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San Francisco Peaks 1959

100 Years Ago

From 1918 - A warning against the shooting of pigeons has been issued by the United States Committee on Public Information pointing out that the Army is training thousands of homing pigeons as bearers of military information. It is impossible to distinguish between carrier pigeons and ordinary pigeons.

Water Superintendent Marshall has been busy since the snow storm the first of the week, telling water users that the snow has not yet relieved the water shortage, nor is it likely to do so for some time. There was not enough moisture in the fall to perceptibly affect the flow of water into the city reservoir. Have leaky faucets repaired and save water in every possible manner until the spring rains come.

Town Marshall Charles Murray arrested two men for fighting on Monday at the F. I. Company Mill. They were brought before Police Judge Theiss. One was fined $30 and the other $5 for engaging in fist-i-cuffs.

Several nice prizes are to be given at the Band Boys Masquerade Ball Saturday night. For best costumed lady, a spring hat donated by Mrs. W. H. Power of the Power Hat Shop. Best costumed gentleman, one box of hose from the Finley Mercantile Co., for prize waltz, ladies prize, a Morocco leather writing set, from Babbitt Bros. & Gentleman’s prize a beautiful silk tie from J. Herman & Co. Thrift Stamps will be given as prizes in the Novelty Dances.

There are millions of rabbits in the West and Southwest that could be marketed in large cities, according to reports received by the Bureau of Markets, United States Dept. of Agriculture. Efforts are being made throughout the country about the possibilities of handling rabbits in this manner. Jackrabbits are so numerous in Apache County that farmers are putting out poison to destroy these crop pests.

Burro beef is the latest addition to the list of foods brought to the fore by war conditions. In the Altar District of the State of Sonora, Mexico, burros are now being slaughtered for their food value. They are said to be worthless as a beast of burden, hence this use for food causes no loss in other ways. The fat is used in soap-making and the hides as leather for lariats and thongs. The meat is immersed in a garlic bath to remove any unpalatable flavor.

Owen Duff, a native of Canada, received his naturalization papers in the Superior Court Tuesday morning. Mr. Duff has been in the employ of the Navajo Copper Co. for some time and is contemplating a trip to Chile, where he has been offered a position with a large copper company.

County Agent Nichols reports the completion of a seed survey which shows that there will be a demand for some 550 sacks of seed oats. Other seeds are in good supply.

Thursday was Thrift Stamp Day for Flagstaff, and through the efforts of over 100 patriotic workers, stamps to the amount of nearly $1,500 were sold and over 1,000 thrift cards started, each one carrying at least one stamp to as high as sixteen of the 25 cent stamps. The drive was formulated by the Elks Lodge.

The Navy is still in urgent need of binoculars, spyglasses and telescopes. The use of submarines has so changed naval warfare that more “eyes” are needed on every ship in order that a constant and efficient lookout may be maintained.

A brand new selection of popular music is being prepared by the band boys for the Masquerade Ball to be given at Marlar Hall on the evening of February 22.

Art Williams skidded into town Friday from his Fort Valley ranch and reported that the snow was heaps deeper up that-a-way than in Flagstaff.

On Wednesday the Drs. Manning moved into their new offices in the Masonic Temple Building. They have four rooms on the lower floor of the north part of the building.

A.G. Rader, of the Delicatessen Shop, has been specializing in Sliker Oranges from former resident Mr. Sliker, who is now located in Pomona, California, where he operates a fruit ranch.

75 years ago

1943 - Although the official search has been abandoned, the Sheriff’s Office Department is asking that anyone out in the area west of town as the snow clears to keep an eye out for any sight of debris from the disappeared Navy plane.

Flagstaff State Teachers College has been selected for pre-flight training for aeronautical programs and is offering training programs for Secondary School teachers.

Mrs. C. V. Combest, who is now the sole owner of Holsom Bakery, says “Eat Well to Keep Well.” Dinners from 60 cents. 2 North Leroux Street. Phone 650.

Personal Loans. $60 - $300. J. B. Freeman . 15 East Cherry Street. Phone 223.

H. C. McCabe of Winslow, Conductor on the Santa Fe, was killed Monday evening near Williams. He was riding in a box car which backed into another section of the train forcing several cars off the track. The craw bar had broken so the car was being taken out when the accident occurred.

55 persons have registered for the Ration Book #2. You still have until Saturday March 2 at 6 pm. to sign up.

Poultry farmers in the vicinity of Flagstaff, Sedona and Fredonia are complaining of a lack of market for their abundance of eggs. They cannot disperse their “hen fruit” despite the rationing of meat.

The Monte Carlo Café now newly redecorated and redesigned will reopen this Saturday at 10 North San Francisco Street. Mr. & Mrs. T. G. Katavatias, owners.

Elementary and high school classes will not revert to regular class opening hours until March 15 when it will become light enough so that the children will not be waiting for buses to pick them up in the dark. Ross H. Spear, High School Principal.

50 Years Ago

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1968 – DON’T TOUCH THE WATER. City officials are warning residents to stay away from East Side water. It has been turned into a sort of impromptu recreation area. The water has been tested and everyone should stay away from it until it can be assured of its safety. Ron Doba, City Utilities Director. Anyone who has accidentally ingested it may require a shot for Hepatitis A. The contaminated water is on both sides of Country Club.

Mountain Linens employees David Meier and Ray Garcia, having a moved most of their laundry to high shelves where it remained dry, have been busy bringing mountains of linens to shore by the boatload.

The Snow Bowl reported 3 feet of new snow and the plows have piled the sides of the Snow Bowl Road up higher than the road signs.

“Lake Continental” was created because the outflow of the Rio is blocked by  pipes that are not large enough to handle the Rio’s flow from heavy precipitation. This is a problem that has existed for decades.

Lake Mary Road has been reopened, having been closed over the weekend when the northbound lane collapsed where lower Lake Mary enters Walnut Canyon.

A 50-foot landslide of trees mud and debris has closed the access road to White Horse Lake near Williams.

25 years ago

1993 - Tired of the bump and dive on Humphreys? This street is owned by the Arizona Department of Transportation and is scheduled for a massive repaving between Route 66 and Columbus Avenue. The city will be funding the replacement of the water lines and constructing storm drains. With our current weather the number of potholes grows rapidly, particularly in where there is standing water.

ADOT has committed $1.2 million toward this project. This road is traveled by approximately 13,000 vehicles daily and the city is asking for citizen input on exactly when to begin the project and the necessary arrangements of traffic flow.

Although the city owns over 900 acres of vacant land, the only parcel suitable for the development of affordable housing seems to be the 13-acre Izabel Street location. All the others lack any proximity to city services or are in an unsuitable locations.

A 4-week Arizona Hunter Education course is to be offered from March 29 to April 21 at Sinagua High School. It will be taught by members of Coconino Sportsmen from 7–9 p.m. each Monday and Wednesday.

The old building at 123 N. San Francisco Street that once housed trinket shop that attracted swarms of children is being transformed into the new location for the law firm of Aspey, Watkins and Diesel. The main floor will house Northern Arizona’s only U.S. Magistrate Court. An annual average of 5,000 federal and criminal cases are expected in this new location. The plan is to create a building that looks historic and contains all the very latest in technologies.

About 150 NAU students have been involved in the program Advancing Internships for Minorities (AIM) since it was established in 1990.

The price for students for one of the spaces in the University’s parking lots is expected to rise since the cost of maintaining them comes from the permits.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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