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Woman can't figure out why boyfriend won't move in

Woman can't figure out why boyfriend won't move in

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Dear Abby

Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: I have been in a relationship for two years with a man I love very much. We're both in our early 20s. I have a house. He lives with his parents and is going to school.

Last year, after living together for a few months due to COVID, I invited him to move in with me. It took him five months to even give me an answer about whether he wanted to. It has now been eight months since he went back home to his parents. He says he "will" move in, but won't commit to giving me a date.

I have been blown off by him for his family multiple times, and I know it's not something that'll ever change. I'm wondering if we'll last, or if I should take a step back in the relationship. -- SEEING SIGNS IN MARYLAND

DEAR SEEING SIGNS: If your boyfriend wanted to live with you, he wouldn't have gone back to live with his parents. If he wanted more of your company, he wouldn't blow you off. Unless you are a masochist, this romance with him won't last, and you should DEFINITELY take a step back in the relationship, if not step OUT of it entirely.

DEAR ABBY: I am wondering how to handle finding a hair in your food or on your plate while eating at home, or even while eating at a friend's? I try to prevent it from happening by tugging gently at my hair, pulling out the loose ones and brushing off my sleeves and shoulders before I start cooking. However, once or twice a month, my husband finds one and complains about it, sometimes loudly. Of course I don't do it on purpose! It embarrasses me and makes me feel horrible and defensive.

Should he mention this, or let it pass? If we were at a friend's house, I know he wouldn't say anything, and I wouldn't either, for fear of causing embarrassment. -- SHEDDING IN TENNESSEE

DEAR SHEDDING: Finding a foreign object in one's food -- regardless of what it is, can make someone lose his or her appetite. Because it happens "regularly," consider preventing the problem as many professional chefs do while preparing food. Wear a hairnet, a scarf or a hat while cooking. Or, perhaps your husband should prepare his own meals.


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