Bartender Wisdom

It seems like another lifetime ago now; in 2003 I worked as a wildland fire fighter out at the Mormon Lake guard station on engine 5.1. I’ve worked for the Forest Service in some different capacities after that summer, but it was my favorite time. The terrific men and women I worked with mad…

Crows on a Cloud

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Walking down the streets of west side neighborhoods in New Orleans in late May, I spotted bundles of what appeared to be white rocks. They were strewn across medians where folks gathered underneath the shade of cypress trees around picnic tables, escaping the heat with a game of chess and go…

College Chronicles

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Whether you identify as someone on the left side of the political spectrum or as someone on the right, one thing can be agreed upon: Juristic laws are being made. Whether we support them or are against them they impact us and our everyday life.


“MAGA,” blusters Donald Trump—Make America Great Again! America’s ranching families, however, would like Trump to come off his high horse and get serious about a more modest goal, namely: Make America COOL Again.