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Art Barn

This photo of the NAU Livermore stock barn was originally published in Arizona Daily Sun March 31,1964, just before the building's transformation into the Art Barn. The complex that includes Sechrist School and the Pioneer Museum were annexed into the city in 1967. The Art Barn was demolished last year.


From 1892: Considerable excitement was created in this place this week over the finding of gold in the San Francisco Mountains. Messrs C. R. McClure and Al Doyle, who have been prospecting in these peaks and canyons for the past two weeks, have discovered a gold bearing ledge in the valley between the peaks which may prove to be a bonanza. The assay gives returns from $7 to $20 per ton in gold and indications are there are other ledges that are just as good.

A good many have now gone prospecting there and their campfires can be seen at night from this place. All this may prove to be of great value when there is such easy access to the railroad.

The Flagstaff Public Schools opened on Monday with 90 pupils in attendance.

Citizens of Flagstaff and Coconino County stopping at the hotel at the Grand Canyon will be accorded a special rate. T. Chrisman.

F. M. Payne during the past week shipped 12 carloads of ice to points all along the Atlantic and Pacific line. He has orders for as many more.

There will be a meeting of the citizens of Flagstaff at the Public Library rooms on Friday night to make arrangements for the repairing of the Old Town Spring.

The Arizona Sandstone Company has closed down their quarters at this place for the purpose of putting in some new machinery. They will at this time put in a set of four saws and if they work the stone satisfactorily more will be added as needed.

The merchants of Flagstaff are selling all articles of merchandise at prices lower than they can be bought in any other town in Northern Arizona or even in Albuquerque. Persons along the line from Gallup to Needles are learning this.

The Territorial Board of Equalization has fixed the tax rate at 80 cents on $100 in value. Last year it was 71 cents. The Coconino County Board of Supervisors will have to do some pretty close figuring in order to keep the tax levy at $285 this year.


From 1917: J. P. Folger, for a long time day operator at the depot here, has gone to Ash Fork, where he now has a similar position with the A. & P. Railroad.

Grasshoppers have destroyed about all the grass and grain on the Beasley Ranch six miles northeast of here. J.A. Marshall, who has a ranch west of the Beasley place, has had a portion of his crop destroyed by these pests as well. Though they have appeared before this year they are in larger numbers than heretofore.

There will be a meeting of the citizens of Flagstaff at the Public Library rooms on Saturday night to make arrangements for the repairing of the Old Town Spring.

For Sale: Handsome new 6-room residence and Knabe piano. The above are offered at a great bargain as the parties have left town. Apply to A. H. Spellmire, at Babbitt Bros.

On Monday night the tailoring establishment of S. T. Elliott & Co. was burglarized: a suit of clothes and a couple pairs of pants satisfied the thief.

Another water wagon will be put on this month, and it will fill a long-felt need.

There have been several showers of rain this week.


From 1942: Betty Barnes aged 10 and Agnes Johnson aged 11 survived being struck by lightning last Friday. They were in the back yard of the Johnson Ranch 10 miles east of Flagstaff, hanging shirts on the clothes line when lightning struck. The line was strung between two pine trees one of which was struck. The line acted as a conductor knocking the girls to the ground leaving them unconscious for several minutes.

Mrs. Johnson, who was washing on the porch, heard the loud crack and seeing the girls on the ground rushed to their aid. They regained consciousness soon and she brought them in to the Flagstaff Hospital, where Dr. Barnes treated their burns. Fortunately neither girl was touching the line when it struck between them as that would probably have been fatal. Their burns were not serious and the marks are now just about gone

25 men left for Phoenix and military duty on Monday. W. W. Midgely, Chairman of the Draft Board.

For Sale: 1928 Model – 2-door Buick sedan. Good tires. Needs a Battery. $20. Also if taken with a 2-wheel trailer $50. 305 S. Beaver.

There are 5,942 citizens -- 4,975 Democrats and 944 Republicans -- registered to vote in the primary election to be held on Sept. 8. Marie Gregg, County Recorder.

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The Junior Red Cross unit has completed 4 coverlets for the ambulances from wool samples donated by various tailors, cleaners, and merchants of Flagstaff. The supply is now gone. They will be glad to receive donations of scraps of wool materials that you may leave in our library donation Box. Thank you. Mrs. Regina Rouse.

Jack Clark has just about decided to quit driving his automobile. Two months ago he lost control of it near Lake Mary. It rolled over and damaged just about everything except the tires. He felt lucky about the tires and spent a good deal of money on repairs. On Monday he parked it in front of Cress Brothers. When he returned about 15 minutes later it was nowhere to be found. Sheriff’s officers later found the vehicle in Schultz Pass in perfect condition except all the tires and wheels had been removed and taken from the scene.

H. 85 Sat. L. 48 Mon. & Tues. Showers all week 0.89”


From 1967: NAU has a new landmark. It is a bronze statue of a Lumberjack, stands over 8 feet tall and weighs in at half a ton. It stands on a 4-foot pedestal in front of the University Book Store. The booted, blue-jeaned Lumberjack hefting a double-bladed ax is the work of sculptor Charles Bonney, who has completed the work on his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

There’s a hunt on for a missing rain guage. It disappeared Friday night or early Saturday morning from the Experiment Station on Fort Valley Road. The theft was reported to the Sheriff’s Department by Doug Jones, an employee who discovered its disappearance. It is one of four that were placed there just last week, is very heavy and about 36 inches tall.

The murky water in East Flagstaff may have been caused by a surge following a power failure when the water surged back into the pipes when pumping was restored. Motel operators are saying guests are asking for bottled drinking water and a Laundromat is suggesting taking your clothes elsewhere since they cannot promise good results. The problem seems to be with the old pipes in place when the system was taken over from the Consolidated Water Company, the previous owner.

Two new parking areas are being prepared at NAU and will be ready for fall enrollment.


From 1992: Another hurricane drenched Flagstaff on Sunday. 3.5 inches fell upon us and dusted The Peaks with fresh snow. The water level at Lake Mary remains the same although almost 4 inches fell into it. The porous soil around the lakebed and the decision of the Forest Service to designate the surrounding land as a timber resource means that there is little or no water trickling in from the surrounding land.

The Sun will be publishing the names of all those who are arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Persons who are later found to be innocent will have a brief article published proclaiming their innocence. Yes, it is embarrassing to see your name this way and be damaging to you professionally but no damage can be as great as what a drunk driver can do to someone else.

The ax has finally fallen at NAU. As many as 17 degree programs no matter how worthy may be dropped as state funding flounders in a “Right-Sizing“ plan. A dozen Master’s Degree programs will be moved to summer-only sessions. The final decisions have yet to be made but about 2,000 students will be affected.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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