Dear Abby

Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: I'm recently married, and in my opinion, my wife has too many pets -- seven inside dogs. She also feeds the neighborhood cats.

The dogs inside have no boundaries. The family room sofas are filthy and destroyed, so we can't use that space either. The carpet is gone, and there is dirt and dog hair everywhere.

I feel I have no say in this matter, and I'm constantly stressed over these living conditions. I have dogs with me when I eat, sleep and make love. I don't know how to approach her on this when she sees nothing wrong with it. -- LIVING LIKE AN ANIMAL IN PHOENIX

DEAR LIVING: Didn't you know about your wife's love of animals while you were engaged? Explain to her that when you married her, you didn't realize you would be just another occupant in her doghouse.

Contact the city or county and find out whether there are restrictions on the number of animals that homeowners are allowed to keep on their property.

As a partner in this marriage, your wishes should be taken into consideration and a compromise worked out. I, too, am concerned about her feeding the ever-increasing number of neighborhood cats, some of which may carry diseases.

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DEAR ABBY: I'm a gay man. My sister and I are best friends. I love her dearly. Long story short, she has now taken her religious beliefs much more seriously.

She's married, with three wonderful children (6, 4 and 2 years old) who my partner and I adore. They attend church every weekend, rehearse Bible verses with their children every night and are very active in their community.

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My partner and I visit as often as we can to spend time with her and the kids. They live 200 miles away, so we stay overnight. On our last visit, she pulled me aside and expressed how uncomfortable she and her husband have been feeling with the sleeping arrangement. They don't agree with us sleeping in the same room because we are "not married."

I know it's more than that -- it is because we are not a straight couple. My partner and I feel devastated, sad and obviously blindsided. Can you help? -- SECOND-CLASS CITIZEN

DEAR SECOND CLASS: From your description, it's unlikely that your sister and her husband will become more accepting than they are. As I see it, you have no choice but to "turn the other cheek" and spend your nights in a nearby hotel or motel. That may be the sacrifice you have to make to maintain your close relationship with the kids.

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