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1942 parade

Men in military uniforms march in a 1942 parade in Flagstaff.


From 1892: Four men were killed in Ash Fork on Friday in an unexpectedly large explosion of a blast in the work on the Ash Fork Road.

A.T. Cornish has put a pipe into his soda factory and is now getting his water from the railroad tank.

G. Osborn has obtained a patent on his improved washing machine. He has sold quite a number of them and they are giving good service.

Messrs Cameron and Berry are building a trail from their mine at the Grand Canyon to the rim. It is said that when completed it will make the trip from the bottom a fairly easy one.

J. L. Cornish is building an addition to his residence in the Brannen Addition.

The sawmill known as the Enterprise Mill owned by the Arizona Lumber and Timber Co. is being moved to a point near Fort Rickerson, where timber will be cut from a section of Arizona Cattle Co. land.

The 11th Infantry will probably leave for Flagstaff next Tuesday going via Verde. Permission has been asked of General McCook to transport their property to the above place by rail. The Board of Trade will extend many courtesies to the troops and are anxious for them to come here.

A good road from this place to the Verde Valley and to Tonto Basin is badly needed. The products of the valley are ready for sale in this market and the people of this section desire to do their trading at this point.

Jim O’Neil is building an addition to his fruit stand.

W. W. Haggerman is nursing a wounded hand, which came into contact with a saw on Friday last in the Arizona Lumber mill.

Aspen Avenue between the bridges is being put into such repair as to be passable during muddy weather.

Registration to vote ends on October 18. If you are not registered you cannot vote.

Townsend and Curry shipped a lot of machinery from this place to the Grand Prize Mine in Tonto Basin this week.

Rain in the northern section has been plentiful and the range is in good condition. In other sections of the Territory this has not been the case with grass and water in short supply.


From 1917: The display of fruits sent to Denver during the recent gathering of Knights Templar there attracted great attention, and the exhibit will prove a valuable advertisement for our territory.

Four men were killed in a premature explosion of a blast on the Ash Fork Road last Friday.

T.R. Gabel, General Superintendent of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, and O. E. Faulkner of the Santa Fe Railroad have returned from a trip to the coal fields northeast of here. It is probable that a railroad will be built to these extensive coal fields during the next year.

James Grace was brought before Justice Gibson on Monday on the charge of getting cash on forged orders. He induced J. J. Donahue to cash what was purported to be an order on George Babbitt for $13 which has proved to be a forgery. He was remanded to jail in default of bail.

The Stuttz New York Theatre Company began a three night engagement Friday evening producing “Fanchon the Cricket.”

A dwelling house in Old Town belonging to Mr. Webb and occupied by the Scott brothers burned to the ground on Saturday. The building was valued at $200 and contents at $100. No insurance.


From 1942: Screening tests for those interested in becoming glider or service pilots will be held at Williams High School on August 29 at 1 p.m. for men ages 27-36 or those between 18 & 26 who have been rejected by the Army Air Corps or the Naval Air Service Selection Board. D. S. Stone, 1805 N. 11th Ave. Phoenix.

Officials of the National Housing Authority will arrive on Monday to hold a meeting in relation to possible Defense Housing. Leo Weaver, Secretary Chamber of Commerce.

The Navy needs skilled men at the Mare Island Navy Yard. 4,000 more housing accommodations for married workers will be open by September. Dormitories for single men are under construction in Vallejo, California.

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For Sale: One Coconino County Beer License. CHEAP. Write Roy F. Jackson, New Laguna, New Mexico.

Bob’s Thriftway. #2 Potatoes – Long Whites, 10 lbs. 31 cts. Nationally advertised Stafford’s Cheese. 2 Lbs. American 51 cts., 2 lbs. Swiss 61 cts. Macaroni Dinner 15 cts. Fly Spray, 1 pint 20 cts., Safety Matches 8 cts. Hens, Local Dressed, Heavy, 39 cts. Lb.

Sgt. Tommy Fleming, son of Mr. & Mrs. George A. Fleming, arrived on Wednesday to open an Army Recruiting Station. This makes the sixth Station in Arizona.

H.89 Tues. L. 48 Mon.& Tues. Showers all week 0.89”


From 1967: The East Side murky water problem can be solved but it won’t be overnight. John Carollo Engineers with whom the City consulted says the problem is the result of deposits of iron and magnesium in Lake Mary, from which the City draws much of its water. Our current system cannot remove all of these contaminants. What actions may taken are being looked into. They will certainly include the lines being flushed, changes in chlorination and the addition of a lime filter and other additional water filters. The water is safe to drink although it looks less than clear and is not suitable for laundries.

The Arizona State Department of Health reports that only 1 in 5 children in Arizona have been vaccinated for measles. Over 100 have died from this preventable disease in the past 10 years and numerous others have suffered lifelong disabilities. Dr. George Spendlove.

Our schools are to open on Wednesday, August 30. Parents of first-graders are urged to bring their children on that day to meet their teacher and then to take them home again. They will then begin school on Thursday. Parents of Kindergartners must check in to learn if their child is to be in the morning or afternoon session. They will begin on Friday.


From 1992: The Lockett land is still pristine following the voters rejection of a bond issue to purchase the land for a park last year. The owners are still interested in developing the 670-acre property. It is in the county and zoned “Agricultural Residential,” which requires that any lots must be at least one acre in size. The property bears the name of Henry Claireborn Lockett, who drove his mule team from Kansas to Flagstaff in 1881 and began growing potatoes and hay on the land. He later spent three decades in the sheep business and gradually increased his holdings to 1,000 acres.

Missing signs. Are they simple theft or a case of misguided politics? Nick La Barbera, Sedona candidate for Supervisor of District Number 3, found his signs, which were bolted to steel posts, had been lifted out of the ground while other signs along Lake Mary Road remain in place. Supervisor Johnny Anderson, who is running for re-election in District Number 4, also reported that his signs have been removed.

Pepsi sewage is still too sweet although they have installed a 200,000 gallon pond behind their plant to pre-treat the plant's sewage for 10 to 20 days before it is released into the city system. The pond has 3 cells where the water is constantly agitated and aerated before being dischared. Chuck Morrison says its sugar content still consistently raises the biological oxygen demand in the treatment plant even though it is a benign substance.

The NAU decision to slash 17 degree programs and to lay off 135 faculty members to meet the loss of funding provided through the Board of Regents will be large loss to business community in Flagstaff.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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