Cooking Up a Kitchen Upgrade

Continental Home Makes Culinary Improvements

By the Staff

Oftentimes, the summer season invites a chance to consider some home remodeling. Warmer and more favorable weather can open up opportunities for adding that much needed extra bedroom, expanding the home or enclosing the patio. Also, it’s a chance to think about the wonders of kitchen remodeling. Recently a Walnut Hills/Continental Country Club home got a major culinary boost with improvements in a favorite room of the home.

Artitexture Design & Remodel took on the project in the four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home which called for a remodel in the place where people often gather. “The homeowners wanted their dream kitchen,” noted Larami Sandlin. “Inspired by their love of Hawaii, we decided to combine coastal colors—ocean blues and sand—with classic elements, white cabinets and subway tile. Their original kitchen was dated in 1999, with oak cabinetry, laminate countertops and terra cotta tile.”

The result was a dream kitchen come true to go with their inviting country club home. And a few months from now, during the gathering season and eating holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will be a welcome space to meet and greet.

Seth Muller

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