Dear Abby

Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: I just found out that my husband of 37 years is having an affair. I have supported him in every way I could -- raising our daughters, taking care of the household and holding a full-time job while he traveled for business and his many hobbies.

We have been discussing retirement and maybe a move to another area.

While it's true that I fell out of love with him several years ago because of his selfishness and lack of respect for me, we have still been good partners and parents and enjoyed doing things together. I don't want this to get back to the children as it will really, really hurt them.

Should I continue to pretend I don't know, or do I confront him? And yes, there are a lot of assets involved if this comes to divorce. -- KNOWS THE SECRET

DEAR KNOWS: What a sad story. You say you fell out of love with your husband several years ago. Is it possible that he sensed it?

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Because there are "a lot of assets" involved, consult an attorney about what your spousal rights are in the event that a continued partnership is not what your husband wants for the rest of his life. Then tell him you know what has been going on and offer him the option of marriage counseling so the two of you can repair your marriage.

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DEAR ABBY: My mom and I had a very close relationship until two years ago when I found out she was hanging out with my ex-husband. This man ruined me financially with his gambling habit, and Mom was first in line telling me to divorce him. My ex went on to make my life a living hell for many years by not paying child support or spending time with our three kids.

They now go to the casino together, and she's got him going to her church. She sings his praises -- "he's a changed man!" I had to finally stop my daily calls and the many texts we shared all day long. Even after I told her how much this behavior hurt me, she told me she was sorry I felt that way. How do I get past feeling replaced and disrespected? -- MISERABLE IN MINNESOTA

DEAR MISERABLE: Your mother may consider your ex to be "changed," but I have to question how much someone with a gambling problem has changed if he is accompanying her to a casino. She must be desperate for company.

The way to get past feeling replaced and disrespected is to get on with your own life and spend as little time as possible looking back. Your mother has made her choice, and she isn't going to change.

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