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Search: Songs to head bop with, rock out to and belt in the car.

Look no further because the up-and-coming indie alternative band Sundressed can fill all of these needs. Just give their new LP, A Little Less Put Together, a listen.

“In 2015 we put out two EPs that were six months apart. So getting ready for a full length we had some time to figure out what we would want it to sound like,” says lead singer and songwriter Trevor Hedges. “I definitely obsessed over what songs needed to be on the record and in what order. It is really rewarding to put out something that we’re proud of that’s a full piece of record, not just a handful of singles.”

With the classic pop-punk vibes of All Time Low in the early 2000s and Modern Baseball-worthy lyrics that speak volumes about the struggles of day-to-day life messing together to create a unique sound,  A Little Less Put Together has led the way for Sundressed to perform on more stages this past year than ever before.

“Since we’ve put the record out we will have played over 100 shows out of state this year, which is pretty crazy for us. It is definitely a lot of hard work and a lot of playing in empty rooms,” says Hedges.

Adding to the craziness that comes with near-constant touring is the fact that only three members of the five-piece group of the five-piece group are permanent. 

“We have a community of friends who support us from all over, so the rest of the making up of the band really is whoever is available to play with us,” the lead singer says.

Hedges is joined by Forrest Waldorf on the guitar and Justin Portillo keeping time on the bass to make up the permanent lineup.

The latest release from the Phoenix-born ensemble has just enough angst to pluck a listener out of their surroundings and drop them in a concert venue where Hedges seems to be singing directly to the inner misunderstood teen selves of the crowd. It becomes clear, almost immediately into A Little Less Put Together, released in March, why this has been the year for Sundressed.

“We wanted this album to have a lot of flow and dynamic to it instead of just being four-to-the-floor fast punk songs all the time,” Hedges explains.

The album’s title track addresses the fears that come with simply living life, with its music video featuring a sequence of people, including the band members, holding up signs addressing exactly what it is that has them “[wake] up drenched in sweat.”

“A lot of people have connected with that one. I think it represents the whole theme of the record, that we all kind of have these things that keep us up at night. Whether it’s anxiety or depression or an addiction problem,” says Hedges.

From preaching the struggle of self-love to singing about being mentally and emotionally crippled by what others think, the collaboration sets up a platform for vulnerable confessions from the participants.

“No one is perfect and we are all trying to figure this thing out,” Hedges says.

He shares a glimpse of his personal trials over a large spectrum of anguish in the album. From unraveling the pain that comes with day-to-day struggles to working through break ups, it’s all there.

“A Frankford Night” describes an impending break up and the process of separating two lives that had been joined together by a now-expired love.

“I feel like it’s important to not pass off blame but that’s like my message. We had this and it was good for a long time, but we are different people and we are moving on,” explains the singer.

This transparency continues over from the lyrics and floods the stage as Hedges lets his emotions drive his performances.  He expands on this, saying, “I am really not, classically, that great of a singer, but I can sing my songs well because I felt them.”

“It’s really therapeutic to take my feelings and turn them into art,” he adds. 

Once their current tour wraps up, Sundressed plans to take some time off to piece together a new album.

Sundressed will be playing tonight, Dec. 14, at the Green Room, 15 N. Agassiz St., with Nominee at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 and the show is open to ages 18 and up. Visit for more information.


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