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Schultz Recovery county officials

Lucinda Andreani, Coconino County Director of Public Works and new deputy manager, left, and James Guidotti, Coconino County capital projects manager, stand at the foot of one of the county's flood mitigation projects in the Schultz fire burn area in 2015. 

Coconino County has a new deputy county manager after County Manager Jimmy Jayne appointed Lucinda Andreani and the Board of Supervisors confirmed her appointment.

Andreani has served as interim county manager since January 2018, replacing former deputy manager Neal Young, and will also remain Director of Public Works, a position she has held since January 2017.

As deputy county manager, Andreani will oversee several county departments including Community Development, Emergency Management, Parks & Recreation and Community Services.

Andreani will also assist the county in its organizational renewal process, diversity and inclusion, and transformational leadership efforts. The organizational renewal efforts are aimed to attract and retain team members who excel at serving the county’s constituents. She will also continue to manage the Flood Control District and the County’s Forest Restoration Initiative.

That all seems like a lot, but Andreani said the additional duties shouldn’t be an issue.

“First and foremost, know that we have a really strong team here of directors that will now report to me,” Andreani said. “They are responsible with their day-to-day business, [and they will] really bring to me their issues if they need help with problem-solving or brainstorming.”

Andreani will join Mike Townsend, who also holds a position as deputy manager. But she will not be the last, as the county is looking to bring on a third deputy manager in the near future as well, according to a county spokesperson.

“We’re very excited to have Lucinda join the leadership team as Deputy County Manager,” Jayne said in a press release. “She has been an invaluable part of the county team and dedicated to our communities. As Coconino County enters a new season, Lucinda’s leadership will be instrumental in the county’s organizational renewal process where her wisdom, team-building skills and partnership will be crucial to help guide us through this process.”

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Andreani has been with the county in various roles for the past 13 years.

She led the county’s efforts to mitigate the severe impacts of the 2010 Schultz fire and ensuing floods and was a key contributor to voter education efforts for both the increase in the Jail District’s sales tax in 2006 and the Road Maintenance Sales Tax -- Prop 403 in 2014 -- both of which passed with strong voter support, according to the release.

Andreani has a degree in Natural Resources Management with an emphasis in Environmental Policy from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. Prior to joining the county, she was a leader in the energy industry, working with a major utility and an energy corporation and, with her own consulting business, served large energy users across the country.

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