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Masters of Brewtality: On metal meal pairings

Masters of Brewtality: On metal meal pairings

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power 10000

There’s little that entices the creeps and freaks out of the Masters of Brewtality crypt these grim days. It’s safe, secluded and impressively damp down here, but there are a few essentials we do venture topside for every now and then. 

The first, naturally, is beer. It’s the terrible burden we carry being America’s number one occult-themed craft beer column. Actually, we might also be America’s only occult-themed craft beer column. Whatever, the title stands. But we absolutely must do the research and that, unfortunately, brings us into daylight a little more often than we’d like to admit. 

Our second essential is tattoos. We’re fiends for the needle down here, through and through. There’s just something magical about the whole process. It might be the fact that most tattoo shops smell better than the moldering dungeon where we reside, or it might be a genuine appreciation and love of art, or, most likely, it’s because the stick and pokes we tried to give ourselves with cactus spines and ink made out of burnt boot heels and rat urine got horribly infected. 

Masters of Brewtality’s official shop is none other than Flagstaff Tattoo Company and, as anyone in the know will tell you, there’s nothing better than a post-tattoo beer. So, while we do inevitably wind up around the corner at Dark Sky Brewing Company, we always make a quick pit stop at India Palace on the way. They’ve got incredible food to go and a nice little patio to hang on if you’d like. But, we have to tell of the beer. The restaurant has a shockingly varied selection of beers straight from India and we’re obsessed with this stuff called Power 10000. What kind of an insane name for a beer is that? Say it out loud with us: POWER 10000! 

Flavorwise, we’ll be the first to admit it’s not the best on its own. Think somewhere between Bud Light and malt liquor, only still drinkable. For any beer snobs out there about to throw some shade about the flavor of malt liquor, remember that Masters of Brewtality has interviewed every brewer in this city and every single one of them started their drinking careers slamming 40s like the rest of us. Don’t even think about judging. 

Its ABV is a nail-biting 6.8% and only comes in bomber sizes, so by the bottom of one bottle, you’re feeling quite limber. Colorwise, it’s a pleasant golden yellow and not overly carbonated, which could be good? Maybe? The flavor is chock full of bready, malty goodness with a sugary sweetness throughout. There’s just a whisper of floral notes on the tale end. 

Now, we know this isn’t the most glowing endorsement of a beer we’ve given. But the kicker is how it pairs with the food. There’s something about the Indian spices, with the emphasis on cardamom, clove, pepper, cumin, coriander, saffron and turmeric, which complement this beer wonderfully. We tend to order on the spicy side, so that bit of sweetness balances things out immaculately. 

One dish in particular, India Palace’s signature rack of lamb, which we firmly believe is one of the best plates of food in the city, goes perfectly with an ice cold bottle of Power 10000. Plus, you feel like a total jetsetter ordering a rack of lamb right before uttering the words “Power 10000.” We keep waiting for the day when, drunk and full of deliciousness, we wander into the parking lot and are greeted with a brand new Bentley to complement the meal we’ve just consumed. It hasn’t happened, but we remain hopeful. 

As far as additional food pairings, the chicken vindaloo and Sherpa curry goat goes well with it, too. There’s something inherently metal about eating a goat, like after the first bite, Dark Throne’s “Blaze In The Northern Sky” immediately starts playing in the back of your head. Somewhere, Gaahl from Gorgoroth smiles and knows not why. The staff from Masters of Brewtality has requested a black metal soundtrack for eating goat dishes multiple times and they always think we’re joking. We’re not.   

One of the best things about living here in Flagstaff is being part of the community. You get to know the wait staff at your go-to restaurants and bars, you get to know the folks who work the gas stations, and you get to know the personalities who illuminate your downtown experience. And, if you’re really lucky, they’ll like you enough to screw with you. As near daily visitors to India Palace, the MOB staff swears we got pranked. After a long day, we washed up for a Power 10000 and were just given a plate of chicken. The lie was that they were testing some new food out and, after a single bite, everyone’s face pretty much melted off. It was one of the most absurdly spicy dishes we’ve ever tried and we consider habanero peppers on par with uncooked celery. Cooks peeked out of the kitchen to watch us try, stonefaced, to consume these fire caked death wings. It was one of those perfect moments of, “Alright, they like us enough to prank us.” Viva Flagstaff! 


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