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Mormon Lake 1920

This photograph from 1920 shows a milking barn surrounded by water in Mormon Lake. It was among the evidence used by USGS researcher Richard Hereford to determine the lake's historic depths for a study on how they are related to the local effects of global warming. 

100 Years Ago

From 1918 – Safe Deposit boxes insure convenient, confidential and safe keeping of valuable papers of all descriptions. We have them for rent in various sizes at reasonable rates. Arizona Central Bank, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Miss Mary Rickle has accepted the position of clerk at the local Western Union Office. Miss Marie Garrett, who resigned from the post, will take a position in Assessor Dunn’s office.

The Fire Department has been called out to two fires this week. A Mexican shed on College Drive caught fire on Monday and the fire truck was at the scene of the conflagration before the alarm was turned in. The damage was slight. A cottage belonging to W. F. Falder on West Aspen Avenue was the next place the department was called to. The roof of the building was found to be on fire. Only about $25 worth of damage was done before the blaze was extinguished due to speedy action by our firemen.

The Board of Trade has appointed a committee to inspect the new City Park with the view to laying out camping places for the tourists next summer and to arrange for a town clean-up day in which the whole town will be asked to participate.

The farmers east of town are preparing to ship a carload of seed potatoes to the Salt River Valley.

The initial concert given by the Municipal Band at the Orpheum Theater on Monday evening was thoroughly enjoyed by a large audience. When it is remembered that the band was organized only three months ago the progress made is truly remarkable. The vocal selection by the eight young ladies with the band accompaniment was one of most pleasing features of the entertainment.

Owing to the rapid growth of the city it was thought best to secure a school site early for the southern section of town and an election was held last Saturday for that purpose. Owing to bad, snowy weather, only 63 votes were cast and all of them were in favor of the site selected.

Margaret Pease is the first girl Western Union messenger in the Southwest and carries messages from the local Western Union Office wearing the regulation cap. Ten more girls are to be appointed if Miss Pease pioneers the way to higher efficiency. She is 17 years old.

Frank Sylvester was the victim of an unusual accident last Friday. He was heating water on his stove in a can with a screw lid that he thought he had loosened. When he noticed that the lid was tight he reached with a poker and the lid flew off with the escaping steam, seriously burning his face. Immediate medical assistance was had. It was found that the skin was all burned off his forehead and the rest of his face badly blistered.

75 years ago

From 1943 – The Blackout Practice planned for our area has been halted by Lieutenant General DeWitt, Commander of Western Defense headquartered in San Francisco.

Have you registered for your Ration Book #2? Go to either Emerson or South Beaver School. There is a form you will have to fill out before you can receive your new book of ration stamps. At midnight February 20, sales of all rationed, processed foods will be frozen. Sales will not be resumed until March 1.

Searchers are still looking for the Navy plane that went down on January 21. Sheriff Perry Francis has 6 men on horseback on the search west of town.

Automobile license tabs for 1943 are now over due. The deadline was February 13. Last years’ registrations numbered 2,324 passenger cars. This year there have been only 2,000. D. L. McKinney, County Assessor.

35 high school students are now studying Preliminary Aeronautics in evening classes at the high school. No high school credit is being given for these special classes.

George McGee was bound over to Federal Court on Wednesday by Judge Francis L. Decker under a $500 bond on a charge of selling liquor to Indians. Sheriff Perry Francis left Thursday morning to take McGee to Prescott for imprisonment.

22 antelope are to be transferred from the area of Raymond Ranch south of Anderson Mesa to a new location further south, where they are no longer abundant

New restrictions on tire registrations have been instituted due to a greater scarcity than expected. New information on restrictions will be forthcoming.

Motorists holding B and C Ration cards are warned to expect new restrictions on February 28 and every four months thereafter. Register at: Babbitt Motors, Morrow Motors, Arrowhead Service, Huffier Auto Supply and Tire Station and Webber Bros.

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50 Years Ago

1968 – Aiming to encourage minority students to remain in school, Northern Arizona University and local businesses have partnered to provide summer internship programs.

Lake Mary Road is severely undercut by the water that overflowed the Lower Lake Mary dam. The road is closed to traffic until repairs can be made.

The snow removal bills are continuing to pile up with the cost being $9,850 per inch so far this winter. Coconino County has spent $811,690 on plowing 82.4 inches on county and non-county roads. This does not include another 18.4 inches that have fallen since. Highway Director Jim Stainmaker says “We’ve had some unusual weather patterns.” The storm has now moved on, leaving us with a lot of snow and some flooding. The road to the Humane Society was closed for 24 hours mid-week due to pond at the end of Fourth Street.

Stone Forest Industries closed its Flagstaff Lumber Mill on Friday, putting 40 employees out of work until at least mid-May. Fay Fisk, company spokeswoman, said this is the first step in a shutdown that will ultimately affect 88 people in Flagstaff.

When you drive by the log pond you can see that the logs are down to just about zero. The company closed a full shift in August putting about 60 employees out of work. Salaried employees are expected to stay on during the shutdown. Both the wet snowy winter and changing forest logging practices are involved in the need for shutdowns.

25 years ago

From 1993 - FLAGSTAFF IS AFLOAT. Last Friday’s 3.93 inches of rain made this the wettest February ever as the second month of rains have soaked the city. Then another 1.05 inches fell on Saturday. By Saturday night National Guardsmen had distributed 5,000 sandbags to victims of rising water. All residents of the Continental and Fox Glenn areas are advised to boil all drinking water until water has been tested and shown to be safe. Water flowing over Lower Lake Mary Dam is causing concern that a section of Lake Mary Road may wash away.

After the Flood: The Central Arizona Red Cross, which is providing assistance, says that 26 Flagstaff homes were flooded following last weekend’s storm, which dropped over 4 inches of precipitation on the city in a 24-hour period, creating a pond in the Continental area.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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