Bartender Wisdom

It seems like another lifetime ago now; in 2003 I worked as a wildland fire fighter out at the Mormon Lake guard station on engine 5.1. I’ve worked for the Forest Service in some different capacities after that summer, but it was my favorite time. The terrific men and women I worked with mad…

Crows on a Cloud

College Chronicles

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There’s a certain type of limbo that some college students go through. It is the limbo of having two homes. It is the limbo of living out of a suitcase when you go back home to visit your family. It is the limbo of feeling at home, all familiar places and roads, but it becomes overshadowed b…


If you inject a stream of raw ignorance into a vat of gaseous arrogance, then jolt the mixture with 1,000 megawatts of malevolence, what does it produce? Answer: Donald Trump’s Executive Order of April 12.