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Williams Residential Historic District


From 1892: The voter entering the polling booth shall announce his name and residence. If such a name appears on the Great Voter Register, the Ballot Clerk shall mark the stub off the ballot with the name of the man voting and register the number. The voter shall then take his ballot into the voting booth, where he will mark it off by placing an “X” next to each name he wishes to vote for. After voting, he shall fold it with the stub projecting that it may be torn off by the inspector.

W. M. Miller has been appointed Deputy Recorder by Recorder Bush. Mr. Miller has been serving in a like capacity while a resident of Colorado, and he is a competent agreeable gentleman.

Sold this week, a carload of French Marino Bucks at an average of $10 a head to J. W. Bennett of Houck’s Tank from Daggs Bros. of Flagstaff.

Parties coming over the road from Albuquerque this week are reporting quite a heavy fall of snow near Coolidge, New Mexico.

The School Trustees have found the School House to be clean and in tidy order, and recommend a changed ventilation system so as to let the windows drop from the top. They also suggest that a rock foundation be built to keep the cold out better. They found the outhouses be in need of some improvement as well. Signed, D. Brinkerhoff, W. H. Anderson – James Willow.

The Committee on County Buildings begs to take leave to submit the following report: We find the jail to be in strong and reliable condition and that Coconino County can be proud of such a safe reliable stronghold.

On Tuesday last, Flagstaff was visited by a full-sized sand storm.


From 1917: E. S. Tetter was arrested by the Sheriff’s office on Wednesday and is being held on a charge of transporting and of giving liquor. His trial is set for Saturday.

Mark Brubian, who escaped about 6 weeks ago after being arrested for bootlegging, was caught by Sheriff Dickerson camped near the Fossil Creek Power Plant and brought into Flagstaff.

The Pinion Nut crop is particularly small this year in widely scattered locations in both Arizona and New Mexico, according to reports from the District Forest Supervisors Station. It is to be noted that they do not bear abundantly every year, as it takes two years for the cone to mature as does that of the yellow pine.

The Zuck Building occupied by the Cozy Café was completely destroyed by fire early Thursday morning. The loss of the building and it contents was total there being no insurance on either. The fire was discovered by James James, who was on his way home from his work at the Majestic Billiard Hall. He gave the alarm by shooting his revolver and in a few minutes practically every male in downtown was on the scene.

The fire had garnered too much headway to be extinguished, so the efforts of the men present were directed toward saving the R. C. Smith residence on the west and the Holbrook State Bank Bulding on the east currently occupied by Scott Millery Store and the Flectcher Tailoring Establishment. Those building were saved by men who carried the water in buckets.

Miss Theresa Gabel, who has been temporary substitute at the Post Office for nearly a year, is now a regular appointee to this place.

For Sale: One good team and several horses. Also a number of small pigs. See William Beeson. Phone 57R2.

Through a deal consummated on Tuesday, John Kelly Operator at the Santa Fe Depot became the proprietor of the Wood Business of Fred Russell. Mr. Kelly also acquired two teams from Mr. Russell and expects to continue to work at the depot before giving his entire attention to the wood business. In the meantime, his brother, Lewis Kelly, will deliver the wood. Mr. Russell has not yet decided what he will enter into but plans to continue to make Flagstaff his home.

Sunday, October 7, 1917 will be a day long to be remembered by the Masons of Flagstaff and their many friends as the day when at 2:30 p.m. they gathered to witness the laying of the corner stone for the new Masonic Temple. The Grand Lodge of Arizona accompanied by members and friends marched to the sight on the corner just south of the Court House, where an impressive ceremony was conducted and a copper box containing the records of The Grand Lodge, The Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star , copies of the Coconino Sun and the Northern Leader were deposited -- which was then lowered and properly adjusted by Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers.

At the regular meeting of the Board of Trade on Tuesday night, Ed Whipple advanced the idea of cutting the old Town Park into building lots and of selling to same to acquire money to make planned improvements to our city especially the nature of two concrete bridges over the River de Flag. With the 40-acre tract recently Secured from the Forest Service as a City Park Mr. Whipple believes there is no need for keeping the old one.


From 1942: We are now using the water from Lake Mary. The courage and foresight of Flagstaff city officials and civic-minded citizens was rewarded on Tuesday when Lake Mary water entered our city water mains to supplement the dwindling supply from city springs.

The 875-foot Lake Mary dam makes possible the storage of 5 billion gallons of water when the lake is filled to its full 5-mile length. It is not only a water supply for the future but also will provide recreational opportunities in both fishing and boating.

Flagstaff High School has quit football for the duration due to the difficulty in obtaining transportation to away games.

The supply of rooms to rent remains shaky. If you can possibly have a room available call the Chamber of Commerce. Phone 90.

A fire ignited at Jones Bros Service Staton at about 9am on Saturday morning. It began when fumes from the gas tank of a car which was being drained got into the heater in the grease room. The car was completely destroyed and valuable greasing equipment ruined. The whole interior room was gutted. The fire was extinguished shortly following the arrival of the City Fire Department.

