Timothy Duran, 38, pleaded not guilty to stabbing and killing his wife in Doney Park during his arraignment in Coconino County Superior Court on Monday.

Court records filed by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office show wife Crystal Morgan, 35, made the first call to dispatchers, saying Duran had stabbed her. Authorities reported Morgan was found with approximately 21 stab wounds in front of a neighbor's home on East Gemini Drive.

Duran was charged by a grand jury with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, child abuse, two counts of threatening or intimidating, and two counts of aggravated assault. Many of the charges are classified as domestic violence.

Morgan filed for a divorce with children on March 18. Morgan and Duran had been married for three years. In her divorce filing, Morgan signified that there was no domestic violence going on at the time.

A crash at the door

At 7:08 a.m. on March 21, sheriff deputies received a 911 call from Morgan, who stated her husband was chasing her with a screw driver. Deputies report that during the call, Morgan’s line disconnected.

Later, deputies found Morgan dead, and sent Louise Lovelace, the family’s great-grandmother, to the hospital because of a stab wound on her hand. While in the hospital, Lovelace told a deputy that everything started when she heard a knock on their door.

As she got up to answer the door, she reported hearing the back door “crash” and saw Duran walk in the home.

Lovelace reported that Morgan confronted Duran and told him that he should not be at the home. Lovelace reported to the deputy that during the confrontation, Morgan alleged Duran told one of their daughters to “find some rope and hang herself with it” the night before.

The great-grandmother said that during the confrontation, a screwdriver was set on a nearby counter. She told deputies that Duran picked up the screwdriver and began stabbing Morgan.

Lovelace alleged that she got behind Duran and attempted to pull him off of Morgan, but failed, and Duran kept stabbing his wife.

Duran then went to a knife holder, grabbed a knife, and returned to continue stabbing Morgan, the great-grandmother told deputies. Lovelace said that she was still holding onto Duran as he began to leave the home.

Duran left the scene in a gold truck and drove to a residence on Skeet Drive. After his brother picked him up, Duran reportedly told him to drive to Rim Rock, Arizona in Yavapai County. The two were driving southbound on the I-17 near Rim Rock when he was picked up by officials.

Sheriff authorities reported that Duran was found with dried blood on his left ear and the side of his head, with a scratch near his neck.

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One of Duran and Morgan’s children saw the altercation, spoke with dispatch on the phone, and reported seeing their mother run outside and collapse on their neighbor’s yard.

Morgan was found in their neighbor’s yard with almost two dozen stab wounds, deputies reported. Lovelace was transported to the Flagstaff Medical Center for her own stab wound.

“I didn’t even know that he had stabbed me,” Lovelace reportedly told deputies.

The probable cause statement lists at least two witnesses to the crime, and that Duran had told two others that he had stabbed Morgan.

At the Monday arraignment, Judge Dan Slayton confirmed Duran’s prior release conditions of $2 million cash bond, while he is being held in Coconino County Detention Facility.

Steve Harvey, Duran's public defense attorney, did not want to comment on the charges after the arraignment.

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