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Some of Our Favorite Flagstaff Backyards and Outdoor Living Spaces

By the Staff

Although the month of April can bring cool temperatures and some wintry bluster, by the end of the month we usually see spring in its earliest bloom. And with spring comes the chance to be outside more and in the backyard more. Longer and sunnier days draw us out of the inside and invite us to prepare for the usually wonderful northern Arizona summers. With this in mind, we wanted to share some of our favorite backyards we’ve seen in recent years in our home visits. As a note, many of our favorites on the backyard front also were part of the Flagstaff Symphony Guild Home Tour, which takes place in August. Learn more by calling call Mary Hostetler at (928) 522-0549 or visiting www.flagstaffsymphony.org.

Lakeside Living

A home we visited on Lake Elaine stands as a stately residence, with 4,650 square feet of high-end but comfortable living. The home sits on about an acre of land that borders the lake’s easement. It has four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms on two levels. The upper floor features a grand room, living room, modern and smartly designed kitchen and master suite. Faux-painted walls by Holly Stahl add to the style of the home. However, it’s the extensive outdoor living space, including covered patios upstairs and downstairs, and a rolling lawn that reaches out to the lake, that made this residence especially enchanting.

Flower Power

Located not far from the eastern edges of Flagstaff in the Continental Country Club area, a 3,300 square-foot, four-bedroom custom-built home has a backyard that is the best of two worlds. First, it has a manicured lawn and a flower garden that is in wild bloom in the summer. The garden and lawn connect to a patio that has a fireplace. The remaining 75 percent of the backyard is left wild. It includes limestone boulders, ponderosa pines and wild grasses. This backyard provides that celebration of a perfect garden with an honoring of the wild nature that is a big draw to many to our mountain town.

Patio Perfection

Located just up the hill and northeast of downtown Flagstaff, on the aptly named Hillside Street, stands a home with history that has been renovated and updated to create a charmer residence in the center of it all. The home itself is a wonder, but the backyard is its own big draw. It’s well-built out with stone terracing and is beautifully xeroscaped. The front porch looks out toward downtown and the streets, giving a great perspective on a house that’s built upslope from the street level. The home’s outdoors also creates a kind of connection to the adjacent green space, with old-growth ponderosa pines, while only being two blocks from downtown.

Water Wonderland

One Flagstaff couple’s home in Westwood Estates has a backyard that’s about as good as it gets on the backyard front—an extensive part of an equally exquisite home. The grounds of the residence includes a prominent water feature. It’s not just some trickle of a waterfall over a couple of rocks. Instead, it’s a coursing waterway that flows into different ponds and is stocked with fish. It includes lily blooms in the later summer and the tranquil flow brings a wonderful calm to the backyard. Next to the largest of the ponds is an extensive deck patio and a full-sized outdoor fireplace that makes it perfect for entertaining into the evening. The yard also includes a vast array of landscaping that helps bring vibrant greenery to the two-acre property. It’s the ultimate in outdoor living.

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