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What’s 10 inches by 10 inches and begging to go home with you? The art in the Flagstaff Arts Council’s annual 10x10 Exhibition & Sale, of course. Curated by local artists Elizabeth Bonzani, Joe Cornett, Darcy Falk and Jerrel Singer, the show features new, original works by 100 different artists priced to fit most budgets. An opening reception will be held this Saturday from 6-8 p.m. at the Coconino Center for the Arts, 2300 N. Fort Valley Road. A members’ preview will be held at 5 p.m. Whether you’re adding to your art collection or just starting one, you can feel good about purchasing a piece from this show as all proceeds will go toward programming at the Center. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres from Whisk and Whisky, music from Marley Wall and a cash bar. Some of the artists to be featured include Emma Gardner, Rebekah Nordstrom, Sky Black, Shawn Skabelund, Connie Townsend, Jacques Cazaubon Seronde and more. Don’t forget to explore the side galleries at the Center too. Talaina Kor’s Color Study will be opening in the Hidden Light gallery (see page 18 for full story) and Rodrigo de Toledo’s The Myth of the Incomplete Self: A Psycho-Archaeological Codex will be opening in the Jewel Gallery. The latter will also include a performance piece to complement the iconographic art on display. Toledo explored Jungian and Freudian psychology on the self and ego, as well as ideas and symbols from Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosticism and alchemy in creating a beautiful and delicate mythology of contemporary origin which directly addresses the core of the human structure: our incompleteness. The artist reached out to Joanie Garcia to choreograph a dance imagining what rituals people who believe in this mythology might incorporate into their worship. Garcia, Hilary Giovale, Jordan Pletzer and Ingrid French will perform “The Incomplete Ritual” at 7 p.m. in the CCA Theater. For more information on these exhibits as well as a list of finalists for the 2019 Viola Awards, visit



In an age of digital music and digital software and digital audio workstations, the possibilities can be overwhelming. For New York-based sparkle house, bubble pop artist Ghost Piss, she’s all analog. Using a Roland MC-505 drum machine she inherited from a friend, Ghost Piss crafts mysterious and melodic beats with a lo-fi, quasi-pop edge. With songs like “3 Scares to Leave Behind” and “Drowning in a Cancer Sun,” she saw the analog touch as an escape. An escape from what, you ask? “An escape from screens,” River Allen of Ghost Piss says. “I make beats with old gear. I enjoy building songs on loop because it feels like sculpting. I start with nothing but a metronome and end up with something meaningful, all while escaping LED screens I’m always staring into. It's very therapeutic.” See Ghost Piss tonight at Re-Birthday Info Shoppe & Boutique, 2 S. Beaver St., with Dead Tooth and India Petersen. Doors at 8 p.m., show at 8:45 p.m. There is a suggested donation of $5 for this all-ages show.

FRIDAY | 1.11


If the name Jill Kimmel reminds you of someone else, it’s no coincidence. Although the comedian is the younger sister of Jimmy Kimmel, she doesn’t need the name recognition to help her book shows. Since starting her stand-up comedy career in 2006, the former actress has worked with comics like Tom Papa, Greg Fitzsimmons and Jim Norton, and her jokes (98 percent of which she says have happened to her) keep audiences laughing all night. Kimmel has hosted her own comedy show every Tuesday night at Dos Gringos in Tempe for the past seven years, making her a regular in the Valley where she lives. Now Flagstaff comedy fans can see her perform as part of Anger Management Stand-Up Comedy Show this Friday at the Orpheum Theater, 15 W. Aspen Ave., along with other comedians from Arizona, California and Nevada. Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 8 p.m. Ages 18 and up.



It’s the same story you’ve heard a thousand times: A lumberjack severs his own hand with his axe, that hand turns into a dove and the axe boogies to her favorite folk songs. All right, so maybe it’s not the same story, but while GennaRose Nethercott’s National Poetry Series-winning poem, The Lumberjack’s Dove, subverts a conventional narrative, there’s something innate and internal in what it brings to you, what story you bring to it. At 79 pages, Nethercott’s poem is a nimble read, light like a feather but weighty in its insights into what it means to be human. It demands to be reread and then reread again. Part mythical folktale and part contemporary parable, The Lumberjack’s Dove delights and disturbs with its vivid imagery and poignant story. This Saturday, Nethercott will host a book signing at Bright Side Bookshop, 18 N. San Francisco St., and will read from her poem which will be animated by a shadow puppet designed by Wooly Mar. The event is free and begins at 5 p.m. Visit Bright Side on Facebook for more information. The Lumberjack’s Dove is available through HarperCollins Publishers and at Bright Side Bookshop in Flagstaff. Nethercott was born in Vermont and is the founder of the Traveling Poetry Emporium. She is currently a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellow.



We’ve all made it to another week, which deserves a hefty pat on the back, but now there’s another one ahead of us. Will it ever end? Wednesdays become a shining beacon in the dark, a hump to get over in the middle of a monotonous week. To add to the bleak outlook, there’s a little bit of snow in the forecast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get sweaty with some sweet moves on the dance floor. Night of the Living Retro brings old tracks back from the dead, offering vinyl and digital solutions for your aching old soul. Lounge Lizard D (also known as Dylan Jung, bassist of Yin Yang and Zen Some) will be your host for this night of swanky hits and rarities from the 20th century curated to keep you warm and happy. And just in case these auditory sensations aren’t enough, movies will also be playing in the background to add another dimension to the night. Grab a friend and your dancing shoes and come on down to the Monte Vista Lounge, 100 S. San Francisco St. The dance party begins at 9:30 p.m. and continues through the night until you just can’t boogey any longer. Find Lounge Lizard D on Facebook for more information.

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