Bartender Wisdom

It seems like another lifetime ago now; in 2003 I worked as a wildland fire fighter out at the Mormon Lake guard station on engine 5.1. I’ve worked for the Forest Service in some different capacities after that summer, but it was my favorite time. The terrific men and women I worked with mad…

Crows on a Cloud

I’ve recently been discussing why Flagstaff’s dating scene sucks so much. DTF (standing for downtown Flagstaff, among other things) is even a bumper sticker floating around town - the perfect motto for the boring mentality here.  In last week’s article, I spewed sentiments about my conglomer…

College Chronicles

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On one of the first snow days of the semester, President Rita Cheng came to the Media Innovation Center in the School of Communication to meet with The Lumberjack. It was monumental for the student paper because this was the first time Cheng had come to personally talk to the editorial board.


Racially and ethnically speaking, I’m truly a global human—Irish, Black, Anglo, Native American, Italian… all that and more. My father always said that our family was “Heinz 57,” like the brand of steak sauce supposedly made of 57 zesty ingredients. Good enough for me!