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The Coconino County Board of Supervisors confirmed the appointments of Dr. Marie Peoples as Deputy County Manager and Kim Musselman as Director of Special Initiatives during the board meeting Tuesday.

Peoples’ background in health and criminal justice will serve her well in her new leadership position, the Supervisors said. She has experience as not only the Coconino County Public Health Services District (CCPHSD) Chief Health Officer – a position she has held since October 2013 – but also an abuse therapist.

These experiences, combined with her bachelors’ degree in criminal justice administration, master’s degrees in both sociology/criminal justice and public health and Ph.D. in public health epidemiology, will be useful in her new duties overseeing justice, health and human services throughout the county.

County Manager James Jayne revealed that, though there were many highly qualified candidates for the position, Peoples brings a unique set of strategic thinking skills to the job, where she will work frequently with internal county officials and members of the community.

“I believe [she is] the right person to help us leap forward in our concept of aligning justice, health and human services functions in our county,” he said.

Peoples commented that, though she will miss the Health District team, she is thankful for and excited to begin her new role.

“I am filled with gratitude at having been selected,” she said at the board meeting. “I am looking forward to the many challenges and opportunities of which I know there will be many. I could not think of a better group to work with.”

Musselman is currently the Special Assistant to the County Manager, but has served in various county positions for 20 years, including the County Manager’s Office, Public Fiduciary, County Attorney’s office, Adult and Juvenile Probation and Sheriff’s Office. As Director of Special Initiatives, she will oversee the transition of leadership at CCPHSD, as well as projects like the 2020 Census.

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This particular project is extensive and will require the local expertise that Musselman can provide, the Supervisors suggested.

“She’s very knowledgeable of the county, so she’s bringing that leadership to the diverse group of folks that are working on Census 2020,” said Supervisor Liz Archuleta.

Musselman graduated from Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. Her knowledge of the county, as well as an undeniable energy and enthusiasm commended by several of the board members Tuesday, earned her this position.

“I love this county, every square inch of it, for lots of different reasons and love being a part of it, so thank you so much. I really appreciate this opportunity,” she said.

Peoples and Musselman began their new roles following the confirmation of their appointments Tuesday.

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