Crows on a Cloud

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I was 18, on a road trip with some friends from college, the first time I related the Pacific Ocean to being the end of the world as I knew it. I dipped my toes into the cold salt water lapping up on Redondo Beach in California and gazed out into the distance as the ocean faded into an endle…

College Chronicles

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This weekend was a rough one. Within the span of three days I worked about 25 hours at two different jobs. That had me thinking­—very few people know what goes on in the life of a college student.



Full disclosure: I eat lunch at Poliberto’s Taco Shop on Cedar at least twice a week, plus menudo for breakfast on weekends. Occasionally, when pressed for time or not in the mood to cook, I shirk my usual kitchen duties and take Miss Yum Yum there for dinner on the town.