The Forest Service is urging hunters to take ever more particular care with their camp fires and cigarettes in the continuing need to prevent the increasing number of forest fires.

Joseph Edward Johnson, Santa Fe Railroad Brakeman, was killed between Williams and Ash Fork when he fell from a moving train. His body was discovered by the following train.

The Soda Fountain at the Moore Drug Store is being dismantled and will be replaced by Cara Nome Cosmetics Bar.

For Sale: 12 ft. trailer. Studio Couch makes into double bed. Good tires. $125 cash takes. McArthur, Lake Mary.

For Sale: 14 foot travel trailer. Sleeps 4 $350.. Inquire 2 blocks west of Santa Fe Hospital, at Seligman.

Room & Board: Private home for 4 men, 576 W. Cedar.

Expert typist. Can do typing at home. PH. 246W or call at 316 N. Bonito.

The car stolen from Bellemont on Tuesday was found stripped of its tires in a canyon near Sunset Crater southeast of Flagstaff. It was discovered by Miss Patricia Reed, Secretary to W. B. Stambauagh of the U. S. Soil Conservation Office. She was touring with a gathering of friends from work. Nothing else was found and the owner has been located.

Traffic was held up on Wednesday morning on Aspen Avenue in front of Browns’s Jewelry when Mrs. C. C. Cheshire, driving out from the curb,struck a car driven by R. Larson Manager of the local Singer Sewing Machine Shop. There was no damage to her car, although there was bad damage to the fenders of Mr. Larson’s car.

J. C. “Curt” Maxwell assumed duties as Justice of the Peace for Coconino County on Monday following the resignation of W. E. Jolly, who is taking over the job as Rent Examiner and Inspector for the local Central Board.

Landlords are required to register all rentals with the Area Office of the Office of Price Administration.

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On Tuesday, Andy Ward brought in a 165-pound deer that he had shot in the area south of the Babbitt’s daughter’s house.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Peaks became white with sleet and snow.


From 1967: The Atichison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad will be cutting back on its passenger trains. Mail will no longer be carried on passenger trains and will instead travel on fast freight.

ADOT has begun work on repaving Santa Fe Avenue between Kenddrick and Verde. There is to be 2 inches of new paving laid. Motorist are asked to be patient and to take alternate routes when possible.

Available. Hunter’s U-Haul Vans for Camp Gear and Game Storage Skips. Shamrock U-Haul. Tow-right custom hitches available and installed. 1307 State Highway 89.

The Snow Bowl is ready and awaiting the fall of snow. The 400-pound Bull Wheel from the top of the Chair Lift having been sent to and returned from Phoenix where it was re-balanced is now back in place.

Remember those African lion that were roaring in Sunny Side recently? They are still here and lodged at the Coconino Humane Society facility where they are being cared for. Their care is being paid for by their owner who is in Fort Smith Arkansas.

The City Council has OKed the payment on the sewage tank that is floating in the pond at the Country Club Estates. It was emptied for the winter, then it floated with winter snow melt. It is not leaking.

Two firms were robbed over the weekend. First, Western Liquors at 2 S. San Francisco Street where about $50 was taken at gun point. Then at about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, the Conoco Station at 501 S. Milton Road was robbed of about $80. Chief Elmo Maxwell is seeking the perpetrators with so far no success. It appears that they left town very promptly.

14 Floats and 12 marching bands were features in the annual NAU Home-coming Parade along Beaver Street and Aspen Avenue on Saturday.


From 1992: SKI SWAP: Step into saving at Flagstaff Ski Club in the Big Tent in the Greenlaw Shopping Center. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

A Scottsdale developer is gearing up with a proposal the build “Grand Canyon Village” on a 725-acre location near the town of Tusayan. It involves a land trade with the Kaibab National Forest.

It’s never too late to learn. The Coconino County Community College will be offering up to half off on tuition for county residents aged 62 and older beginning on January 1, 1993. This will allow them to pay $12.50 instead of the usual $25. The only caveat being that they must wait until the class they are interested in all regular full paying students have enrolled to make sure there is class room space for them.

The City Council wants to improve one of the city’s busiest intersections, the one at Columbus and Humphreys. Since this is on State Route 180, and the only north -- south one in our city. The State is willing to pitch in. First however, the city must provide the land on the Southwest corner for a turn lane and there’s the rub. The County Assessors office values the land and its structures at about $150,000. The City has been negotiating with the California owner with so far no agreement.

The City expects to spend about $700,000 next year replacing the water, sewer and storm drains on Humphreys between Rt. 66 and Columbus. ADOT will spend $900,000 to smooth and repave it.

The Mountain Mushers 1992 Skijor Clinic -- October 18, 4-6 p.m. at Aspen Sports ,15 N. San Francisco. $2.50 members. $3.50 non-members. A unique opportunity to learn about dog mushing on skis.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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