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    On December 7, 2005 Melissa (Missy) Lloyd was killed in a car accident. She was only 35. The accident happened in Winslow Arizona. Missy was born May 15, 1997 in Plattsburgh, New York. She is loved by her husband Chris Lloyd and her 12 year old daughter Alexandria Lloyd. She is remembered by…

      Dean and Sandra Blinn will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in December 2015!  They lived in Flagstaff from 1971-2006.  Dean was an NAU Regents Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, and Sandy was a teacher at Killip Elementary School.  Their sons, Christopher and Eric g…

      A rail and post fence is one of the easiest fences to build. Its horizontal rails fit into pre-cut holes in the fence posts, so they go together like pins in a slot. Originally, it was a fast way to keep livestock from straying into a nearby homestead; today, its natural good looks make it an attractive addition to just about anyone's home.

      I’ve noticed two, different patterns when I meet gardeners. Those with a season or few under their belts either think they (1) don’t know enough to really be considered a true gardener or (2) know so much they don’t have anything else to learn. Both scenarios can happen when learning any new…

      Shares dropped in Europe and Asia on Monday while oil prices surged more than $3 a barrel amid dire warnings over energy shortages in Europe if Russia cuts off gas supplies. Major European benchmarks opened down 1% or more. In Asia, Tokyo rose while other regional markets declined. Shanghai was closed for China's weeklong National Day holidays. A Bank of Japan quarterly survey showed sentiment among manufacturers has darkened, reflecting worries over the outlook for export demand. The S&P 500 fell 1.5% Friday and is at its lowest level in almost two years. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 1.7% and the Nasdaq fell 1.5%. Oil prices surged more than $3 a barrel after oil producers said they were considering more output cuts.

      This year’s Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine has been awarded to Swedish scientist Svante Paabo for his discoveries on human evolution. Thomas Perlmann, secretary of the Nobel Committee, announced the winner Monday at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The medicine prize kicked off a week of Nobel Prize announcements. It continues Tuesday with the physics prize, with chemistry on Wednesday and literature on Thursday. The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Friday and the economics award on Oct. 10.

      Congressional districts that a federal court panel said were unconstitutional because they dilute representation for Black voters in Alabama are nevertheless being used for the November election after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed them. The high court hears arguments in the case on Tuesday. The packing of Black voters into just one of the state’s seven congressional districts leaves many of them without a voice and gives Republicans one more seat than they should have based on the state's demographics and voting patterns. Gerrymandering has reduced the influence of Black voters for decades in a state that is synonymous with the civil rights movement.

      Twitter wants a Delaware court to order Elon Musk to buy the social media service for $44 billion, as he promised back in April. But suppose a judge makes that ruling and Musk balks? The Tesla billionaire's reputation for dismissing government pronouncements has some worried about how he’d react to an unfavorable ruling of the Delaware Court of Chancery, known for its handling of high-profile business disputes. But the likelihood of him losing badly — such as by an order of “specific performance” that forces him to complete the deal — has raised concerns about how the Delaware court would, or could, enforce its final ruling.


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