Bartender Wisdom

It seems like another lifetime ago now; in 2003 I worked as a wildland fire fighter out at the Mormon Lake guard station on engine 5.1. I’ve worked for the Forest Service in some different capacities after that summer, but it was my favorite time. The terrific men and women I worked with mad…

Crows on a Cloud

I can’t think of a more codependent relationship than that of an actor and audience.  Did you know that you are, to a degree, influencing art just by being an audience member? Actors hear your every laugh, your every shuffle (or plastic water bottle crinkle) and even the silence left in the …

College Chronicles

It’s Sunday, and your mom storms into your room, shaking you awake and pulling up the blinds so the sunlight beams onto your closed eyelids. You pull the covers over your head and groan.


Monopolies are not merely un-American, they’re virulently anti-American, suppressing our fundamental values of fairness and opportunity for all.