Northern Arizona Normal School Historic District


From 1892: Teams are wanted at Mill #5 to haul lumber. Inquire at the mill at the Lumber office.

Sheriff Francis captured another of his escaped prisoners, Illario Sanchez. He was found at Grants, New Mexico, and is now back in Flagstaff in his original quarters.

Judge Gibson is circulating papers this week soliciting subscriptions to pay for the cleaning of Old Town Spring. This is an important matter and the sum required will be easily raised.

Ed Watson, whose ranch is about 7 miles south of town near Stephen Purtymen’s, had the misfortune to lose his cabin by fire on Thursday night. It was valued at about $300.

Those desiring to take out papers for citizenship should take advantage of the opportunity presented by the present term of office of the court. The privilege of voting on First Papers is no longer allowed.

The Primary Department of our school has been closed this week on account of the illness of the teacher Mrs. Olney.

J. M. Brannen is having the foundation for his new cottage worked upon. It’s located on the corner opposite Father Dolje’s.


From 1917: A new post office is being established at the crossing of the Little Colorado River at Tuba City. The post office at Flagstaff is to be the central accounting office for all the post offices in Coconino County. The issue of all stamps, stamped paper will under its jurisdiction.

The Flagstaff Board of Trade has received from the U. S. Engineers Office a letter stating that enlistments are open for a mining company to form as a part of the 23rd Regiment. This is a very important part of our military service because modern warfare requires the tunneling of under enemy works to establish a large charge of dynamite to blow them up.

Marshall Murray and Night Marshall Thompson raided the pool hall just east of the New York Store on Saturday night, arresting Dario Herbello and Sabrino Jimenez for selling liquor. They were tried in Police Court on Monday. Herbello drew a fine of $300, which he paid, and Jimenez was assessed $100, which is to be paid in installments of $10 a week.

Twelve head of horses from the racing stables of T. E. Pollock arrived at the state fairgrounds on Tuesday and from now on until fair time will be devoting their attention to adjusting their hoofs to the velvet surface of the famous race track.

There is more and more enthusiasm in attending the Red Cross meetings. Huge boxes are packed and ready for shipment. There are nearly 25 comfort bags that include necessities and a few extra comforts including some knitted articles. There is a shortage of yarn or there would be a greater number. Other boxes include hospital supplies and surgical dressings.

T. E. Pulliam has bought the Dick Bongberg property on Phoenix Avenue just south of the light plant and and took possession of his new residence on Wednesday.

Marshall Murray gathered 6 violators of the auto ordinance on Tuesday. Each donated $5 to the city treasury. The complaints were for speeding and running with mufflers open.


From 1942: It is alleged that children are stealing from the pile of scrap that has been collected for the war effort that is located near the corner of Aspen Avenue and Beaver Street. This stolen scrap is then being sold to junk dealers. The Police Department warns that this is a crime and anyone caught will be prosecuted.

The Red Cross Rooms at 6 Leroux St. are now open from 9 to 11 a.m. and 1:30 to 5 p.m. daily except for Sunday. Anyone who would like to help should make an arrangement either Mrs. C. W. Isham or Mrs. W. M. Bryant.

Our nation needs sheet metal workmen. Flagstaff State College offers free training with good jobs to follow at the Douglas Aircraft Corporation. There are many other companies as well who are calling for both men and women skilled in this work.

Henry Giclas is to direct the work of gathering scrap metal in the southwest part of the city beginning on Oct. 3. Beaver Street is the dividing line between east and west.

T. J. Tormey, president of Flagstaff Teachers College, announced that arrangements have been made by the Flagstaff Board of Education to bring grade school and high school students from Bellemont to Flagstaff in Lumberjack buses.

Beginning on Oct. 12 the Bank of Arizona will open at 10 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. and will close at 2 p.m. This change is made necessary by the War Savings Time Act.

October Opportunity at the Economy Store: Corduroy Pinafores $3.98, Corduroy Jumpers $2.49, Girls School Dresses $1.98, Girls Plaid Skirts $1.98, Girls School Coats $9.90.

Last Saturday evening about 9 o’clock a truck driven by Lee Hasken of Cameron crashed through the fence, into the back yard and up against the house of H.A. Cameron Jr. at 918 N. Leroux St. The damages amounted to about $25 and were paid Saturday afternoon by Lee‘s father Charlie Hasken, to whom the truck belonged.


From 1967: Our airport is getting new landing strip paving. As well as being a terminal for flights of Frontier Airlines in and out of Flagstaff it also houses the National Weather Service and a number of private businesses. It is one of our finest assets.

Water is a precious commodity on the Colorado Plateau. We have 3 sources, wells in the Inner Peaks of the San Francisco Mountain, Lake Mary and our deep wells at Woody Mountain and in the Lake Mary area. During the past year we have not had to tap those wells. Our water supply is in good condition.

The German National Olympic Team is coming here to practice in our higher altitude. We are expecting the track, field and cycling teams. The swimmers, canoe and kayaking teams will be coming as well, all in preparation for the 1968 Olympic Games.

We have 1,598 students enrolled in our high schools -- 1,164 at Flag High and 434 in our new Coconino High School. The city and the school board are discussing the need to add a traffic light at the corner of Fourth Street, Lockett and Cedar, given the number of children who walk to school and are crossing at that complicated and dangerous intersection.

Nicknamed “The Frog,” the old 1921 Model La France Fire Engine that served us so well for so many years as almost the only fire engine in town and has since been shown at the Pioneer Historical Museum has now been adopted by Fire Department Company “C,” who are asking for citizen help in their restoration of this venerable engine.

We had rain for Election Day on Tuesday; voters in both Flagstaff and Williams turned out to vote anyway.


From 1992: Coconino County has taken a stand on the 3M roadside bill boards that clutter county road sides and project across in front of state and county signs. 3M calls such claims ridiculous.

A public hearing for next Tuesday is scheduled on the Switzer Mesa development project proposed by a Florida Company. Although the City Planning Commission is in favor, residents complain that the access from Ponderosa is already serving too large a population and is seriously steep and dangerous, especially during the icy winter months.

Just in case you are wondering about this right-sizing plan at Northern Arizona University. It won’t be easy. Among other cuts planned is the master's degree in the micro-biology department -- which would save $8,011 and lose nearly $1 million in grants. William S. Gaudy, chairman of the biology department, held a protest rally on Tuesday.

It’s Homecoming time for NAU for its 68th annual celebration. Festivities include the bonfire, bungee jumping, tethered hot air balloon rides, a tent carnival and “The Tubes,” a rock group. The entirely on campus parade will feature 10 marching bands and about 30 floats.

Week end specials at Smith’s: Bacon 1 lb.98 cts. Bananas 5 lbs. 99 cts., apples 3 lbs. 99 cts. French Bread 2 for $1. Corn Flakes, 24 oz. $1.89.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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