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College Chronicles: Mapping out my life

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I know you’ve definitely heard this before but I’m going to say it again: It’s crazy how fast time moves. Usually, you hear this from your parents, grandparents or family members when they see how much you’ve grown or receive your graduation announcement. For me, I’ve noticed it a lot this year — my senior year of college.

I’ve always been someone who plans ahead and likes having a roadmap for my life, while also enjoying the little moments of spontaneity that show up here and there. However, as of now, I don’t have a roadmap or a foolproof plan after graduation. Despite how much this scares me, I know it’s necessary and OK. For as long as I can remember, my next stepping stone has always been dipped in the ink of academia. Now, I’m not so sure.

At first I was frustrated that nobody I asked was able to give me a solid answer on what I should do after graduation. Then I realized why. This is one of the first big directional decisions of my life that I have had to make without someone telling me what the right thing to do is. All of my life I’ve had some form of guidance or guard rail shaping my decisions or at least giving me options to choose from. College graduation seems to be the last of those guard rails and training wheels falling off, so I can move forward on my own.

As freeing as this is, it’s also a bit scary. No one really prepares you for the part of finishing school where you are a “fully-fledged adult” pushed out to fly on your own and make potentially life altering decisions without any sort of voice on your shoulder advising you. I am also someone who is constantly obsessing over if I am making the right decisions — which is probably a side effect of my constant planning. In that sense, jumping off from the safety of the school shaped ledge that I have sat comfortably on for my whole life is terrifying.

That being said, I am still definitely excited to graduate and see what my next chapter brings, whatever it may be. I know that I have surrounded myself with people who wish to see me succeed and offer support along the way, no matter what road I choose.


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