Crows on a Cloud

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The hot chocolate lapped against my lips, and I knew it was Abuelita. That frothy dark chocolate and cinnamon rich milk is so unmistakable. Within the first few sips, I was a child again, stirring fat pucks of Abuelita hot chocolate into a warm pot of milk over an ancient stove covered in gr…

College Chronicles

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November is here. It’s the time of year when enthusiasts debate daily whether it’s too early to put up holiday decorations. Apple cinnamon, mahogany teakwood and toasted marshmallow candles are aflame, chai is a daily consumption and the pine-scented air is crisp. Friends, we’re approaching …


Mighty Exxon Mobil now finds itself in federal court, finally being called to account for the true cost of the damage that its oil and gas operations are doing to our climate.


Full disclosure: Reeder Custom Guns built my .44 Magnum Compañero. Bought some steel targets from Ruffs, spare parts for my Sturmgewehr at Timberline and something I can’t recall from the Second Amendment Store. Went browsing recently at Horizon Shooters. Tried to kick my hoplophilia cold tu…