Officer Involved Shooting

An Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper mans a crime scene perimeter last week in Railroad Springs after an officer-involved shooting.

The Flagstaff Police Department released its report on how the agency was involved with an Arizona Department of Public Safety case, shedding light on an incident that ended with an officer-involved shooting in Flagstaff's Railroad Springs neighborhood on Jan. 23.

Charles Hernandez, spokesperson for Flagstaff Police, said that a total of 13 of their officers responded to assist DPS at West Topeka Avenue. DPS reports that the incident started off as a traffic stop on Historic Route 66, and ended with Marcus Gishal, 20, and Preston Oszust, 20, dead from gunshot wounds and a DPS officer shot in his left hand.

Sixteen bullets from the firefight peppered a blue manufactured home close to the location of the shooting, homeowners allege.

DPS has not released its report for the case at this time or responded to questions about what guns were used or their firearm-use policy. A Flagstaff police officer observed in his report that two bullets used were .223 caliber and a .40 caliber.

While DPS has already reported that the two men died of gunshot wounds, without the Medical Examiner's Report, more details about the official cause and manner of death are still to come.

Ten officers shared their testimony for the report, and Hernandez added that three ambulances responded to the scene. No Flagstaff police officers fired rounds in the shooting, according to their reports.

Flagstaff police officers reported that their most recent information about the two suspects' location before the shooting was that the two were near a shed on West Topeka Avenue.

An officer reported that a civilian flagged him down to show them their home-surveillance footage, which showed one of the suspects running through his yard with “what looked like a firearm.” Some Flagstaff police officers reported equipping themselves with rifles before the shooting took place.

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Another Flagstaff officer reported that they were the first to approach what appears to be Gishal directly after the shooting. The officer moved Gishal out onto the driveway as another checked for weapons, according to the officer's report.

Multiple officers detailed different bullet wounds on Gishal that included a gunshot to his left knee and chest. Gishal did not survive his wounds and was declared dead after the medics responded to the scene and attended to him for over 20 minutes, according to the report.

Oszust was attended to by an officer who described him as having a wound to the neck. As soon as the officer reported giving CPR, a medic arrived. Oszust was later transported to the Flagstaff Medical Center, but did not survive his wounds, DPS reported.

Past arrest records allege that Gishal was contacted by DPS officers in 2017 for a traffic stop. The officer attempted to arrest Gishal on drug-related charges, but DPS alleged that Gishal resisted, causing a fight. DPS also reported that Oszust had an active felony warrant for a probation violation.

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