Crows on a Cloud

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I wake up at 4:30 a.m. to whining and snuffling at the foot of my bed and my foggy brain immediately thinks of guinea pigs. I turn on a light to see the two wiggly little puppies I’m currently fostering, peering out at me from a metal crate in anticipation of their nightly potty and play break.

College Chronicles

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Did you notice the population triple in size this past weekend? All of a sudden, Target, coffee shops and restaurants throughout the city were packed. Why? Northern Arizona University celebrated its biannual Family Weekend, a three-day event where the university invites the families of the 2…


Like most politicians, corporate executives never do anything wrong. If anything wrong does "happen," it’s always someone else’s fault.


Full disclosure:  Red Thread Sewing proprietress Tina La Chance hand stitched my bespoke skunk sporran and affixed the patches to my black leather motorcycle vest.  She’s currently hemming two pairs of 5.11 tactical pants to fit my stubby little legs and shortening the sleeves of my tan sued…