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See, Hear, Feel—Excellence in Storytelling

Emmanuelle Giumelli (left), Mathilde Gatinois (center) and Patricia Murphey (right) have authored a new book, See, Hear, Feel: Mindfulness for Children – One Moment at a TimeCreative and thoughtful mindfulness exercises will help teachers and parents gently and naturally guide children and will invite families to connect and be fully present with each other.

Life is constantly in flux, consistently moving in and out and between high and low, and we’re always being sold by media and self-help gurus the key to happiness. We’re always being told to set aside pain and sadness for joy, even if it means ignoring the root of the problem, and no one feels this more than children.

Emmanuelle Giumelli, Mathilde Gatinois and Patricia Murphey have authored a new children’s book, See, Hear, Feel: Mindfulness for Children – One Moment at a Time, published by Wisdom Publications in early November. The book follows a young boy named Charlie as he sees, hears and feels the world around him. It offers mindfulness activities and exercises for parents and teachers to use with children.

Giumelli is a mental health counselor and programs director for Mindfulness First, an organization that provides mindfulness training to educators, and she said the idea for the book came from noticing the misconceptions many people had about mindfulness and how the practice was always attributed to a sense of calm or happiness.

“For me, mindfulness is an awareness of what’s happening in the present moment,” she said. “I really wanted to show that mindfulness is not about being calm and sitting still. You can be mindful when you’re angry. You can be mindful throughout your day.”

In this episode of The Word, we talk with the authors of See, Hear, Feel about their new book and how learning to live mindfully can lead to better communication and mental health.

Recorded and edited by Gabriel Granillo

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