It’s fall, and that means a bunch of new seasons of quality television are being released. What shows have our hardy crew excited?

Dan Stoffel

In season one of Hulu’s Castle Rock, we got to know several citizens of the small Maine town featured so prominently in Stephen King’s writing as they deal with the discovery of a mysterious man-child locked up in the depths of the infamous Shawshank State Penitentiary. Season two promises an appearance by Annie Wilkes of Misery fame, as well as Tim Robbins as the patriarch of a local crime family. Sign me up!

I’m cautiously curious about Living with Yourself, a Netflix comedy starring Paul Rudd as an unhappy man who, in desperation, visits a spa that promises happiness. What he gets is a happy clone who takes his place. Though the Imposter Double gimmick is as old as TV itself, I’m a big Rudd fan and am optimistic he can do good things with the idea.

Finally, HBO’s Mrs. Fletcher is based on the novel by Tom Perrotta, who has a hand in the TV adaptation. Perrotta also wrote the novel and co-created the HBO drama The Leftovers, one of the best two or three television series in the last 10 years, so I have high hopes for this comedy starring the woefully underrated Kathryn Hahn.

Erin Shelley

The Expanse tops my list of great television. When Syfy canceled the show after season three, we fans cheered when Amazon picked it up for seasons four and five. Based on a series of science-fiction novels of the same name, The Expanse shows us a future where people from Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt barely get along. By the end of season three, big changes have happened. It’s an exciting, thought-provoking and sometimes a heartbreaking show.

The last season of The Good Place should offer us another funny and lovely look at people trying to save humanity. Yeah, it’s not your typical sitcom. If ex-loser Eleanor (Kristin Bell) can change for the better, can she help others change too? I’m along for the ride.

Netflix’s The Crown brought us a young Queen Elizabeth learning to be queen. Claire Foy made an excellent Queen Elizabeth, but the third season skips forward to an older Elizabeth. Now we get the marvelous Olivia Colman as the queen. This should be fun.  

Sam Mossman

Of all the shows on my radar this year, most of my anticipation is for The Mandalorian. Part of the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, The Mandalorian promises an original storyline set in the Star Wars universe. With Jon Favreau at the helm and Pedro Pascal taking the lead role, it seems The Mandalorian is likely to have us binging the entire season as soon as it is made available.

I’m with Erin on The Expanse. This amazing show manages to tell an epic story from the perspective of relatable characters. This is the best science-fiction on TV right now (and maybe ever). If you haven’t treated yourself to the show, now is the time to catch up before the new season drops.

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Other shows of note this fall include Watchmen and His Dark Materials. Watchmen promises audiences a deeper look at Alan Moore’s dark world of superhero mayhem. His Dark Materials brings Philip Pullman’s fantasy multiverse to the small screen. This may or may not fill the fantasy void left by Game of Thrones’ unremarkable ending, but I’ll give it a try if only for the armored polar bears. 

Charlene Gile

Although not a TV show, but based off of one, coming up on Netflix in October is El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. After having spent years with Breaking Bad, I am very interested to see what Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) has been getting up to.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will air its second season on Amazon Prime in November. Ryan (John Krasinski) is again teamed with James Greer (Wendell Pierce), and this time they are tracking down conspiracies in Venezuela. The new season promises even more fast-paced action and international adventures than the first season.

With four Emmy awards in 2018 (including Outstanding Comedy Series), followed by another four this year for season two, it is no surprise that there is a third season of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel coming to Amazon Prime. This December, Midge Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) will finally hit the road. Midge and manager Susie should learn all about show business on tour with renowned singer Shy Baldwin. There is sure to be great new comedy and some touching moments as Joel, Abe and Rose handle everything while Midge is away from home, and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful new outfits and locations as Mrs. Maisel enters the 1960s.

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