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Dude Fire

People look out a the aftermath of the Dude Fire in 1990. The fire burned 24,000 acres on the Tonto National Forest, destroyed 46 homes and killed six firefighters. 


From 1892: Flagstaff is the point from which all visitors are directed to take off to visit the Grand Canyon, one of the greatest wonders of the world.

The “Town Spring,” as it is known hereabouts, has been a bone of contention since the fire that destroyed the brewery and burned the springhouse down. The water, owing to the accident of earth, stone and wood, has become unfit for domestic use. This spring is a valuable one, should be cleaned out and the springhouse rebuilt. The public largely depends on the water from this spring and is owned by them, but so far little or no attention has been paid to keeping it clean.

The SUN suggests a meeting of those who are interested in the town site be called to take such measures as are necessary to protect the public in procuring plenty of good water at all times.

At Coconino Bakery everything usually found in a First Class Bakery is to be had. Breads, Pies, Cakes and Buns. Big orders are to be had and will be promptly filled. J. F. Hawks, Proprietor.

Last Thursday night on South San Francisco Street Monroe Jordan and William Davis set upon Francisco Zapata, and after beating him proceeded to divest him of everything of value to be found on his person.

They secured $7.50 cash, a pocket knife, a quart bottle of whiskey and went about making a merry night of it. It was reported that Zapata would probably die and a warrant was sworn in Justice Gibson’s court for their arrest when it was learned that no one could be found who could exonerate them. They left town at once. Zapata will probably recover and the Sheriff’s men are looking for them.

There have been several showers this week.


From 1917: Dress Making: A good fit and good work guaranteed at Mrs. Wheeler’s on the corner north of Mrs. Prime’s. Taylor system is used. Prices are reasonable.

From some oversight the plat of the railroad company’s addition to the town of Williams and also the plat of their addition to the town of Flagstaff were not filed properly in the County Courthouse.

There is a good deal of complaint about the foul condition of the town spring and some action should be taken to put it in proper condition for use.

C. R. Bayless has returned to Flagstaff and has accepted a position in Vail’s Parlor Exchange.

P. J. Brannen is making a number of decided changes and improvements in his building on the corner of Railroad and San Francisco. A floor has been put in the cellar. The front windows have been enlarged and Plate Glass is to be put in. When it is completed it will be the handsomest single storeroom in Flagstaff and will be occupied by P.T. Brannen and his large stock of goods.


From 1942: Control methods for Fire Bombs have changed radically. The “Spray” method has been replaced by a full stream JET.

Available. 2 rooms. No lights. No water. Good roof. $6 week. 114 Elm Street.

For Sale: 4 Jersey cows. 1 just fresh. H.B.Moritz. Parks.

Wanted - Railroad watches due to the shortage. They are urgently needed for safety in the operation of our train transportation facilities. Turn in for cash or for liberal allowance on any merchandise in our store. Townsend Jewlery Co., in Flagstaff and in Williams. Santa Fe Watch Inspector.

Mohave and Coconino County War Boards are to meet to discuss the problem of replacing workers on farms and ranches to meet the need caused by men departing for the war.

Lt. Arthur Pearson, son of Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Pearson of Fort Valley, has been sent to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, for licensing as test pilot. He recently received his wings.


From 1967: The Flagstaff Police captured three men minutes after the attendant at Malone’s Enco Station on Route 66 reported that about $80 had been taken from him at gunpoint. Their car as seen traveling west on Route 66 and a roadblock was set up near the Riordan overpass by Sgt. Bruce Greenlee Garwood. A second man was found asleep in the back seat. They were both handcuffed and taken into custody. A pistol was also found in the car.

NAU is about to add a new prefix to its phone system. The new 774 prefix will go into service on August 20. Callers will then be able to dial NAU numbers directly without going through the university switchboard.

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They may just be eating garbage but several bears have been reported by campers near the Mormon Lake Lodge, prompting Arizona Game and Fish to employ a crew to drive them out. The last previous sightings were about 15 years ago when 4 large bears were seen. It is expected that as soon as the hunting season begins on September 1 they will disappear into hiding.

Sunset Crater, which is administered by the Department of the Interior, has a new visitors center, which is well worth taking in. The area is estimated to be about 4.5 square miles in size and was first established on May 28, 1930.

What do you do with a floating tank ? City Manager H. L. Fields Jr. reported to the City Council that he has received no bids on putting the treatment plant back on solid footing. It has been floating in the Country Club pond since early spring when runoff lifted the tank, which had been emptied for the winter.

Water was curb to curb in areas in downtown Flagstaff and in East Flagstaff as well on Tuesday when heavy rain fell. The Airport gauge showed 1.57 inches, the downtown gauge reported 1 inch, and the Forest Service Station on Fort Valley Road reported in at 1.3 inches. Giant hail stones were reported from Barney’s Pasture and another area about 20 miles south of town.

H.79 Fri. L. 40 Tues. Rainy all week.


From 1992: This is the season and our city is jammed with road projects for a better future. Enterprise is about to be reopened. A 24-inch water transmission line is now buried under the tracks. Butler is still being widened between San Francisco and Enterprise and five new traffic signals are being installed at busy intersections.

Bidders are making a run for the Snow Bowl in a national auction. There are four bidders whom Lon Franklin, Executive Vice President, has declined to identify. The minimum bid is $3 million with a “Reserve Price” of $4 million for the 787-acre leased facility.

The new recycled water line in front of the city hall project is back on track. Numerous tests have shown that the plume of contamination has not spread any distance so the project is good to go forward.

Officials from NAU and Kingman’s Mohave Community College met via Big Screen TV on Monday to demonstrate microwave transmission of classes. This high-tech learning technique is to many the answer to affordable university expansion in Arizona.

The Lowell Observatory announced that it has received a grant of $500,000 from the National Science Foundation to create the main exhibit in its proposed new Visitors Center. Director Robert Millis said it will be titled “Tools of the Astronaut.”

Yellow Freight is down-shifting as customer demands have changed. Fifty-one drivers are being transferred from Flagstaff to other areas in the system while about 50 will remain here. Linda George, spokeswoman for Yellow Freight, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.

We had a light snowfall Tuesday night.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney


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