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A sum off $23,500. That’s the total amount all six candidates for the Flagstaff city council and the mayor have brought in through donations so far in this election cycle.

The amounts spent by the candidates so far are nearly as high at $19,618.78. Both numbers, however, vary drastically by campaign.

Both Adam Shimoni and Paul Deasy have brought in and spent more money overall this cycle than the rest of the candidates. Shimoni has raised $6,016 and spent $5,669. Deasy, on the other hand, has collected $5,252 and spent $5,004.

Shimoni is also at the top of both categories when it comes to donations and spending in just this quarter, bringing in $2,620 and spending almost as much. Shimoni said he was impressed by how much he was able to raise, but that he should be able to top that amount as the general election nears.

In this most recent quarter, Deasy was outpaced in both spending and donations by Regina Salas. Salas received $2,000 in donations in that span, although half of that money came from Salas herself. Salas spent almost all of that total, much of it on a website and printing materials.

Salas also received a non-monetary contribution in the form of her campaign launch event worth $500.

Deasy was a close third, bringing in $1,500 and spending just over that this quarter. Deasy said he was particularly proud that, of the money he brought in this quarter, $225 worth came from donations less than $50. Overall, Deasy has received $957 from donations less than $50.

Austin Aslan, Denis Lavin and Alex Martinez found themselves bringing up the rear for both donations and spending this quarter. The only money Lavin received was $838 he loaned himself, while Martinez brought in only $100 of donations from a single contributor.

Aslan brought in $785 and spent $96, much of which went to Facebook advertising.

All three also made mistakes when filling out their campaign finance forms. According to the 2018 campaign finance handbook from the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, a candidate must provide cumulative totals in every category, including how much individual contributors have paid.

Lavin left blank certain sections that showed how much he spent on things like postage. Martinez miscalculated his total contributions for this cycle and Aslan also incorrectly filled out the cumulative totals on contributions and expenses.

Aslan said he was unaware of the mistake and planned to correct them in the future.

“I’m just an average citizen trying to run for office,” said Aslan, adding that he feels good about where the campaign is at as the general election nears.

Coral Evans brought in $1,095 and spent $1,043 this quarter. She is running unopposed on the ballot for mayor, although George Rivello is recognized as an official write-in candidate.

Adrian Skabelund can be reached at the office at, by phone at (928) 607-5155 or on twitter @AdrianSkabelund.


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