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North End Historic Residential District
The North End Historic Residential District in Flagstaff is roughly bounded by Hunt, San Fransisco and Verde, Elm and Cherry, and Beaver and Humphreys Streets.


From 1892: A number of the ladies of Flagstaff will be assisting in the entertainment at the Public Library on Friday night. Help our library by buying tickets for the presentation of ”Nevada.”

The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad will carry all items for the Exhibition in Albuquerque free of charge and race horses at half the usual charge!

The Sheepmen of this area are now engaging in their annual rodeo.

James Murphy, Switchman in the yards at Williams, was run over and killed by an engine being switched at Williams last Friday night. He leaves his wife and 3 small children.

18 pounds of nice light brown sugar for $1, at T. J. Ross’s Shop. He has a new sign on his place of business.

Improve your stock. Berkshires of the finest quality and breeding. H. Fulton. Flagstaff.

M. R. Edwards has opened a drug store on Aspen Avenue opposite the Babbitt Store. Mr. Edwards requests that the citizens of Flagstaff and vicinity who need anything in his line to give him a share of their patronage.

To persons desiring to attend the 12th Annual New Mexico Exposition and Driving Park Association to be held in Albuquerque between September 12 & 17, The Atlantic & Pacific Railroad will make the following rates to Albuquerque and return. Ash Fork $8.05, Williams $7.66, Bellemont $7.15, Flagstaff $6.90, Winslow $ 5.75 and Gallup $3.50.

Governor Murphy has appointed Harry Fulton of Flagstaff as Sheep Inspector for this district. Although the Territory is supposed to appoint four to this position so far he is the only one.

I have a few well-bred French – American Merino rams and ewes which I am offering at bedrock prices. Cash or Time to suit purchaser. Correspondence and orders solicited at once before I place them on the New Mexico Market. J. F. Daggs. Flagstaff.


From 1917: The Australian system of balloting is to be used in the Territory of Arizona in the upcoming November election. It is an awkward system and it is incumbent on the counties to have clear explanations prepared before election time.

The Atlantic & Pacific Railroad is hauling stone from Holbrook to be used in course of construction in Williams, there being no stone near Williams suitable for the occasion.

The railroad fare from Flagstaff to Albuquerque Territorial fare & return is only $6.90. This is cheaper than staying at home. The Fair Association has engaged a Superintendent of Accommodations with 5 assistants whose business is to look after the comfort and accommodation of strangers at the Fair and to prevent exorbitant charges.

G. A. Rigwald has opened a harness shop on the south side of the railway two doors west of Ackers Butcher Shop. He is a first-class workman in his field and solicits a share of the public’s patronage.

The plat for the land upon which the town of Gallup is located has not been issued for the reason that the $200 needed for purchase has not been paid. The Gleaner News in that town urges the citizens of that place to raise that amount. It would take only 35 cents from each lot owner to gain this amount.

The Flagstaff and Prescott ball clubs have concluded to cross bats on September 8 at Prescott. The Flagstaff Theatre Club will leave here on the 7th and during their visit will present “Nevada” for the amusement of the Prescott people. It is expected that many Flagstaff people will be present at the game.

The District Attorney, since his incumbency in July of 1892, has had bills all allowed by the Board of Supervisors which aggregate to $1,200. He has also been allowed to take civil cases and gets his office free. This is a pretty good plum for a rising young lawyer.

The 11th Infantry arrived here on Saturday from Fort Whipple on their summer camping maneuver and are expected to remain here for about 20 days. They will be holding drills at the race track and practice a sham battle. There will be band concerts every evening at the campgrounds near Clark’s Ranch.


From 1942: Salvage is big business in Williams and Chandler. $1,000 a month is being made from things like the tiny bits of brass at the base of light bulbs, and the metal buttons on worn-out pants are being sold at a profit. Grease and tallow from the mess hall is being collected and sold. Bones and raw meat are also gathered and, strangely, oil from sewage is being collected in oil barrels.

Wanted: Boy over 16 with bike. Inquire 21 N. San Francisco St.

Notice: Effective beginning on Sunday Sept. 6 we will be closed all day on every following Sunday. We are forced into this schedule because of a shortage of both labor and merchandise to sell. Sam Hutchinson, Proprietor.

