Bartender Wisdom

It seems like another lifetime ago now; in 2003 I worked as a wildland fire fighter out at the Mormon Lake guard station on engine 5.1. I’ve worked for the Forest Service in some different capacities after that summer, but it was my favorite time. The terrific men and women I worked with mad…

Crows on a Cloud

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Many congratulations have been in order for our most recent graduating class of NAU. A lot of time, money, energy and hard work (or not) has been put into gaining a degree with the gold and blue. If you are 21 or 22 years old and made the decision to not include a college degree in your life…

College Chronicles

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As I steadily approach my final year of standardized education, one thing reigns true: I am up for my biggest adventure yet. For my senior year of college, I will be leading The Lumberjack as editor-in-chief, KJACK Radio as station manager and write for you all here in “College Chronicles.”


Fats Domino sings, “I found my thrill/ on Blueberry Hill.” Maybe, but America’s richest corporate powers know precisely where to find their thrill: On Capitol Hill!