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Skiing Snowbowl 1947

Skiing Snowbowl 1947


From 1892: All the sawmills are running full-blast and are turning out more cut lumber than the railroad can ship.

Sheep and cattlemen are praying for another good snowfall. Unless it happens soon, a great loss of stock will ensue.

During the past week, 26 carloads of stock have been shipped to California parties, most having been consigned by A. N. Gandy of San Francisco.

Ashurst and Marshall received on Wednesday a telegraph order from Denver for a carload of their brown onyx.

C.A. Nichols has been transferred to Flagstaff from Chandler and is now the night operator at the depot. Chas W. Davis is now back at his desk at the depot, and is treating all his Atchison and Pacific passengers in his usual pleasant and careful attentive way.

Buckman’s Dye for whiskers does its work thoroughly in coloring to a uniform brown or black which, when dry, will neither rub nor wash off, nor does it stain linen.


From 1917: A division of military and naval insurance of the Bureau of War Rush Insurance has been organized. The benefits of the law are available to all members of the United States Army, Navy and Nurses Corp.

The band of boys of Flagstaff held an enthusiastic meeting in the City Hall Tuesday evening for the purpose of forming a permanent band organization for Flagstaff. Mr. L. P. Miller, who recently arrived from Hermosa Beach, will be the director.

A new Thrift Stamp has been announced by the Treasury Department in effect on Dec. 3, 1917. They are to be sold in two denominations. A 25-cent Thrift Stamp and a War Savings Stamp at $4.12 to $4.23 depending upon the month in which it is purchased. The 25-cent stamps can then be accumulated to buy a War Saving Stamp. This way they are within the reach of every citizen.


From 1942: Coffee rationing begins on Nov. 29. Stamps from the back of your Sugar Ration Book will become valid for coffee.

Lt. Joe D. Tissaw, who was here on a week’s furlough, left by plane from Winslow on Sunday morning for St. Louis. From there he will go by train to Greensville, South Carolina, where he hopes to be stationed.

Mrs. Maria Garcia, owner and operator of Garcia’s Café, 124 S. Leroux St., has closed for renovation while having her dining room extended to become a part of her café.

Clyde Tombaugh, Coordinator of Civil Defense, gave the first of a series of five lessons in Gas Defense at the Red Cross rooms on Monday evening. These lessons are especially designed for the women who wish to become Motor Corps Drivers but are not limited to them.

Walter and Bertha Sutton have taken over management of the Jack Rabbit Café at 16 E. Benton St. Barbecue meat will be featured each Saturday and Sunday at 50 cents a pound. Under this new management, persons of all classes will be welcome. Every courtesy and correct service will be shown to all.

The public is invited to attend an old-fashioned dance at Felipe Angeles Hall on Saturday night. Music will be furnished by an orchestra consisting of a guitar, an accordion, a banjo and a violin. All the old-fashioned dances will be enjoyed.

Army Blankets for sale. $3.50 while they last. Flagstaff Tire Service.

The State Agriculture Service Veterinarian Dr. T. B. Jones writes, “No dairy cattle over 6 months of age can be brought out of Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties unless they are carrying certification showing that within the past 30 days they have been tested and found to be free of Bangs disease."

Lumber workers are urged to remain on the job as it is an important cog in the United States war effort.

Many local women are volunteering to assist with the application filings for gasoline rations beginning on Dec. 1, 1942

Flagstaff is facing a serious meat shortage due to the enormous increase in population due to the arrival of Navajo Ordnance Depot personnel. Meat is being apportioned according to the volume consumed in the last quarter of 1941. L. D. Gamble, Head of Babbitt’s Meat Department.

Joe Pyland bagged an elk in the Kendrick Park area last Tuesday. Earlier he took a deer and two turkeys.


From 1967: The Forest Fire Danger in the Flagstaff area is in a critical stage. The National Forests are suffering from the most severe fall dry season in recorded history. There have been six manmade fires since the beginning of the hunting season, forcing the Forest Service to criminalize the offense of fire building with a fine of up to $300 plus the expenses of repressing it.

On Tuesday an explosion ripped through the old Santa Fe Ice Plant in Winslow, killing one worker and driving another 100 workers out. It was caused by a dropped butane torch. The plant had been making ice for the Santa Fe trains and for public use up until Sept. 1 of this year. About two thirds of the building was gutted. Foreman Bill Godson.

18 to 20-pound Tom Turkeys 27 cts, pound. Hens 32 cts. Fancy Fresh Hens 49 cts . Boneless Ham $1.29 Cts., #300 can Cranberry Sauce 4 for $1., Ice Cream Half Gallon 69 cts. El Rancho Super Market.

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The Planning & Zoning Commission has delayed action on the new sign ordinance due to a conflict over the regulation of “Animated” neon signs.

The first load of asbestos cement pipe for the new Winslow water line to provide water service from Winslow to Bushman Acres has arrived from Los Angeles.

Ski Swap in the old Norzona Building on North Beaver at the Purple Ski Shop. Begins 7 pm. Monday.

The Flagstaff Civitan Club has prepared 63 pounds of fruitcake it is sending to our Servicemen in Vietnam. They have been receiving donations of fruitcake that are being sold locally to fund their operations.

Mrs. Ralph Ware of Pine Grove made the best guess on the weight of the two turkeys that Morris Motors has been driving around town in a pickup truck to be seen and guessed on. The next question is who will take an ax and behead them?

Fresh powder outlines the runs at the Snow Bowl. All that is needed now is 18 inches of fresh snow, then the ski season can begin.

Fluoridation or not? The City Council has voted “NO” pending further investigation. A citizens committee is to be formed made up of Physicians, Dentists and laymen.

Ponderosa Products has submitted a petition to purchase city water at a reduced rate in order to reopen the presently defunct paper mill on Butler Avenue.

The City Council has nixed the plan to petition for an exit from the new Interstate 40 at Butler Avenue and referred it to a commission for further study of its effect on downtown businesses.

Tissaw’s Zenith Color TV. Giant, 23-inch diagonal screen. Amazing Sunshine Color TV. $159.95. No payments until January 1968.


From 1992: ‘Tis the season and area merchants reported big sales on both Friday and Saturday as shoppers at the Flagstaff Mall competed for parking spaces. All the stores reported good sales. Sales in downtown shops were also doing very well with this just the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Last December City Sales Tax revenues amounted to $310,405. Assuming this weekend’s enthusiasm keeps up so will the City Sales Tax income.

KNAU is hoping for a record-breaking turnout for its sale of over 2,000 used vinyl records to be held in front of Room 140 of the Creative and Communication Arts Building at NAU on Dec. 12. It will feature 33 and 78 RPMs and include some Collectors Sets. The prices will be nominal and the proceeds used to enhance the programs of the department. Sharon Makawha.

The land deal between the government, the Navajo and Hopi tribes has created a local furor, with negative reactions in most quarters. The OK will face a long process and has numerous negative aspects within the City of Flagstaff and Coconino County that include the water supply from Lake Mary as well questionable valuations of the land.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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