letters in 30 days (the amount of time it takes to develop a lasting habit).

The shop will provide the cards, postcards and stamps along with help from a fun deck of 30 thoughtful prompts to make card writing easy. The first 10 letter writers of the event will get a Write_On commemorative enamel pin.

Enter the raffle to win a $25 Bright Side Bookshop Gift Card to enhance your own letter writing collection.

Bright Side invites you to step back into a world with no undo: To typewriters before the backspace button, to quills and ink, and to the leap of faith that both demanded. They invite you to trust that whatever words flow from your fingers are the right ones, to surrender to imperfection. They invite you to put yourself out there, typos and crossed-out lines and thoughts you'd never dare say out loud and all.

A letter meanders, daydreams, wanders, roams, explores. A letter emerges silently from the touch of pen to paper. It's an escapee from the tick-tocking tappity-tap of keyboard efficiency.

Refreshments and light snack will be provided beginning at 5 p.m.

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