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    Frittatas are round, open-faced omelets that are pretty to look at and delicious to eat. They can be simple with cheese and herbs or multi-layered with meat or seafood, dairy and vegetables — whatever you choose. I love serving these for brunch or lunch (or even a light supper), because you can partially make ahead and the frittata can stay warm for a few minutes, so there is no last-minute rush. I usually ask my guests if there is anything they can’t eat so I know what I can put into the eggy pancake.

      Chimichurri is a no-cook herby-garlicky sauce from Argentina and Uruguay. It’s delicious on grilled proteins and vegetables. Here, it’s used to double the flavor of basic grilled chicken breasts. The chicken is both baked with and topped with this flavor-packed sauce.

        Jalapeno poppers are just one of those appetizers that’s begging to be turned into a sandwich. I mean, it already has two kinds of cheese, spicy chile heat, crispy breadcrumbs, and sometimes even bacon. Honestly, what more does a sandwich need? Slap all of these things together into a quick and easy grilled cheese and jalapeno popper bliss in sandwich form is yours to be had — it’s crunchy, cheesy, spicy, and creamy all at the same time.


        Do you have a tendency to graze all day rather than eat real meals, perhaps mindlessly? Does it seem like you go from perfectly fine to hangry — hungry and angry — in the blink of an eye? Do you get wrapped up in a project, a book, or several episodes of your favorite streaming show, only to emerge on the other side ready to eat whatever isn’t nailed down, maybe feeling a little out-of-control in the process? You might benefit from using a hunger scale.

        As a French trained chef, Indian cooking had been out of my comfort zone. Recently, my friend Laurie Burrows Grad sent me her favorite quick chicken curry recipe for me to try. First, I wanted to make the curry powder from scratch, as my esteemed colleague, the late Raghavan Iyer, recommended in his latest book,“ On the Curry Trail.” If you are interested in curry and how it is...

        I am always here for a spinach-artichoke moment. Whether it’s a riff on the classic party dip in the form of pasta, baked chicken or grilled cheese, I’ll happily oblige. Knowing this, then, you won’t be surprised to learn I have a spinach-artichoke-dip-inspired salad in my newest cookbook, “Salad Seasons.”

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