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Geena Davis owning up to her height

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Geena Davis owning up to her height
Geena Davis owning up to her height

NEW YORK (AP) — For years, Geena Davis thought less was more.

The 6-foot actress, who stars in ABC's "The Geena Davis Show," admits she used to lie about her height and say she was shorter.

"When I started to model, I went to a couple of agencies and they said, 'No, you won't fit the clothes,"' Davis says in the March issue of Ladies' Home Journal, on newsstands Tuesday.

"So I started saying I was 5-foot-10 and it worked out better in interviews. I kept that up for a long time. But then a couple of years ago, I said, 'To hell with it. My career is working. I'll admit I'm 6 feet tall.' Now I've noticed the press saying I'm 6-feet-2. I'm growing. In a few years I'll be 6-4!"

All-day celebration

ATLANTA (AP) — No one would let Chris Rock forget his birthday.

The comedian, who was in Atlanta to promote his new movie, "Down to Earth," was showered with cakes during a series of appearances Wednesday, his 35th birthday.

First there was the all-white cake during a morning interview at WNNX-FM. Then a small chocolate number at WVEE-FM. Then a whopper at WSB-TV that required two staffers to hold.

At the state Capitol later, he met briefly with Gov. Roy Barnes, who pushed a compromise through the Legislature that drastically shrinks the size of the Confederate battle emblem on the state flag.

Barnes asked Rock if he had seen the new flag.

"You mean the one with Al Sharpton on it?" the comedian quipped, referring to the civil rights leader.

Rock's new film, which opens nationwide Feb. 16, is a remake of Warren Beatty's 1978 "Heaven Can Wait" and that film's 1941 predecessor, "Here Comes Mr. Jordan." He plays a stand-up comic who is accidentally killed and then returns in the body of an aging, rich white guy.

Happily ever after

NEW YORK (AP) — Nikki Cox has played sexy characters on television, but in real life she only has eyes for one man — Bob "Bobcat" Goldthwait.

The 22-year-old star of the WB sitcom "Nikki" is engaged to the caffeinated comedian, who is 16 years her senior. The two met on the set of "Unhappily Ever After," the defunct WB comedy in which Cox got her big break and Goldthwait was the voice behind a puppet named Mr. Floppy.

"I had a mad crush on him and told him so," she says in the March issue of Gear magazine. "He's a really shy, sweet-natured fellow. It's not like he's so boisterous and outgoing."

Cox says she knows the tight, skimpy outfits she wears on television give her the image of being a vixen, but that doesn't bother her.

"I would be completely ignorant to act like I'm here because I'm so … talented," she says. "I know it's because I fit the clothes."

No longer healthy

NEW YORK (AP) — Model-actress Karen Duffy remembers the day that marked the end of her life as a healthy person.

It was the day after the 1995 Emmys, which she attended as George Clooney's date. She woke up with an intense headache that she mistook for a hangover, Duffy told the AP.

Now she spends at least one day a week in doctors' offices and hospitals for neurological work-ups and MRIs. She's gone through chemotherapy, and she's been bedridden for weeks at a time with sarcoidosis, an incurable, painful and debilitating illness.

The 39-year-old spokesmodel for Revlon describes her experience in "Model Patient: My Life as an Incurable Wise-Ass." She is donating profits from the book to a variety of health care charities including groups funding sarcoidosis, breast-cancer and ovarian-cancer research.

Duffy said she wanted to write about her illness in a lighthearted fashion.

"There's a saying that you become what you think about the most. So, I didn't want to be so preoccupied with being a patient that that's all I am," she said. "I wanted to occupy myself with romance, passion, humor; with leading an active life to the best extent that was possible."

As for her prognosis, Duffy said, "I've never asked because that's a little more information than I could handle, and whatever it was, I've probably proved them wrong by now."

Album highlight

NEW YORK (AP) — When Rodney Crowell asked Johnny Cash to sing "I Walk the Line Revisited," a tune about the day he first heard the classic song, the veteran singer-songwriter agreed.

Crowell used the words of Cash's original as the chorus of the new song, which is a highlight of his latest album, "The Houston Kid."

Cash liked the song but wasn't willing to relinquish half of the song publishing credit, said Crowell, who wanted to split it 50-50.

"I laughed," the 50-year-old country singer told the AP, "but I wondered. Maybe he's serious. He's not serious. He had me kind of strung up. Then June (Carter Cash) walked in and said, 'John, you be nice. That's a tribute to you and a damn good one.'

"He said, 'Oh, I'm just kidding."'

— Arizona Daily Sun


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