Visit the Museum where you will find a display of the geological phases of the San Francisco Peaks area over the eons.

William H. Brown, business representative of the Construction and and General Laborers Union #566, has leased from Mrs. Lubuhal Jr, space in the building formerly occupied by Safeway on Leroux in which to establish a Union Hall.

On Saturday night the Monterey Club will present a dance at City Park with music by Felice Crowder and her orchestra. 9 p.m. Admission Men $1.10 Ladies – no charge.

Having become angry over losing $80 in a Crap Shoot Saturday night, Jake Smith, a Bellemont man, returned to the scene with a 30-30 rifle early Sunday morning, held up Joe Atwell and took away $180. He was arrested by the Sheriff in his tent house where he was sleeping and where most of the money was found.

Bean farmers need help badly. County Farm Agent C. G. Tucker say the need at Doney and Black Bill Parks is desperate. Since the harvest has begun 30 acres have already been lost due to the inability of getting help. Anyone willing to step up to harvest beans will certainly be doing a fine patriotic duty in furthering war effort.

All people who are registered at the local Rationing Board are urged to call at the Board Office on 124 N. San Francisco in the Masonic Building to pick up their certificate.

H.81 Wed. L. 40 Sat. No rain. -67-92 – end -1st wk


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From 1967: It’s a sure sign that school days have begun – There are over 150 bicycles parked at Sechrist School. The grade system of 1- 6th, 3 Junior and 3 Senior High classes has been adopted by Flagstaff schools.

Two motor bikes were stolen from the new Coconino High School on Friday and were later found unharmed in the forest nearby.

The first of the expected enrollment of 7,000 students at NAU is expected next week.

Wilson Motors was broken into Wednesday night and the cash box containing $180 and change taken. Ken Ellsworth who discovered the theft Thursday morning said nothing else was disturbed.

The City Council has approved the new subdivision for Mobile Haven Homes.

The finest Mobile Home lots in Flagstaff are now available. City water and sewer, power, telephone, TV, natural gas are all underground. Curbs, gutters and sidewalks are all in. $3950 and up with $250 down and $39 a month. Conveniently located near the new I-40 Interchange. “Dude” Huxsacker.

The Flagstaff Police Dept. has issued officers new well-designed safety helmets. They will be worn by all officers at all times when on duty. Chief Elmo Maxwell.

Three caged African lions, part of a traveling act belonging to Lemar Solomon of Fort Smith, Arkansas, were heard roaring in East Flagstaff Wednesday night. They were removed to a remote area.

H.82 Mon. L.41 Tues, Rain 0.05” Thurs.


From 1992: For a facility on the chopping block, activity in Bellemont at the Navajo Depot is showing remarkable signs of life. Construction is underway on a $54 million Consolidated Training site for 600 soldiers.  Later this year the first of hundreds of rocket motors will begin arriving for storage in the “igloos.” It was placed on the federal closure list in 1988 and is now under contract to the Arizona Army National Guard.

The national firm Insurance Services Office that serves the insurance industry says the city’s fire insurance classification has improved from 3 to 2. The rating is determined on matters like staffing, equipment, maintenance location of stations and ability to respond quickly. The lower the rating number the lower insurance rates become.

The Coconino Sheriff’s Dept. has received $25,000 from the Dept. of Public Safety for overtime costs incurred during the June 3-9 the chase of the escaped prisoner Danny Ray Horning. The actual costs for equipment, fuel and overtime were $83,000, although governor Fife Symington had promised full reimbursement. Sheriff Joe Richards says he is grateful for what he got.

Williams has beefed up its “no pass – no play” with extending the time from 4 ½ weeks to 9 weeks the amount of time athletes can be benched for failing a class. It is probably one of the toughest rules in Northern Arizona. Ron Holloman, Athletic Director.

Northern Arizona University has won a $528,000 federal grant for the expansion of its Interactive Television program. This extends President Eugene Hughes’ concept of providing a division for and graduate courses to rural Arizona. Paul Neuman, Director of NAU’s Television Services.

Over 80 companies and graduate schools will participate in Career Day on Friday at the NAU Union Field House. All students including graduate students will have an opportunity to seek out employment opportunities and inquire about internships to assist them in choosing their major study.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Sun by Susannah Carney.


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