Open Doors: Art in Action is an art series that has focused on a number of social issues since its inception in 2018, highlighting women’s rights, uranium mining and indigenous land rights. Now Art in Action is hosting Border+Crossroads.

Border+Crossroads uses art and photography from Raechel Running—who is also the curator for the exhibit—Alvaro Enciso, Stefan Falke, Ricardo Santos Hernández, Amy Martin, Alisa Zaira Reznick and Ammi Robles to share the stories of the people and lives affected at the border.

“There’s a deeper soul that we’re trying to bring [with this exhibit], and it’s part of us. I guess that’s what I’m hoping people will take away from this. It’s not us and them. It’s all of us,” Running says.

Border+Crossroads is currently on display at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, 423 N. Beaver St., through June 8, with special talks and presentations every first Friday. 

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