Dear Abby

Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: I am the father of four. I divorced after my third child was born, and I got custody. I have been with my girlfriend, "Wanda," for six years, and we now have a daughter together.

The issue I have is, last year, Father's Day came and went, and Wanda didn't acknowledge it. I didn't even hear a "Happy Father's Day" from her or my youngest child.

I always go above and beyond for Wanda on Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and her birthday. For the first time in our relationship, I felt small and hurt. She apologized the next day and said she forgot it was Father's Day.

I'm afraid, maybe irrationally, that this Father's Day will be the same. Am I overthinking this? -- UNACKNOWLEDGED IN OKLAHOMA

DEAR UNACKNOWLEDGED: I think so. If you and Wanda have a loving relationship 364 days a year, stop nursing this insecurity about one holiday. If she cares about your feelings, it likely will not happen again.

DEAR ABBY: I live in an over-55 community in Florida. A woman I'll call Betty totally ignores me when I pass her on the street or in the clubhouse. Yet, when she sees my husband, she'll kiss him hello (on the cheek) and he'll respond warmly.

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I have talked to my husband about how Betty treats me and asked him to back off from her. I'm not suggesting he ignore her, but it isn't necessary to kiss her. He has told me I'm being juvenile and, frankly, I'm annoyed. Should I be? -- PUT OFF IN PALM BEACH

DEAR PUT OFF: You and Betty are never going to be buddies. The next time you see this classless individual, tell her if she wants to show affection, she should do it with her own husband.

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