Snow on the San Francisco Peaks 1920

Snow graces the San Francisco Peaks in 1920 as viewed from Doney Park.

100 Years Ago

From 1918 -What is known as the Sanderson dwelling on East Railroad Avenue, recently purchased by George Babbitt, is to be moved farther east to a lot near the Colored Baptist Church. On the site of the dwelling Alf Dickerson will erect a large garage. Work is to be commenced on the building as soon as the weather will permit. It will be 50 x 100 feet and one story in height.

New Weekly Food Schedule: Sunday, one wheat-less meal (mid-day); Monday, all meals wheat-less; Tuesday, all meals beef-less and pork-less, one wheat-less; Wednesday, all meals wheat-less; Thursday, one wheat-less meal; Friday one wheat-less; Saturday, one wheat-less meal.

The recent rain did not fill enough dams in this section to get the stockmen to cut the “n” off dam.

Comb sage tea into gray hair -- it darkens beautifully and restores its natural color and luster at once.

Notice to contractors and builders. Beginning on May 6, 1918, bricklayers and plasterers wages will be $8 per day and masons $7 per day. Bricklayers, Masons & Plasterers Union No. 4, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Complying with a recent agreement with other merchants of Flagstaff, we have discontinued the practice of soliciting orders from house to house. Telephone orders and personal calls will be given prompt and careful attention. We ask your cooperation in this step toward reducing operational expenses, as it will be a direct savings to you. Flagstaff Mercantile Company.

In the matter of the Red Coss request for checkerboards for the 32 Army Containments it is interesting to note that there are now YMCA huts with 5,000 tables and each will have two checkerboards. The Normal School boys will furnish boards for 10 tables and make them outside of school hours. The lumber will be furnished by the A.L.& T. and the hard board by Babbitt Bros.

Hatching eggs for sale – Thoroughbred Rhode Island Reds from trap-nested stock. $1.50 per setting F. O. Allen. Phone 267 J

For Sale: DORT car in good condition: run 2000 miles. Inquire Tom Moore. Grand Canyon, Arizona.

For Sale: One touring car and one light roadster. Terms to responsible party. Inquire at Brown’s Jewelry Store.

The lumberjacks of Saginaw Camp 13 are preparing a new dancing pavilion and propose giving a grand ball in the middle of April. All of Flagstaff’s gentleman and lady dancers will be invited to attend, and the timbermen promise to show them a pleasant time.

There is more snow on the San Francisco Peaks at the present time than ever known before, according to old residents.

Several of the seventh grade students at Emerson School enjoyed a picnic Saturday at the Elden Spring.

Dr. Thomas Manning, Superintendent of Public Health for Coconino County, was in Williams yesterday looking after the smallpox cases there.

Harry Hibben, the sheepman who recently committed matrimony over in California, was in from his headquarters ranch the first of the week. He says that there was a good rain out there, but it was not heavy enough to fill up his tanks.

Henry Estes, who is taking care of the Piper ranch near Angell for the winter, arrived in town Tuesday with 20 dozen fresh eggs for this market and had no trouble disposing of them at 60 cents per dozen, cash. He says there has been no rainfall to speak of down that way this winter.

75 years ago

1943 – 400 trainees are expected to arrive at the Navajo Ordnance Depot for training at the beginning of July.

The United States Army wants to buy your shotgun. Either pump or automatic are urgently needed by the Military Police and Home Guard Units.

Ten more women are needed to fill the nurses' class at the College.

The Navy is recruiting telegraphers for classes to be held in the Home Economics rooms at the college.

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Sterling Silver teaspoons – 6 for $92.50. Brown’s Credit Jewelers.

The Sheriff’s Department now has two-way radios. They were installed by Rex Sturdick of Winslow last Saturday. The system operates from the Courthouse clock tower and is very up-to-date. Officers can now receive as well as send from their patrol cars. Sheriff Perry Francis.

Mayor Herrington is urging everyone to plant a victory garden. Plant vegetables on every bit of vacant ground available. Use hot caps, peat moss and fertilizer. All are available at Switzer’s Hardware. Phone 94.

The Santa Fe is offering free use of any land available along their rights of way for the purpose of victory gardens. Check for details at the Depot.

Save on tires, gas and upkeep. Buy a late model Studebaker. Care for your car and your country and save money by keeping it in good shape with regular service at Jos. J. Waldhaus, Phone 55.

Our local servicemen's center is very popular with our men in uniform. You can call J. F. Brierly with additional contributions to their needs and comforts.

There’s to be a price control clinic for our merchants next Tuesday that will make more clear the restrictions and their applications in all instances.

13 more women are needed to enroll in the 20-hour Red Cross class for canteen workers that is to be held next Tuesday. The purpose is to be prepared for the arrival of large groups of people who have been evacuated when they pass through our town. Mrs. Charles W. Sechrist.

50 Years Ago

1968 – With our new mayor Sylvan Harrenburg, the South Side is to be given priority attention. He is saying that inadequate housing, lack of open space, poor recreational facilities all contribute to the pressures and unrest in this part of our city.

There will be engineering and work to improve the general overall drainage and temporary oiling of the streets until a paving project can begin in the summer.

The Ski Club will wind up its season this coming weekend with the Downhill Snowbowl Race.

The NAU Ski lesson sessions will continue until April 14.

Coconino County is to get funds from the Governor’s Disaster Fund for the costs of snow removal in the county; Flagstaff and Williams in the amount of $141,531; The county having already received $40,000, Flagstaff $16,0000 and Williams $20,000.

The Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River is flowing magnificently this year and receiving many visitors to view the sight of the great flow of muddy water. If you go, drive carefully as the road in is really muddy. Wear old clothes and be prepared for flying mud from the chocolate falls.

Our water bills are going up due to the increase in the state tax on utilities. The City of Flagstaff has no utilities tax. Your new bill will now also include the sewer charge. No changes will be made until the proper legal procedures have been approved.

25 years ago

1993 – Flagstaff’s Stone Forest lumber mill will be permanently closed on May 15. This  layoff of workers will include the salaried positions and the loss of a $2.3 million annual payroll in our city. Employees are being given a 60-day notice and will also receive severance pay. Stone Forest has been operating here since 1940 and blames the lack of available timber for the closure. They expect to focus all their efforts on the more modern and efficient mill at Eagar.

There is still plenty of snow at the Snowbowl but low turnout will end the season next week with 150 inches still on the slopes. Manager J. R. Murray says that there is always a dropoff at this time of year when Phoenix skiers begin to engage in other sports like golf.

Wells in Fort Valley and Baderville are beginning to show e-coli contamination with the particularly heavy runoff happening this season. The runoff filters down through horse and cattle pastures and leaking septic tank fields. There is also still a lot of standing water around that has yet to either evaporate or to seep into the ground. Have your well tested.

Horses may grace Flagstaff’s downtown this summer! Steve Vanlandingham hopes to have at least one old-fashioned Mountain Spring Wagon pulled by two horses ready for the summer season based at the Old Town Shops at the corner of Leroux and Birch. It will be able to take 7 or 8 visitors at a time around town while avoiding the really busy streets for a sightseeing tour of Flagstaff.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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