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Group visiting the San Francisco Peaks 1930

A group of unknown visitors near the top of the San Francisco Peaks during a summer hike in the 1930s.

100 Years Ago

1918 - We are facing a water famine. There are only about 10 million gallons of water left in the big reservoir. About 430,000 gallons are being used daily with only 145,000 gallons flowing in. This means that at the present rate of use the Town will be out of water in about 30 days. Save now or you may do without later. John Marshall, Water Superintendent.

Mr. T. J. Mahoney, who is in charge of the construction work at the Normal School, advises that cut stone for the new wing on the main building is being rapidly shaped up and marked ready for being put in place as soon as the active building season commences, probably about April 1st.

A party from a Los Angeles filmmaker has arrived to make arrangements for the work of putting Zane Grey’s famous scene around Marsh Pass in the Indian country on film. The actual work on the film, “The U. P. Trail,” will not commence until May, when the company will bring over their own equipment including horses and movie actors and then use the original background for their work. It is of interest to know that the story is based on one told to Zane Grey by his outfitter Al Doyle, who will also be assisting in this film production.

The Masquerade Ball given at Marlar Hall by the Band Boys on Feb. 22 proved to be the social event of the season. A large attendance, good music and the humor all made the affair one long to be remembered. Miss Luta Webb of the telephone office secured First Prize for the best costumed lady representing the Goddess of Liberty.

A great mountain lion was caught in a trap near Willliams Ranch on Trout Creek by R. E. Chapman. It measured 8 feet from tip to tip and will be on display in Kingman.

At a recent rabbit drive near McNeal a ton of rabbits were shot. The women of the party knitted at the roadside while the men were hunting.

The Thrift Stamp Drive continues. The increase for the past week has brought our number up to 1,771.

All householders are again notified that snow should be cleared from sidewalks within 6 hours after the snowfall.

Navajo County towns are under quarantine by Dr. G. P. Sampson, County Health Officer. All schools, churches, picture shows, barbershops and billiard halls are closed for an indefinite period due to the presence of smallpox. Similar orders are in place in Winslow.

Left around town someplace: Black Fur Rug Muff. Finder please Phone 123 R4 – Mrs. Greenlaw.

Wright Clark, whose horse fell with him last week and in the mix-up fractured his left leg near the ankle, is able to be out and about on crutches.

75 years ago

1943 – Five flyers met instant death when a large four-motor B-7 bomber crashed into Mount Elden early last Friday morning in heavy rainy-snowy conditions. Flagstaff crews have gathered the remains, their flag-draped coffins were taken to the train to return to their homes for burial.

The Flagstaff Servicemen’s Center opened on Saturday in the Monte Vista’s former Surplus Supply Room. All the city’s civic organizations have entered enthusiastically into the creation of this facility.

The Museum Club three miles east of Flagstaff was fined $100 for serving minors. It has also been required to improve the interior lighting, which is very dim.

Make your corn go further by using Enriched Arizona Star Flour made by Arizona Flour Mills.

All schools will revert to a 9 a.m. opening beginning on March 15 now that the sun is coming up early enough so that children will not be waiting for their buses in the dark. Superintendent of Schools, J. Q. Thomas.

Coconino County has purchased a 75 horsepower Caterpillar Diesel - le Tourneau - Straight Blade Bulldozer and a Jumbo Carry-all with an 8 cubic foot capacity.

Wanted: Horses and burros at Mount Elden Fox Farm. Phone 02F4.

For Sale: Fully operating Café and Store. Inquire Box B. Coconino Sun.

For Sale: Fresh Local Eggs. Arron Brey @ The Plumbing Shop, 16 N. Aggaiz. Phone 75.

The Snow Bowl Road was finally plowed free of snow on Thursday.

Due to a previous accounting error in the distribution of sales tax revenues at the Arizona Tax Commission, Coconino County has now received an additional $5,794 and Flagstaff $1,081.

The local office of the Department of Arizona Liquor Control has declared war on those who are selling liquor to Indians and are relentless in their search. Four men were arrested this past week and brought before the Superior Court on Monday.

If you have not already registered for your ration book #1, you must present yourself in person at the Local Ration Board with a legal identification such as your driver’s license and proof of your residence and fill out the Office of Price Administration form R-3014-R315 by March 12, 1943.

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The Victory Book Campaign has resulted in the donaton of 564 volumes for our troops. Miss Gertrude Hill, city librarian, wants to take this opportunity to thank you all for your generosity.

50 Years Ago

1968 – Three men were stabbed Tuesday evening by Richard Valdivia in a fight that began in the street in front of the Elbow Room Café at 3232 East Santa Fe. A witness led police to the perpetrator, who had fallen aleep in his car parked in an intersection. He came up fighting when officers arrested him and is now being held in jail. Police Chief Elmo Maxwell.

A Police Officer was stabbed on Sunday night while attempting to make an arrest in a Disturbance of the Peace situation at Gregeio’s Tavern at 112 South San Francisco. A female suspect is sought. Pat Madden and Lee Mellon were dispatched to quell the disturbance and found themselves surrounded by a crowd of bar patrons with their suspects in custody. City Police, Sheriff’s Deputies and the Liquor Control Board are all involved. The bar was closed by the management when rocks began to be thrown through the windows.

The Arizona Highway Department paid $10,000 for a 131-acre site beside the coming I-40 near Truck City and the Twin Peaks Camp Ground in a condemnation proceeding.

At A. J. Bayles this week. Asparagus 9 cts., Mushrooms 25 cts., Celery 10 cts. For a gourment item try Frog Legs, 99 cts a pound. With each $5 purchase you may purchase a dinner plate for 9 cts.

The team of doctors at our Community Hospital is the largest ever and includes a cardio electroshock team operated by Drs. Thomas Henry and Steven Spencer.

Southwest Forest Industries has over 5,000 sprinklers ready and alert in their Forest Industries plant. Due to the water situation they are not fully charged but the pressure system fills the heads needed at any time within 15 seconds.

Expect heavy runoff this spring. The U. S. Conservation Service.

25 years ago

1993 – A $439,400 Heritage Fund grant has been approved by the Coconino County Board of Supervisors to create a wetlands for birds in the sewage ponds north of Kachina Village. The ponds were created 3 years ago where treated water has been left to evaporate. The project will be managed by the Kachina Village Improvement District and it is expected will be attracting birds and other wildlife within the next two years.

The Navajo Army Ordnance Depot located at Bellemont is slated to be closed. Federal Law requires that all sites must be cleared of hazardous waste before being closed and testing shows that the ground around the depot is contaminated by TNT. Funds for cleanup here are way down on the list of contaminated sites. The concern here is the groundwater and seepage into local wells. This is not news to the City of Flagstaff Utilities Department, which has been monitoring the city wells in the Woody Mountain area directly south of the depot area since 1987 in order to be better prepared for contamination from the Navajo Army Depot activity source.

About 70 percent of the downtown merchants support the proposal to form a special improvements district for a facelift of the downtown area that would include historic signage, landscaping and bricked sidewalks. Jeff Aronson, Director of the Main Street Flagstaff Foundation.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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